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Reviewing YOUR Cars In Our Gallery! Ep. 3

Fitment Industries Author | | July 1st, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's goin' on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries and today we're bringing you another episode of From The Gallery, and of course I have brought the same two individuals from before. And they are...
    - Mario from Fitment Industries.
    - And.
    - Dom from Fitment Industries.
    - And they are the videographer and online analytics and one of those jobs is much more fun than the other. But besides that, we're bringing it in with five vehicles from the gallery that you guys sent to us. Now remember, if you want your car to be reviewed in this series, it's very simple. All you have to do is send us your car in our gallery, at shop@fitmentindustries.com and the subject line, all it has to say is review my car, we put it in a list and then we review it. It's as simple as that. Now you guys told us that you wanted us to go up to 10 points instead of our five point rating system which, honestly, made a lot of sense, so I'm glad that you told us. So this rating system is gonna be out of 10. I'd probably say anything above a five is gonna be pretty solid. If you're breaking that seven to eight number, you're probably looking pretty good. So, I have not seen the cars, Mario I think has seen a couple and I think Dom has seen a couple. He's got them up now on his phone, but lets go right into number one.
    - Alright boys, number one, kabam.
    We'll start it off right here.
    - So it's a 2014 Honda Accord, owner is syko809. What an Instagram name. It sounds like a Roomscape name. Vossen's CVT fronts, 19 by eight and a half plus 32s, 19 by 10 plus 42s on some little NT555s. You know, not a bad look. BC Racing Coilovers running static. It's not super in your face either. Can you stop going through the photos so quick? You're going so fast.
    - Here, here, I'll start with this one--
    - Yeah, there you go.
    Okay, looks like it's a nice, I'd say it's a flush fitment. It looks pretty good I would say, I like it. I like it, not too much stretch. I mean, the two 65s in the rear, definitely really nice especially with the 10 wide. So yeah, I think it looks pretty good. I would probably rate this one, I'd say a six out of 10. I like it, it's clean, I think the body is still a little bit stockish, so it'd be cool to see maybe a little bit more arrow or have that VIPesque style flow through the rest of the car, but I think in terms of the wheels, tires and suspension, he's starting with a pretty solid set up.
    - And I would definitely have to agree with Mr. Alex Martinez. I like the wheels. It looks VIP-lookish, looking, however you wanna say that. It reminds me of Kevin's car. If you guys don't know Kevin's car, we actually did a vehicle spotlight on it. So if you guys wanna check that out, you definitely can. But I would have to give it an eight.
    - Oh, an eight.
    - Eight, ooh.
    - Only because the wheels, they're two directional because I looked it up. They are two directional.
    - Alright, yeah, Vossen does that--
    - He's got a good wheel on tire combo in my opinion and I don't know, I just like--
    - Yeah, those NT555s are nice, those are good tires. Alright, Dom, what's your take on it?
    - I love it.
    I think that the fitment is really nice all around. He's not running any crazy camber or any crazy stretch but the only thing I don't like is the rain guards.
    - [Alex] Rain guards?
    - Rain guards.
    - But I'd probably say I give it a six out of 10. I like it.
    - I didn't even notice the rain guards until now. I guess if it's more of an aesthetic thing, I always think that instead of going with rain guards, you should just take the chrome molding off your window trim and get it tinted black or something like that or a midnight purple. If you're trying to hide that a little bit more--
    - It looks like it has 70 resin, so he still has the chrome--
    - Yeah, he could do it.
    I just think that would look kind of cool. Alright, moving forward.
    - Next car.
    - We've had to cut this twice now because Dom was always telling you guys something. You can guess what it is in the comments.
    - Check this bad boy out.
    - Boom, I'm dead.
    - I'm gonna give this a 10 right off the bat.
    - [Alex] 10 out of 10--
    - This turns me on, honestly.
    I'm not even gonna lie.
    - So this is a 2004 Subaru WRX STI and it's on Rookmeister s13ps, 18 by 11 1/2 Megan 27 offsets with Federal SS-595s, 255/35s all the way around and he's on airlift performance. Wow, okay so the IG's name is macklakin, macklakin, macklakin, macklakin.
    - Macklakin.
    Alright, cool.
    - Yep.
    Alright, Dom, start it off.
    - I love it.
    It is absolutely beautiful. I own a 2015 Subaru WRX, not an STI but that's okay. I love the wheels, I love the wide body, it actually looks good. You get some wide body kits that don't look that good but I think it looks really good. And the wheels obviously they are banging. Fitment is on point. I love it all around and I'm sure he's got a bunch of mods as well. It's on air, too, so that's (bleeping) awesome. So I give this a 10 out of 10, I love it.
    - Mario.
    - Like I said, straight 10.
    This is something that when I was 16 a couple of years ago, this is something I dreamt of. This is when I went to the show, I would make sure I filmed this car. I don't know, this is super dope. I (beeping) love it. Everything about this, everything--
    - It's just so cool.
    - Everything is so...
    I wish it was here just to, I don't know, just look at the interior--
    - Interior and performance mods.
    I wanna know what he has for performance mods. If you're watching this, drop it in the comments.
    - I think that this is a gorgeous car.
    I think this is very, very well done. You know, usually people try to cut corners when they start going into this stuff. I just think a lot of people no offense, no offense, but they start dumping money into the wheels and then the tires and they get the air ride and then they're like okay, everything else is gonna be budget because I can't afford anything else and just judging by the actual bits and pieces, the arrow that he has on it, the front bumper, the inner cooler--
    - It's the attention to detail.
    - Is that he kept on going which is super cool to see. Last time we did one of these, there was a really nice Subaru that I didn't rate a full perfect five out of five but now we're doing 10 out of 10s. So I think I would give this one a nine and a half out of 10. I would give it a nine and a half. I think it is a beautiful car and extremely well done. I think it is an extremely good looking car. Tires are good, wheels are killer, absolutely love the color. Point five, I guess I would just say it's a Subaru. It would be like I said before, it'd be kind of cool to see, I don't know, something a little more unique just right from the factory-ish, you know?
    - Old school.
    - I don't know, I'm a hipster or something. I don't know what's wrong with me--
    - He's got a Supreme sticker, though.
    - Yeah, see, that's why you like it.
    I love the car. It's gorgeous, nine and a half, extremely well done, sir. Beautiful WRX, beautiful STI, definitely appreciate the taste that you put into that. Definitely a good color combination.
    - Absolutely, amen.
    - Yep, very nice.
    - Next.
    - Next car.
    - Alright, we got a 2014 Mazda 6 on some Vossen CV7s. Boys--
    - 20 by 10 plus 45.
    Toyo Extensa HP 245/35s--
    - And it's on air.
    - So let's see it from the side shot.
    On some Wilwood brakes, too.
    - [Mario] That's clean.
    - [Alex] That is clean.
    That's a clean looking car.
    - [Mario] It's like a baller, like another VIP look which I'm a big fan of.
    - [Alex] That one's not aired up, but you're down. Alright, Mario, you first.
    - Just from the first look of it, I'd probably have to give it a seven only because I'm not a huge fan of sedans but I'm not gonna lie, this looks really (bleeping) good. I keep forgetting I can't swear but this looks really good especially for a sedan. I'm more of a--
    (bleeping) type guy.
    - Hey.
    - Hey, no swearing, Jasper has more work to do then. It'll take him two years to edit this.
    - He's an intern, that's what he's for.
    - Yeah, I love the wheel choice, tire choice. Obviously, you can't go wrong with the air. So what'd I rate this as?
    - Seven--
    - I'll give it a seven.
    - Dom.
    - I like it, all around, it's a really good set up. It's pretty badass and it's on air, the wheels are sick. The only thing about the wheels though is that whip and that face of him just screams curb. That would scare me so much.
    - I see what you mean, that almost infinity spoke style. And that's an older, I believe that's an older design by Vossen. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the CV7 isn't actually produced anymore or isn't produced as much as it once was.
    - It's a clean wheel, I love the way it looks, but it's just that that just scares me so much and it's Vossen's too. It's not like it's some reps that you can just go ahead and get a new set for 600 bucks.
    - It's clean for a seven spoke.
    I think it's a good spinner.
    - [Dom] Yeah, for sure.
    What would you rate it?
    - [Dom] I think I give it a six and a half out of 10.
    - Yeah, I was gonna go with a six, six and a half out of 10 as well. I think it's cool. I like the body lines of the Mazda 6s, the newer generations. I think they're really starting to get that VIPesque style down especially with the long hood and the low, abrupt hood to the front bumper is what gives it that almost Lexus, old school Lexus style look, if you guys know what I'm talking about. Seven spoke is always a solid on sedans for the VIP. Air is nice but of course it's not very well modified past just the wheels, tires and suspension just yet, so it'd b