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Reviewing YOUR Cars In Our Gallery! Ep. 6

Fitment Industries Author | | August 12th, 2018 |

  • - Hey, what's going, what's going on, guys?
    - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - It's Andrew, what's up?
    - And I am Sick, from Fitment Industries.
    - He's Jasper.
    - I'm also Jasper.
    - We're doing-- We are doing another episode of reviewing cars from the gallery. So, we have Andrew here today to fill the --
    - What's up guys
    - of Dom, because Dom is off doing like hippie stuff in Cali--
    - I don't even know where he's at.
    - California or Colorado.
    - Haven't seen him.
    - Yeah, we don't know where he's at.
    - He's been gone for weeks.
    - He might not even come back, I'm not entirely sure. So, Dom is never coming back, so we have Andrew here. Jasper, he chose to wear his Supreme hat today.
    - I'm here.
    - 'Cause he's just feeling a little special.
    - That's not wrong.
    - And we are gonna jump into reviewing your cars. Now, last time we reviewed our own cars, I think Andrew actually took the cake with the best score. Everybody digged your car. People either loved or hated your car.
    - Yeah, it was very--
    - 50/50.
    - It was very fun.
    - And everybody loved my car except for the wheels, they wanna it to turn them into ash. So, we are going back to our normally scheduled video, and then next time we do this, we're gonna be reviewing another set of our own cars. So, if you wanna have your car added to the show, you just got to add it to the gallery at fitmentindustries.com. Do the thing. Forward slash add. And then, send us your gallery add in an email to shop@fitmentindustries.com We do this every week.
    - Is that where the text goes?
    - Yeah.
    - I like that, I like that.
    - Yeah, I'm a magical person.
    - And we will put you on the lovely line up.
    - Right.
    - So, first up, guys, we have a 2012 Lexus IS250. Now these guys haven't seen any of these yet. It's on Work Cr2p's.
    - [Andrew] Ooh, okay.
    - It's got 18x9 plus 35 Michelin Pilot Sports, so not bad, right? And then on Airlift Management. I'll just start off right off the bat, I love Lexuses, I love 'em bagged. I love that he went with the works, he's got good tires.
    - Is it Lexuses or Lex-eye?
    - Lex plural.
    - That's a good question.
    - Like cactus.
    - The Lex-eyes are beautiful cars.
    - Lex-ee. Lex.
    - Wheels are a little tucked.
    You'd probably be able to squeeze a spacer in there and get 'em a little bit closer to more of a flushed look but I bet, he's got rear wheel spacers, 25 millimeters.
    - [Andrew] Fenders rolled, airlift.
    - [Alex] Yeah, what do you think? What do you guys think?
    - [Andrew] I dig it, it looks really good.
    I do like that color, the burgundy's cool, it's very clean. Once again, the work wheel, I think that's a solid choice for that car. That's probably one of my favorite patterns, just a clean Double 5-Spoke. It looks good, it's tucked a little bit in the rear. You know what I mean, not everyone has to sit Fender to lip.
    - [Alex] True.
    - [Andrew] I think a lot of people, that's like an assumption that they have to sit Fender to lip, especially with bags.
    - [Alex] Jasper?
    - I think this car's stellar.
    Overall it's just, tucking so baller. It's so pimpin' and he even has like his Instagram kind of deal on his plate too, good on him. (laughs)
    - [Alex] Of course you would say that.
    - [Jasper] Well, you know what, gotta plug it.
    (laughs) Also, it works here at Kizo. It's such a great choice because it's like a perfect way to get into like, the real, like the big brand name game, but, like, still go with one piece. And, like, I don't even know how much they are. Like two grand, twenty-five hundred. So, like, -
    - [Alex] They're affordable, though.
    You can get even get a set of used ones for a really good price.
    - [Jasper] And they're very good quality too. 'Cause you're buying, I mean, you get what you pay for with wheels a lot of times. So, with work, you know it's gonna be good wheels and for one piece, I mean, they're great looking one piece wheels.
    - Yep. Alright, so we're rating it out of 10. We're gonna do it on three.
    - Right?
    - Yep So, one, two, three, score; wait. After three you score.
    - Oh, got it.
    - So, ready? One, two, three... Yeah, that's good.
    - You said eight?
    - Eight.
    - Eight, eight and a half, yep.
    - Overall pretty good.
    - Very clean car.
    So, we're moving on. We're going to something way across the board. We're going on with a 2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek, with some ESM 001 17x8 plus 20s. This is cross-faded crosstreks.
    - [Alex] Subaru crosstreks (laughs)
    - [Jasper] Are we allowed to include that?
    - [Alex] Yeah (laughs) Yokohama Geolandar H/T's with some ISC Coilovers. Alright, Andrew you get to start it off.
    - Okay
    - What do you think?
    - Um, he says uh
    - No, so I have a walltrack
    - Yeah
    - I like the wagon aspect of it and I think it's cool and I think props to this dude because he's doing something different 'cause it's always Outbacks, it's always Foresters.
    - Yep
    - I haven't seen a lot of Crosstreks modified
    - [Jasper] No, not at all
    - [Andrew] So that's cool, I see like where he's going. It's looks like outdoorsy and it's kinda cool.
    - [Alex] Yeah
    - [Andrew] It's different.
    - [Alex] Yeah, Jasper?
    - [Jasper] I mean, it is a Subaru so like, kinda what we talked about with Dom's car, but this guy's like actually has suspension but, it's more of like that rally-esque.
    - [Andrew] It's acceptable to be lifted.
    - [Jasper] Yeah exactly, like it doesn't need to be slammed to the ground because like it's a crossover.
    - [Andrew] Yeah
    - [Jasper] It's still, I mean I assume this man still likes to party in the back woods kinda deal.
    - [Alex] Yeah
    - [Jasper] So like (laughs)
    - [Alex] I think it's a cool function-esque style car,
    - Yeah, no for sure.
    - Definitely.
    - I see the ESM's, I'm usually more of a fan of like the I guess the oz racing style where it's more of like a thinner multi spoke,
    - [Together] Yeah, yeah
    - [Alex] 'Cause I think it gives it a little bit more of a sporty look.
    - [Jasper] Very race inspired.
    - [Alex] Yeah, this is a very blocky look.
    I think he's really close to having this look like, cross-functional
    - [Jasper] Oh, definitely
    - [Alex] If you got rid of the chrome, and you kinda did a little bit more with like the color contrast.
    - [Jasper] For sure, yeah.
    - [Andrew] The white accents is definitely a ballsy move.
    - [Alex] Yeah you got to be careful with that
    - [Andrew] Like, not every car can get away with that cause if you do too much, it just won't be good.
    - Yeah, agreed.
    - Alright on three,
    - You ready?
    - One, two, three,
    - Yep.
    - Dang.
    - You said six?
    - Yeah, we're doing good.
    - Good deal.
    - Alright moving on, we're going back to the Honda game, 2005... Just kidding, I lied.
    - Uh oh, jumped ahead.
    - Sike, sike, sike.
    - It's alright, okay.
    - 2010. We're jumping over to the muscle car games.
    - I saw this one.
    - 2010 Dodge Charger.
    - [Andrew] This one's dope.
    - [Alex] With 22x9 plus 20's, Landsail Ls588 Air Lift, Air suspension and more white on a car than I've ever seen before in my entire life. He's got the bullbar in the front, the lights.
    - [Andrew] Halo's are cool.
    - [Alex] I mean,
    - [Jasper] This is so dope. (laughs)
    - [Andrew] This is like porn to a cop.
    - Yeah
    - Or, actually you know what I've had altercations with police officers many times this year actually, I don't know if he'd like that.
    - Just to kind of bring it full circle, the IG for this guy is @thepopoiscoming
    - Yeah
    - I dig it
    - I dig it
    - That's tight (laughs)
    - Air set up looks good, its got hard lines.
    - [Jasper] What does this tank say?
    - [Alex] So his tank says, "Anything lost can be found again except for time wasted." "A vision without action is nearly a dream." "It's the action, it's the grind, it's the hustle, it's the persistence."
    - Kevin Gates
    - [Andrew] 22's.
    - Yeah, that's inspirational.
    - [Alex] This man, he has it dialed in.
    - [Andrew] He's got two light bars on there.
    - [Alex] Yeah, one is never enough
    - [Jasper] It's a cop car.
    - [Alex] I mean, truck guys have one light-bar right? He's like nah we're gonna do you up with two. So not only will you be blinded by his already low headlights, but if you're on a toddler tricycle riding down the road, you will also be blinded.
    - [Jasper] Yeah and then even for the lower one when you're on your radio flyer.
    - [Alex] Yeah or if you know a lizard is crossing the street. (laughs)
    - [Andrew] It's so much white, but I like it.
    - [Alex] I know, it's cool.
    - [Jasper] Yeah
    - It reminds me a lot of Shaun's truck, the co2 of just like the white headlights, like everything.
    - [Alex] It's interesting that it's like this front police bars.
    - [Andrew] And you don't see a lot of stancey muscle
    - [Alex] Yeah
    - [Andrew] It's very rare.
    - [Jasper] He definitely took it to that whole like, you know you see how people like bag the crown vics,
    - [Alex] Yeah
    - [Andrew] That's good.
    - [Jasper] This dude went full bash bar and everything.
    - [Alex] Yeah it looks really good, and then he's got one and a half spaces in the front, two inches spacers in the rear just so everybody knows.
    - [Jasper] For sure, yeah
    - Let's rate it out of 10.
    - Alright
    - Alright. One, two, three.
    - You said eight?
    - Alright, yeah
    - Okay, whatever.
    - I just, okay
    - Just not giving him cre