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Reviewing YOUR Cars In Our Gallery! EP. 4

Fitment Industries Author | | July 17th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries, you may have noticed that we do not have Mario anymore, we have a new guest star, this is Elon Musk. We actually managed to get a hold of Elon, he said "Yes, I would love to be a part of an episode", so.
    - What's going on guys, Jasper from Fitment Industries.
    - And this is Dom.
    - From Fitment Industries.
    - The Dom is not gonna be on his phone this time, but he's ready to crush it.
    - I might be.
    - All right, so this time we have six vehicles, we're gonna fly through them. These are the ones that you guys requested us to review. We're rating them out of 10. Now, this time we're just all gonna shout out our score at the same time because we feel like we sometimes convince others of our higher score. So, we're gonna all explain, and then on three we're all gonna give our numbers. Now, anything above a five is what I would say is good? Right, yeah?
    - Yeah, sure.
    I mean, that's 50%, that's like an F, but yeah.
    - Five is like, I would--
    - Like, I see the vision.
    - I see the vision.
    - I see the, yeah.
    - That's good, that's good.
    If you guys wanna review, you want your cars reviewed, all you have to do is add to it our gallery, FitmentIndustries.com/add. If you already have it added, just send us the link. You can do that to shop@fitmentindustries.com.
    - Subject line.
    - Review Your Car.
    - That's what we need.
    So be sure to add your car to the gallery. We're on to vehicle number one. It's a 2009 Acura TSX.
    - I'm a big
    - Oh!
    - Look at that!
    - Oh!
    - Heritage Ebisu Front.
    - That's a good boy.
    - 19x11 plus zero front, 19x13 negative eight in the rear, and he has Toyo Proxes 235/35.
    - He has 13s?
    - There is no way.
    - That is huge.
    - Actually.
    - Negative eight? Oh, my lord.
    - Look at the.
    - I, I, yup.
    I'm gonna wait.
    - So, I'm gonna start it off by saying, I love Acuras, and their wholesomeness. The TSX, super nice, I like the headlights, I like the front lip, I'm assuming that that's an arrow kit that he has on, added on there, which is super cool. It has an aftermarket exhaust, I can tell. Definitely not, well I guess I don't wanna talk out of my, but it does not look like a stock wing. I dig it, I'm not a huge fan of the super excessive camber. That's just me.
    - Big fan.
    I'm more of like,
    - A functional, little functional camber maybe, but I definitely can appreciate people trying to dial that in. As long as you can drive it. You gotta be able to drive it. To normal driving capabilities. So I'm not sure if you can with the 19x13 in the rear.
    - I am a huge fan of this car.
    This is like, absolutely beautiful. Heritage does great like, retro style wheels, which is nice, and it's through Three Piece, and I bought my lips through Three Piece, with my wheels I just built. This car is just beautiful.
    - He's got a 235 on a 13 and an 11?
    - Anything's possible if you believe.
    - That is, that is beautiful.
    Why don't you scroll like a normal person?
    - I don't have a Mac, okay? I don't believe in Macs.

    - Okay.
    - You suck.
    - Yeah, this car is beautiful.
    I'm a huge fan of how deep these wheels are. He has like, I think my, favorite style of camber where it's just not too excessive,
    but just very, can I help you? Okay, so point being, he has very equal camber, which I am a huge fan of, and inspired to do with my own vehicle. Big fan, overall.
    - Dom?
    - I'm gonna come right out and say I'm not a huge fan of that. Just because I'm not a huge fan of camber, I'm not a huge fan of stretch tires.
    - You don't wear supreme hats.
    - I don't wear supreme hats.
    - You don't live on IG.
    - But I'm all about that functional, like Alex said, that functional, you know, like my WRX, I love the all wheel drive, it's got four doors, I'm set, you know?
    - And I'm just all about the functionality, and that is far from functional, so.
    - All right, so we're gonna rate it out of 10. On three. One. Two. Three. Eight.
    - Seven.
    - Four.

    - Next up, we have GHOST_RC's.
    He has a 2015 Lexus RC350, all-wheel drive. We helped him with this set up. We helped him with getting the air lift installed, it's been a really cool ride, it got everything taken care of right here. Pretty neat. 2015 Lexus RC350 and some Konig Ampliforms. 20x9.5 plus 35, on some Michelin Pilot Sport 4S's. My man. 255/30 on air lift performance. First off, when I first saw the car in person, I thought the wheels were 18s. I don't know why, I don't know if it was because of the body style, and just how long the car was--
    - Oh, yeah.
    - That the wheels looked really small.
    - No, for sure.
    - But when he told me that those were 20x9.5s, I was absolutely blown away by it.
    - Yeah, I think it's just cause it's such a big car, with all the sleek lines it has, that's why, you can get away with 90s cars running like 16s because.
    - Yeah.
    The body lines help with that.
    - Yeah, and it's so much smaller.
    - Right.
    - He picked an excellent tire choice, Michelin Pilots, four 4Ss, probably, I would say, some of the best tires that you can get. He's running a tuck set up with air, which is cool. Some people don't like the tuck. I think I'm a bigger fan of tuck than a cambered out, aired out car, but I don't know, there are some cars that look really good with it. G35's I think, look killer with a little bit of poke camber stretch on the ground.
    - BMW E36s.
    - Definitely not.
    The one thing that I'd say would be kind of cool to see is just a little bit more contrast on the car. Car's very, very white, and it's starting, you can see a lot of contrast on the front of the car, with that huge grill that Lexus does, which is super cool, but when you see that side profile, it's still very, very white, it's still very neutral. So it'd be cool to see maybe some aero, maybe a side skirt, or something happen on the side of the car to give it a little bit more depth. I know people sometimes do carbon fiber side mirror covers, or maybe doing something along that line, maybe bring those tail lights, black those out, or do something like that just to flow the black a little bit more.
    - Well, he does, on his, if you look on like his.
    - Yeah, that's true, he does, yeah.
    And it's an F SPORT, which is awesome. It's a killer looking car.
    - Yeah.
    - I love these cars, those RC350s are some of my favorite. Yeah, absolutely.
    - To go off just stock, I like the RC350s.
    I think they look super clean, and it's just a very sleek looking car. I like the Konig wheels on there, I think it fits the car very well, it's not something that's too gaudy or outrageous. Obviously, the tires are good, and you went with the air lift. I can't really complain about this car. I like it all around, I think the Fitment is perfect, he doesn't have any crazy camber or anything. It's very sleek.
    - Yeah, we all know how much you like camber.
    - I'm a huge fan of this car.
    The RC350s are, like, already such a great looking car, like we said before, like the body lines, how it goes through the door all the way to the tail light. Huge fan of that. Yeah, no, those wheels are killer on that thing. Normally, it's not my cup of tea to have dark wheels that are just like, your pretty Shmo Jo looking wheels, but with this car because it's already so aggressive, it adds a little bit of subtleness to it.
    - I like the sports style.
    - And then it just tucking, too.
    No, like, aggressive stance, like it's just, yeah!
    - Yeah! That's what I'm saying, man, I love the way this looks.
    - All right, on three.
    One. Two. Three. Eight and a half.
    - Eight.
    - Eight.
    - Nice.
    - Thanks.
    - That was pretty good.
    - Why the half, though?
    - I think, I gave them a little extra because of the fact that this is something that I could actually really see myself owning. That if I were to go and own an RC350, this is probably a pretty similar route to what I would take. I'd probably upgrade the brakes, I'd do the tint, I'd get a little bit more aero going on, but otherwise, besides that, this is a car that you could honestly drive every single day and not have to ever worry about, trying to be one specific style of car. Like, it's a show car, it's gonna go, it's the F SPORT, it's gonna be reliable, it's a new car.
    - It's the ultimate daily.
    - It's gonna be comfortable.
    It's the ultimate daily.
    - Yeah.
    - That's why I gave it that extra half a point.
    - Well, before, also because we were talking about smoked taillights and everything.
    - Yeah.
    - I think him doing the clear backs, just the clear smoked, was such a great choice because, personally, tinted taillights, I think it's like so pointless. You tint your taillights to work less.
    - That, I find absolutely hilarious coming from the guy that slammed his car on the ground static with negative eight degrees of camber. And you literally can't even drive your car. It won't, it couldn't even go down the driveway.
    - Yeah, I was negative 12 degrees of camber, and then the diffs.
    - That is so rich coming from this dude.
    - The diffs kept popping, or the excuse me, the axles kept popping out of the diff.
    - The car is telling you that it can't do what you want it to do, and you keep telling it to do it.
    - But I've toned it down to negative six degrees all around, fender to lip.
    - Next episode, guys, like we talked about. Next episode, you guys get to rate our cars, and you'll get to see what the intern drives, it's gonna be awesome.
    - It'll be good.
    - So, this'll be good.
    - Next up is, it is SUPERKAWAII_B8's 2011 Audi S4 Rotif