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Reviewing YOUR Cars In Our Gallery! Ep. 10

Fitment Industries Author | | October 7th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's goin' on? It's Alex, from Fitment Industries and.
    - Alex from Fitment Industries--
    - Wrong, what's your actual name?
    - Gels, from Fitment Industries.
    - Yes, and?
    - Steve, from Fitment Industries.
    - He is way older than you think he is, and today we are bring you another episode of reviewing your car. So, if you didn't know, all you have to do is add your car to the gallery, at fitmentindustries.com/add, and then you'll actually, once that goes live, you can send that URL link to us, in an email, to shop@fitmentindustries.com, and then all you have to put in the subject line, is review my ride. So, if you want to be in the series, that is how you do it. Don't forget to subscribe. Let's get into it. Two new people, this is gonna be interesting. So let's start off--
    - Wow!
    - Jordan, Jordan!
    - Jordan!
    - So our first car is a 2007 Honda S2000 on some Work Emotions, Kiwamis, 18 by 10 and a half, plus 22, Federal Ss595 225/40. Let's start it out with Steve. Steve, what are your thoughts?
    - It's definitely a car.
    If I had to take a second glance, I would. I like how clean it looks with the black top and the wheels kind of set the car off really nice.
    - [Alex] Sure, that spoon body-esk style look, and you can't go wrong with work emotions. Gels, thoughts?
    - [Gels] I like it.
    I think it's really clean. I like the fact that it's air suspension. The work emotions look really nice on there with the big spokes and it makes the wheels look a lot bigger than they actually are, the 18 by 10's.
    - [Alex] Yeah.
    - [Gels] So, it gives it a bigger look.
    I dig it.
    - [Alex] I think the side skirts are what kind of blow me away the most. I can't tell if its got something on the rear bumper, but the side skirts are definitely aftermarket. See?
    - Yeah.
    - And then the front bumper, it's got the lip. So, it actually makes it look a lot lower, too, even having the air lift. So, he probably gets a lot of function out of the car, because he has the air on. I like it. I dig the spoon body look. The only thing I don't like is the, actually, nothing. I like the whole car. So, you guys know the system, you gotta rate it on three. You can rate this out of 10.
    - Okay.
    - Did you guys watch the videos--
    - Yes, we're familiar.
    - Okay, cool.
    Alright on three. Ready? One, two, three.
    - Seven.
    - Eight.
    - That's fair.
    That's fair. So, that goes out to our homie, S2Kaeli. Good looking car, though. Definitely dig it, moving forward. 2005 Cadillac STS on some concept one csm5 20 by 11's, square setup, plus 30. And then, we're looking at some Landsail Ls588 235/35s. I want you guys to guess in the comments how old Steve is, and I can almost promise you you're wrong,
    - Yeah, nobody's gonna get it.
    - So, we're gonna start off with Gels.
    Gels, what are your thoughts on the car?
    - [Gels] It's a very bright color.
    - [Alex] That's a really nice way of saying you don't like green.
    - [Gels] No, I don't mind green.
    I actually plasti dipped my wheels green once.
    - [Alex] Let's not talk about that.
    - [Gels] Let's just forget about it.
    No, it looks like it's actually pretty well done. Not the hugest fan of it, but I do like it. I think it looks like it's done very well. Concept One wheels on there look pretty sharp. I probably wouldn't have gone with that style personally, but not bad.
    - I think the car looks super clean.
    I'm really impressed with how clean it is. A friend of mine from a few jobs ago had one. I mean really, I'd have to agree with Gels on this one. The only that doesn't really gel with me is the green.
    - Oh! Goddamn.
    - Pun intended.
    - That was good.
    Did you think abut that before you said it?
    - Yeah, it was tumbling in there.
    - He was just like, I gotta throw it in there at some point.
    - That's good, that's good.
    So, I like that its something different, that's pretty cool. I'll tell you what I'm not a massive fan of. The Landsails. Not a huge fan of the tires. And, there just seems to be a lot of decals happening on the front windshield in the video.
    - [Gels] I do like the fact that he's got the Kermit theme going on.
    - [Alex] The Kermit theme is cool. I dig it.
    - [Steve] I do like that. I appreciate that. I get where the green comes from with that. I dig it, I dig it. Okay, we're rating this on three. Ready, ready? One, two, three.
    - Six
    - Five Kermit the Frog, I like that you're doing something different. So, don't let us knock you down, okay? I only have one car and I barely drive it, so you can talk smack as much as you want. Moving forward onto the most beautiful car, probably, ever made in the world, because, it is and there's just no argument against it. You guys are just going to rate it a 10, we're gonna be done with it 2009 Mercedes-Benz C300 on some Niche Misanos. Typical 17 by 8.5 and 18 by 9.5 in the rear. Michelin Pilot sport fronts 225 and 255/45s in the rear on some D2 Racing air suspension. This is not an AMG, but they hid the corner logo to make it look like it might be an AMG, but it's not. I don't mind it. I guess I'm always a fan of the AMG. I like the white on black. Not a huge fan of the fact that it seems like the rear bumper is missing a piece.
    - [Gels] Yeah, it looks like it's missing.
    It's probably to fit the exhaust in there.
    - [Steve] Yeah, I can't say that I'm a fan of that either, but overall the car looks perfect.
    - [Alex] I mean, it's a good looking car, though. I dig it. I like that it's on air suspension. Gels, what are your thoughts?
    - [Gels] I like it.
    I like the staggered setup on it. You've got the more concave wheel on the back. Air suspension obviously. The white on black looks pretty good. It looks like in the back there, he's got some black spats coming off the side. And then, he's got the little duckbill defuser. I'd like to see that go around the rest of the car. Maybe along the side a little bit, and then in the front where the little canards are on the bumper or something like that. But, no, I think it looks really nice.
    - [Alex] Steve?
    - [Steve] Yeah, overall I really like the car. I'm not entirely diggin' the lack of the rear splitter, difuser. Whatever it may be that's missing from there. I would really love to hear the way the car sounds.
    - [Alex] Yeah, 'cause its got what looks like an aftermarket exhaust. It definitely looks like he's doing something. It's full bolt on e85 custom tune, custom headers, custom exhaust, custom spider headlights, custom LED tail lights, Renntech wing, carbon fiber outlets, chrome delete and full CF material. I mean, it's got stuff.
    - Yeah, I'd also like to see a front lip on it.
    - So, let's rate it.
    On three. One, two, three
    - Eight and a half.
    - Six and a half.
    - Seven.
    - Eight and a half?
    - Eight and a half.
    - Steve? Moving to the exact other side of the field. WE have a 2016 Kia Rio. Fast Wheels Exploit on 16 by eight plus 33. I don't see the eight as often as I used to. Ingen A1 195/45 on some Wasp coilovers. SFLINDALL87, thank you for adding your car to the gallery, homie. Definitely something very different.
    - [Steve] Yeah, it is a very different style of build.
    - [Alex] Talk about it Steve. You go first.
    - [Steve] Well, considering while my car is not a Kia, it is very close to what that is. I mean, I think it looks good, I think it looks alright. It's just not necessarily the car I would've done that to.
    - [Alex] Steve, I just don't know if you're being honest.
    - [Steve] I'm being totally honest.
    Its definitely not a car I would have done anything to, but it looks good the fact that he did do something to it. I kinda like how the front bumper looks reminiscent of a GTI bumper.
    - [Alex] It definitely has that style, for sure.
    - Yeah, it almost has that, whoa and then you realize it's a Kia.
    - [Alex] So, I see a lot of Honda-esk style in this car. First and foremost, the hood risers, and then it's got the arrow, it's got the side skirts, front bumper, it's got the whole wheels, it's got the lip. Which, it's pretty cool to see a step lip on an eight wide. I enjoy that. I think it looks nice. I like the raft, it looks good. Just a different car. Really, a different car. It's neat.
    - [Steve] It is neat.
    - [Alex] It's definitely something that I'd be like, what am I looking at? And, he takes it to shows it looks like. Looks like he wins a little bit. He went into Import Fest, got second place for baddest import other. It looks like he's got some rear diffusing action happening. I dig the fact he did something different.
    - [Steve] Honestly, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm a fan of your Kia.
    - [Alex] Very interesting, okay, Gels, any last words before we rate it?
    - [Gels] I like it.
    I like the style.
    - [Alex] Are you sure you do?
    - Yeah, actually I do.
    - You're not just saying that?
    - No.
    - You sure? They'll beat you, you know, if they think you are.
    - [Gels] Oh, no.
    - [Alex] This is your first time.
    Just saying. Just letting you know.
    - [Gels] No, I do like the car.
    The color itself probably not something I would go with, and definitely probably not the wheels they're not my style of wheels.
    - [Alex] You don't like the old M2 double five setup.
    - [Gels] Not on something like that, no.
    - [Alex] They look like some Heritage Ebisu's is what they look like. Which, by the way, you can get on the site now because we have heritage on the site.
    - But, I like the arrow.
    I like the style that he went with. It looks like he was really proud of it, and he should be. I mean, its definitely different So, I dig it.
    - Let's rate it on three.