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Reviewing YOUR Cars in Our Gallery! Ep. 12

Fitment Industries Author | | November 4th, 2018 |

  • - What's up you guys? We're back again today for another From the Gallery and it's a little different 'cause it's just me and Gels because the rest of our team except for Greg, and Eric, and Corey, and Steve. But everybody else just ditched us, they left for Vegas and they're at SEMA right now.
    - We're all dying, we're all sick.
    They left us here to die.
    - It's fine.
    - It's all good.
    - It's whatever.
    - [Gels] So first up we got a 1995 Volvo 940. He's got Japan Racing JR11s 18x9.5 plus 30 square set up. For tires you got Toyo Proxes T1r 215/35 all around. And on some kind of lowering springs that I've never heard of in my life and I don't know how to pronounce that name so I'm not gonna butcher it.
    - [Claire] I'm not even gonna try.
    - [Gels] First up, I actually really like this car. I'm a big fan of wagons.
    (Claire laughing) I don't know why, what?
    - [Claire] I don't know.
    These cars they just, we're looking at a picture right now of a flame coming out of the exhaust and it's just--
    - [Gels] Awesome.
    - [Claire] You look like you're gonna hop in there with your seven kids and just head out.
    - [Gels] That's exactly what you're gonna do.
    (Claire laughing)
    - It's a shooting flame out the back.
    - Like I said I'm a sucker for wagons.
    I always like the bigger wagons like this like the Volvos and stuff. I think it's actually really clean. It looks like the body's clean. He's got a cool little set up on there, good for like a daily driver it looks like.
    - Contrary to Gels, I'm not a big wagon fan. Don't kill me please.
    - So suspension details, 60/40 springs on stock shocks so again it's just lowering springs on there. Says he's going to coilovers once his new wheel bearings show up.
    (Gels laughing) I like to see how that looks on the new coilovers once he gets the new wheel bearings.
    - He does have some stuff done to it which I definitely appreciate that's pretty cool. So, shall we move--
    - It's good to know that flame picture actually isn't photoshopped because it is turbo-charged and it does have a built engine.
    - Yeah, that's sweet.
    - That's pretty freaking wild.
    - That makes me like it a lot more actually.
    - I'd be interested to see what kind of horsepower he's actually putting down with that thing because that'd be really cool. I would love to own something like that.
    - It'd just be like, just fly by people and be like, okay.
    - And this is holen_stancematic's Volvo.
    That's his Instagram, we'll link it down below or put it on the screen there anyway. So we're gonna go ahead and rate it on the count of three.
    - Yup.
    - Alright.
    - [Both] One, two, three.
    - Eight.
    - Six
    (whistles) We have 2012 Audi A3 on some GTP 090s and those are 19x9.5 with a plus 38 offset. And he's running some Nankang Ns-20s in the size 225/35 also square set up. And he is on TA Technix Air Suspension. So there is the details on the car. Now, what do you think?
    - This thing is absolutely beautiful.
    - I like it a lot as well.
    - His fitment is absolutely perfect.
    A lot of times with air suspension you see a lot of guys running more of a staggered set up. Especially because in the front they like to have that a little more tucked.
    - Yup.
    - Just so they can give a little more room for the wheel turning. But I mean this guy, he just went for it.
    - He was sinful.
    (Gels laughing) He was just like you know what? I'm just gonna do it.
    - Yeah but he's running a square set up.
    It does look like he has some spacers on here. He's got a five millimeter spacer in the front and a 10 millimeter in the back. Just to kind of dial in that fitment just a little bit more. But I mean this thing is very clean. He did a very good job on this.
    - [Claire] And it does look like he has an exhaust, lift kit, and some other aesthetic stuff done to it, so.
    - And this is Sander2509 is his Instagram.
    - You wanna rate it?
    - Rate it on three?
    - Yup, yup.
    - You sure?
    - Yup.
    - Ready, alright, one, do we go three, two, one or one, two, three?
    - Thought it was one, two, three.
    - What did we do last time? On three, one, two, three, 10.
    - Whoa, I was not ready for that.
    (laughing) Okay, we're gonna go with my rating now. I'm gonna go with an eight. Next up is.
    - We have a 2013 Acura ILX on Rotiform Kps 18x9.5 plus 25. Running some Federal SS595 215/35 all around. And he is on air lift air suspension.
    - Wow.
    - Yeah.
    - What are your first thoughts on it?
    - Again, very clean, looks like he's went more with the tuck set up on this, front and rear. 18x9.5's again plus 25, it's a, you see a lot of people going with these bigger Acura sedans on air and stand still and stuff like that. I think that's really cool. I think the bigger Acuras like this, they look really good slammed to the ground. I think the styling that he went with for this fits that car perfectly. That's what I see a lot of people do.
    - [Claire] I really like the wheels on that car. And it's kind of cool because you can see a little bit of the camber from these pictures. But when you go to this picture, it's like whoa, okay.
    - But there's actually quite a bit going on there.
    - Yeah, there's more than I expected.
    I think it looks pretty sharp even if it's just like if someone had that as a daily driver that'd be pretty sweet too.
    - Yeah, definitely.
    Looks like he's got some, what looks like I would imagine would be some after market air going on here. Like a lift kit, yeah, wraps all the way around the car really ties it together nicely. Looks like he's got some other suspension upgrades here, like the control arms and stuff down there probably adjusts with the camber and everything. It looks like he's got a pretty decent trunk set up in there too, he's got the tank suspended rather than mounted on the floor.
    - [Claire] Yeah, that's pretty cool too.
    - [Gels] And then he likes that purple color you can see in there.
    - [Claire] Yeah I noticed that.
    - [Gels] I like it.
    - [Claire] I like it too.
    - [Gels] And ready to rate it?
    - [Claire] Yup.
    - [Gels] Alright, one, two, three.
    - Seven and a half, ooh.
    We both took the plunge and we went with seven. I was afraid and you did it too. Okay, I feel better.
    - That's a solid seven, it's not just a, I don't know what to rate it seven. No, it's a solid seven.
    - Yeah.
    - This is tramainxc.
    - We have a 2005 Dodge Neon SRT4 on some Work Emotions 17x8.5 plus 33 offset and that's a square set up. On some Cooper Zeon Rs3-g1 tires 205/45 also a square set up and he's on Raceland Coilovers.
    - Yay.
    - Yay, I will go first because I used to have an SRT4. Yes I know the stigma behind them, I know. But I loved mine, it was a bunch of fun. Looking at this one, I think his fitment is pretty good. He's got a little bit of a poke in the front in the rear. But I like that because it gives it a little bit more of an aggressive look. And as far as the cleanliness of it from the pictures, it looks pretty clean because as most of you guys probably know, most of these cars out there are absolute trash.
    - They've been destroyed by the dangers.
    - Yeah, they're destroyed, they're rusty.
    They're just piles of junk to be completely honest. Ask me how I know.
    - So it's good to see one that's actually in a really nice condition. They're still out there.
    - He's got a new paint job, front lip.
    Full carbon fiber interior which is interesting.
    - [Gels] I really dig the interior on this.
    - [Claire] It's a lot.
    - [Gels] It's really clean, there is so much carbon fiber going on in there.
    - [Claire] Even the steering column is carbon fiber.
    - As far as the wheels, nothing wrong with Works or anything like that but I don't really like the look of those on this car honestly.
    - No.
    - I don't know if it's because they're 17's, maybe 18's would fit. It looks like they just don't fill up that wheel well enough for me.
    - So if I'm not mistaken, these cars they come from the factory with really tiny wheels. I'm pretty sure they're 16's.
    - Yup.
    - I put 18's on mine so I mean it's kind of like a happy medium between the two but it's--
    - Were the 18's too big for it?
    - No, I think they fit perfectly.
    - Overall that car is really nice.
    He's got a lot of work done to it. Those headlights are pretty crazy. I've never really seen anything like that. He's got like a--
    - [Claire] He's got like a--
    - [Gels] He's got like these--
    - [Claire] Neo-chromed strip or what.
    - [Gels] I don't know.
    I don't know if that's on the inside or if it's an overlip
    - [Claire] I'm confused.
    You're bamboozling me, LOL just a Neon.
    (Gels laughing) Bamboozled, okay?
    - [Gels] That's his Instagram tag, by the way. She's not dissing on him.
    - [Claire] No.
    - [Gels] Oh, just a note, too.
    He does have 15 millimeter spacers front and rear.
    - And his fenders are pulled and rolled which is a great idea for these cars. Also, don't ask me how I know.
    - Alright, one, two, three.
    - I'm never ready on time.
    It's the girl in me, okay? I am never ready on time.
    (Gels laughing) Don't yell at me but I'm gonna go with a seven, yeah.
    - Good job, I like it.
    - I like it.
    Teach your little (beep).
    - That's alright, I get it from my mom.
    She's a middle school teacher. How's it going Mrs. Jilana? I hope you're showing this.
    - Shout out.
    - I hope you're showing this to your class like you always do.
    - Now we have a 2016 Ford Fiesta on some Rotiform Lvs. This is a square set up and 17x8's with a plus 30 offset. And some Acce