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Reviewing YOUR Cars in Our Gallery! Ep. 11

Fitment Industries Author | | October 21st, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - And Claire from Fitment Industries.
    - And Gels.
    - And this episode of From the Gallery is apparently sponsored by Starbucks Frappuccino. Today, we are doing another episode of From the Gallery where we get to rate your cars. Now, if you guys don't remember, Gels, do you remember how they need to, if they wanna be a part of the video what they gotta do?
    - They gotta upload their car to the gallery.
    - Where?
    - At fitmentindustries.com/add
    - This is for Jasper.
    - Whoa.
    (Gels laughs) That was dangerously close to my face.
    - I know, I'm so sorry, that was a dangerous game. And what do you have to do after that?
    - And then you have to send an email to shop@fitmentindustries with review my car in the title and include the link.
    - Alright! So we're going into the first car. Now you have to remember something that the people were saying is that they want us to make sure that we don't just rate everything seven. So you can get a little bit--
    - Okay.
    - You know? I'm just sayin', I'm just givin' you that context.
    - Alright.
    - So one way or the other.
    - We're gonna start off with a 2008 Nissan 350Z.
    - Sorry, we're good.
    - You good?
    - Yep.
    - [Alex] Alright, 2008 Nissan 350Z on some Heritage Hokkaido. 19 by 11 and a half negative 45 and negative 70 in the rear.
    - Holy crap.
    - [Alex] Nankang Ns-20.
    285/30 and 305/30 in the rear. It's on airlift. Lookin' sharp. First off, I'll tell you what I'm happy about, we have these wheels on the site now. We actually have Heritage on the site, so if you guys are interested in these wheels that are actually a little bit harder to get, feel free to send us an email shop@fitmentindustries.com
    - [Claire] I'm pretty sure I could fit inside that wheel.
    - [Alex] That's a, that's a big lip for a front.
    - [Claire] Holy Lord.
    (Claire laughs)
    - But, but is it too big? Is it--
    - I, I think it's a little big for my taste, 'cause it almost makes the face of the wheel seem really teeny.
    - Tiny.
    - Yeah.
    - Look at, and the rear bump, like it can't cover the whole tire.
    (Claire laughing)
    - [Gels] Yeah.
    - [Alex] What do you think, Gels?
    - [Gels] I'm not sure what fenders, over fenders he has on there. I'm pretty sure it's not a Rocket Bunny.
    - [Alex] Nope.
    It looks like it's some sort of just Nissan specific.
    - [Gels] Yeah, so it's kinda throwin' me off a little bit just for how aggressive and wide the setup is. But then you've got, like the stock front and rear bumper on it.
    - Yeah.
    - I dig the duck tail though, I like the duck tail. I don't think every aggressive car needs a huge Chassis Mount Wing.
    - [Alex] But?
    (all laughing)
    - But!
    - But, no, no, I think the duck tails fine, but I could see like maybe going with some, like I said, different front bumper, different rear bumper, maybe something on the side skirts, like just some panel skirts or something.
    - Yes, so this is Kingillzoku's, so thanks for dropping it into our gallery. One of the biggest things that I think is just a little bit weird about it is the arrow throughout the whole car. It kinda stops at the front, it gets halfway, you know, the fenders are there the duck. But like maybe seeing like a Seibon Hood, you know, maybe seeing some carbon fiber side skirts, maybe more aggressive front bumper.
    - For Sure.
    - Yeah.
    And maybe a diffuser, splitter, all that sort of stuff. I think would really tie in the aggressiveness of the wheel fitment set up.
    - [Claire] I can see where he's going, and I also like that duck bill too because it's a little different, but it just looks a little like it's in progress.
    - Yeah.
    - Like it hasn't just quite gotten there.
    - [Alex] And if it is in progress, well then you're right on track.
    - For sure.
    - Yeah. (laughs)
    - Those are like really expensive steps that he's taken towards building that car.
    - Alright, so on three, we're going to rate it. Ready? One, two, three.
    - Eight.
    - Six.
    - Ooh.
    - So we can't rate seven, now we're all gonna rate six.
    - Yeah, see I wanted to rate it seven, I wanted to rate seven, but I'm like, ooh I can't do that. And I rated it an eight because those wheels are really expensive--
    - Yeah, the wheels are killer.
    - And I can see where he's going with that.
    - The fit, the car is gonna be killer if it's in progress. It would just be cool to see just that, that aggressiveness followed through the whole car.
    - For sure.
    - So moving on we have a 2016 Ford Mustang on some Rotiform Rse's, the wheel that looks good on pretty much any year, make, model ever in the history of the world. On some Delinte (laughs) D7's. 255/35 in the front, 275/35 in the rear. Air lift suspension. Mustangs are the most popular car right now on air suspension, in case you guys didn't know. Everybody gets mad, they're like, why do you keep doing air cars? It's like, we're not!
    (Gels laughs) There's just a lot of people running air in the gallery now. So, Claire start it off, what do you think? Ag_s550 is Instagram by the way, I don't wanna forget.
    - [Claire] I, I'm not a fan of muscle cars on air.
    - [Alex] Oh, it's like she owns one.
    - [Claire] I just, it looks cool.
    - Wrong.
    - It's just.
    Oh my, are you gonna do that in every video we're together on?
    - No, nah-ah.
    - [Claire] Okay, anyway.
    If that's what you like, cool. It looks cool, but that's just not my thing. I just think it could look a little more aggressive.
    - [Alex] Okay, Gels, what do you think?
    - [Gels] I'd have to agree with her on the aggressiveness on it. Yes, the Rotoforms do look really good on there. Not something I would go with personally.
    - Sure
    - Yep.
    - [Alex] I like the car, I think it looks good on air. I think with Mustangs though, and the fact that a lot of them are now on air, it's almost made, like, the suspension bit about it almost expected, I guess. Like seeing, seeing a car, seeing a Mustang, especially on coils or air I feel like is almost like, you do that now.
    - Yep.
    - Right.
    - [Alex] You don't keep it, you don't keep it stock, so I think it looks decent. I like, you know, the Rotoforms, they look good on everything. I like it, it's just, you know, in terms of going with air and going with things like that usually you try to go with a wider battle arrow style look and I'm not seeing that here just yet. I do see that he's got the tux fitment in the front and a little bit of a flush fitment lookin' like in the rear, so he's getting that stagger set up. I think it looks really good.
    - The fitment is really good.
    - Yeah, for sure.
    - It's like a, this is the car that I would like, I dunno know, I'd daily drive on the sunny days. It's like the car I'd daily drive on the sunny days, you know?
    - Yeah.
    - But, alright, let's rate it.
    So thank you for adding your car to the gallery as well. On three!
    - I'm ready.
    Are you ready?
    - No.
    - Okay.
    - On three.
    One, two, three. Five and a half.
    - 5
    - Whoa.
    - Nope, denied.
    Moving forward.
    - What? I just!
    - 2004, you guys can drop
    (Claire grumbles) the comments on what you think Claire was gonna say after you subscribe, because we're trying to get to 100,000. 2004 Subaru WRX on some Work Cr2p's. 18 and nine and a half square set up, plus 23 off set on some Nankangs, the most popular tire in the world. Ns2's, we are at 215 35, BC racing Coilovers. Gels, you start it off.
    - [Gels] This thing is crazy low to be static.
    - [Claire] Yeah, that's what I noticed, too.
    - [Alex] He's almost got that fin with the lip like too.
    - [Gels] He does, he's got that air ride set up.
    - [Alex] His Instagram is Ruinedwrx.
    - Perfect.
    - There you go.
    - Perfect.
    - What else do you want?
    - [Gels] I think it looks really good on the Work CrP2's. Those wheels look amazing on those year for Subaru's. I think that it really works with that car. Looks like he's got it paint or wrapped, I can't tell if it's like a
    - [Claire] Yeah. I think it--
    - [Gels] Color shift wrap or--
    - [Claire] It's so tricky because a lot of people do wraps so well that it looks like paint.
    - [Alex] I think it's painted.
    - [Claire] But it, to me it looks like paint.
    - I looks painted.
    - But I dig the color.
    - Yeah.
    - Claire?
    - [Claire] I like it.
    I think, like Gels said, that it's static is a little ridiculous.
    - To me, it definitely has that, like, Subaru-esqueness to it though. So like one thing I always like about Subaru's is that they always have that like a semi-aggressive front end, just straight from the factory with the hood intake and things like that. The only thing that I'm not a super big fan of is like there are certain things that look like they were done very well, and then there's a couple things that just look a little interesting. So like the side skirts I see, it looks like it's just the polyurethane plastic. It's not painted, so it's not gloss black, it's not purple, so not a huge fan of that and then the front lip is the same way. And then it looks like, from one picture in the back, you know, it looks like he's got some rear splitter stuff that he's doing, but it doesn't look like it's completely finessed in there yet. So it'll be cool to see what that'll look like at the end. And then maybe duck bills on cars like this I think look 10 outta 10.
    - Oh yeah.
    - For sure.
    - So to see it like tie up into the rear would be super cool. But yeah, I dig it. You can never go wrong with a Cr2p. I'm just, you can't, I mean, ever. One, two, three. Five.