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Reviewing YOUR Cars In Our Gallery! Ep. 2

Fitment Industries Author | | June 17th, 2018 |

  • - And action.
    - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - And I'm Dom.
    - And I'm Mario.
    - And they're also from Fitment Industries. They forgot the second part of what they were saying. And we are coming back with another episode of reviewing your cars from our gallery. So if you guys don't remember, Fitment Industries has over 7,000 after market vehicles on our gallery with Fitment specs, wheels, tires, suspension, all that sort of stuff that you can add it to. Then we give you a shout out on Instagram, and sometimes we even shout you out on Facebook, and the whole goal is to create this huge community of people that have cool, bad (beep) aftermarket cars. So this episode we asked you guys to submit your cars to us directly so we can review them. So every single car we talk about today is and was requested through email. So if you're looking to get your car featured, all you need to do is add your car to our gallery at fitmentindustries.com/add and then send us that link once it's live to what?
    - Shop@fitmentindustries.
    - Yep shop@fitmentindustries and the put in the subject line "Review My Car."
    - These were all sent to us, like I said, we're not just gonna randomly scroll anymore because that was a big waste of time.
    - So the first car we have is a Mazda--
    - I don't have.
    - RX-8.
    - 2004 Mazda RX-8.
    - Yep.
    - Remember we're rating out of five.
    - [Dom] I like the wing on this, and it's kinda like sleek. It's nothing crazy but it's something that, you know, adds a little bit of a flare to it, a little bit style to it but keeps it looking clean and kind of stock as well. That's kinda the look that I went for with my car.
    - Sure.
    - I like that, you know, modified but still really clean look.
    - I'm gonna give it a three out of five.
    - What the hell?
    - Right out of the gates.
    - You can't just do that.
    - I did it.
    - Three out of five.
    - I'm not a huge fan of the wing.
    - Think about our options.
    - Yeah that's true.
    - But overall I'd have to give probably like a three as well.
    - [Alex] What the heck?
    - [Mario] I like the color, I like the wheels, I like, I don't know it's clean.
    - [Alex] You guys are like being a twin Simon Cowell.
    - [Mario] I don't like RX-8s.
    - [Alex] I thought you guys were gonna be like, "Five, five--"
    - [Alex] "five, five."
    - [Mario] No.
    And yeah.
    - What did you rate?
    - I said a three.
    - You said three?
    - Yeah.
    - Why?
    - I don't know, I guess I don't have an explanation for you guys. I like it but I don't love it.
    - I think he did a very good choice on the pic for coilovers, he's got Belstein, he's got Falken, FK510s. You know, I'm not a huge fan of RX-8s in terms of reliability and stuff like that, but sometimes they have a bad name. I don't think the body kit is overdone. I think it's a little extra but nothing bad. I'd rate it a three out of five. I'm on the three out of five train.
    - What do they have, like a row-tary engine?
    - What did you just call it?
    - How do you say it?
    - A row-tary?
    - One more time.
    - Wait.
    - (whispers) A row-tary.
    - Yeah, that's how you say it.
    - I don't know why he's making fun of me.
    I almost bought one of these, actually,
    (clears throat) And then I realized I don't know how to do any engine work.
    - Rotary.
    - A rotary! Row-tary. Is that what I said?
    - Yeah.
    - Oh.
    - Next!
    - I can't believe I just experience that.
    - Wha-psh.
    Boom, we got a--
    - [Alex] It's a 2006 Evo Lancer.
    - [Mario] It's got Work wheels.
    - [Alex] Work VS-Xxs, 18 by 12 square setup, zero offset. Falken Azenis FK450s 265/35 on air lift. I don't see any camber. I see it's on air, it's running tuck. It looks very, very clean. Looks like he went with a carbon fiber doors. Carbon fiber almost everything.
    - [Dom] Hood, doors, trunk.
    - [Alex] Looks like it's pretty well built. I like it. I'm not a super huge fan of riveted overfenders, as everybody knows, I'm more of a fan of the molded style, that's just me. I've had riveted before, so don't think I'm just one of those snobs that's never done it before, I did it on my Datsun. I would give it a 3.75 out of five.
    - I would give that a solid
    - 3.75.
    - That's a solid looking car.
    - Mario?
    - Wow.
    I'd probably give it a four just because I don't like that much carbon, but I like carbon, but I don't like a lot of carbon,
    - That's fair.
    - I think it would have been cleaner if it was just white, but like, I'm not hating.
    - [Dom] Just being a huge fan of all-wheel drive, and those beautiful square setups to match up with that all-wheel drive. Obviously, I'm gonna have to give it a four because it is just downright beautiful.
    - So I know for a fact he's gonna give you shit right away because of the tires 'cause... that's just who he is.
    - [Alex] All right, so, this is Static Civic's 1996 Honda Civic front-wheel drive sitting on some Whistler KR7s, 16 by nine plus 25. Some Nankang NS 20 195/45s. First off, I can tell that this was a car that was likely built and done, and then kept that way for a long time. 'Cause I don't think anybody now would do this build.
    - Mhmm.
    - Mhmm.
    - This is a 2005-2006, maybe even a 2010 build. Even way back then, that was probably still coming out of phase. I would even say it's older than that, and somebody got it done, and then just left it as is. If you were to build this now, you'd probably get a little bit of flack from people. Maybe you did, maybe I'm just complete talking about of my ass.
    - [Dom] The style does look a little bit dated, however, I think it is, at least from the pictures that we can see here, it's a very clean setup. It's not anything that's got like, ridiculous stickers all over it or...
    - Like my car?
    - Yeah.
    - Or, you know, anything wild like that that just would take away from that very clean aspect of it. And that's what I go for. That's what I love to see in vehicles. It's just a clean, clean build. I'm gonna give this one a... I'll give it a three out of fi--erm, Yeah, I'll go three out of five.
    - Mario?
    - Well, obviously, they already touched on the dated part of it, but like, if you were to travel back in time, to like '05, and say I was looking at it, not that I'm hating, but... I would give it a four just 'cause it's clean. The color's different.
    - I would,
    - With him, it's on-point.
    - Yeah.
    - I don't like taillights, to be honest, but...
    - If this was 2005, I'd rank this thing like a 4.25 out of five.
    - Yeah, definitely.
    - If this was 2005, hell yeah but because the scene has changed
    - Just a little.
    - Being clear, crystal taillights and of course, Honda Civics really kinda aren't the most popular mod car anymore. I'd probably give it a three out of five.
    - [Mario] Boom, 1992 Nissan Skyline R32.
    - [Alex] Holy moly.
    - [Mario] All right, I'll let you start first, Alex, on this one.
    - [Alex] BBS fronts, 18 by 10 zeroffs 18 by 12 negative 25s in the rear, so he rebuilt
    - and did his own thing.
    - [Dom] That's impressive.
    - [Alex] On a 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 Achilles A/t Sport fronts so, decent, okay tires, I would say. Broadline Static Coilovers. So this has that Pandem-Y body and there is two of these, actually, in Wisconsin, too, that have the Pandem-Y body R32 kits white, and I think there's a red one, here in Wisconsin, now. Definitely a cool setup, pretty minimalistic, reminds me a lot of the E36 bolt on overfenders that you can run.
    - [Dom] The thing that I notice is that like, at first glance, you don't notice it, like from this shot right here, you don't notice it, but then, as you start to kinda look closer at the pictures and the fitment on it, you can definitely tell, but initially you can tell that something's a little bit different. It's not like, glaringly obvious that it's, you know, the Pandem-Y body kit. The reason is for that
    - [Alex] Until you look at the sunken gas cap, you really can't tell. I dig it.
    - I give it a 3.5.
    - Overall.
    - Think it's clean.
    I don't think there's enough pictures for me to like, give it a higher score just because it's tough. I know those R32 bodies are an absolute nightmare to work with when you go for overfenders. I know people that have tons of issues with keeping them on and just tons of issues with their fender work with the metal being extremely thin. So, I'd be interested to see if he's having any issues, but it's definitely a good-looking car.
    - I'm gonna go ahead and give it a 3.5.
    - I like it all the way around.
    - Oooh!
    - It's a pretty clean setup, like you said, you don't really notice it right away, and it just kind blended pretty well at first glance, so, I think it's clean, plus it's a badass car,
    - so you can't go wrong there.
    - Overall 3.5.
    Last and final one. [Mario] Wha-psh! 2016 Volkswagen GTI.
    - [Alex] A Sparco Assetto Garas.
    18 by eight plus 48 Michelin Pilot Super Sports, my man! You got some good tires there, bud! And awesome VWR lowering springs. I like it. I've always been a fan of hot hatches, especially the four-door kind. Volkswagens have always had a soft spot in my heart because I think the community and Volkswagen community is probably one of the most robust, creative communities out there on the car scene. I think that if you've ever been to a Euro show, like a full Euro show, you can see how crazy these guys get with their MK, erm, I'm sorry, their Mark Ones, their Mark Twos. I got yelled at the last time I called it an MK1, apparently that's not what you say, but it is cool to