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Reviewing Your Cars In Our Gallery! Ep. 1

Fitment Industries Author | | June 1st, 2018 |

  • - I flexed so hard.
    - You flexed so hard you got how many views on that one?
    - Four.
    - You got four views on your IG storm?
    - Wait 'til seven p.m.!
    - He's gonna have five by then.
    - Yesterday I had one that was 242.
    - Wow, I'm so proud of you.
    What naked picture did you post?
    - It's wasn't, (laughs)
    - So what's going on guys, my name is Alex and this is Fitment Industries and today we're gonna be talking to you about actually your cars. Surprisingly, we have a gallery. That gallery has around 6,500 vehicles at this time. So we're gonna go out there, we're gonna go in the gallery and we're gonna see what we think about your rides. This is Dom.
    - Hi, I'm Dom.
    - From?
    - Fitment Industries.
    - What do you do?
    - I do analytics, so all those little ads you see. That's me.
    - Dom, how old are you?
    - 23.
    - Take off your hat.
    - 42.
    - And we have Mario.
    Mario is gonna be showing us probably around 10 different vehicles in the gallery. So if you guys didn't know, our gallery has after-market wheels, tires, suspension. People can ad their car to the gallery, they get a shout-out on our Instagram and even out Facebook if it's a real nice car. And it helps us figure out what fits on different vehicles. So anything from like slammed, to stretched, to meaty set-ups, to staggered set-ups, we have all of it. So we're gonna go through and see what Mario picks out, and we're gonna talk about it.
    - [Mario] So this is our gallery.
    You guys can see I'm recording the screen as well. So obviously, fitmentindustries.com, go to the gallery here. You can add your ride if you wanna be featured, this is where you have to add your ride. Okay, you guys saw, I randomly scrolled and picked this car. Boom.
    - [Dom] What we got here? 03?
    - [Alex] 03 Mitsubishi Lancer.
    Evo, definitely. Even though it doesn't have the evo tag. Created custom wheels, LM 20's, 18 by 10, so you don't have the square set up, that's pretty crazy. It looks like he's got some camber in the back. Violent front banner, typical. Shaved? Is that shaved? Or is that? What is that?
    - What are you even talking about?
    - I'm talking about that trunk, well the (mumbles) are nice.
    - [Mario] Oh, yeah.
    - [Alex] Oh it must just be an added on lip, so that must not be an addition to the trunk, that must just be the part that he purchased. Definitely has a nice-
    - [Dom] I like it.
    - [Alex] Nice setup, so it's tucked, it looks pretty clean.
    - What do you judge a car off, when you first see it?
    - I don't, for me it's all about like, I want to people to show their personality in their car. So, yeah, so if you're building a car and you're trying to like follow a curve or like a trend, and it's not who you are, I won't like the car as much, and I'll be able to tell like right away. But if you build a car for you, and what you enjoy and what you like, I think it shows a lot more, you know like, and that's where you see like the older crowd is way more passionate about things, because they built it because it's what they wanted.
    - Right.
    - And that's I think where the younger crowd gets so much slack, is because they're just trying to build their stuff for attention. But that's, I mean that's a pretty clean setup.
    - So, just overall, aesthetics, fitment, whatever you guys think, just gimme the one through five.
    - [Alex] I'm gonna go with a 3.5 out of five.
    - [Mario] Why?
    - I think it's a cool car, I really do.
    I like it, I like the air suspension, I'm just not a huge fan of cambered air ride cars, especially like STI's and Evo's just because I like the meatier setups, I just think they just appeal to me more. And I probably would've went with more of like a shaved trunk, with the spoiler attached to the trunk, but it's clean car. I'm not a huge fan of silver either, that's just personal preference though.
    - Silver likes your car.
    - Yeah, it's just kind of a simple car.
    But yeah, what do you think Dom?
    - [Dom] I really like it.
    I think the wheels, I like them, but it's something that I would choose, I like more of like a darker wheel or you know like a, something that's got some color to it, a little bit darker.
    - Sure.
    - But definitely, I like the setup.
    Like you said, I'm not a huge fan of the camber and the rear, overall it's a really clean build though. It doesn't look like it's, you know, there's parts of it that are unfinished.
    - Dom, rating?
    - I think I'd give that a three out of 10, just because of the-
    - Three out of 10?
    - Three out of five, three out of five.
    (both talking) Hey no no no, three out of five.
    - Wow, you added points? And you literally made a score worse.
    - Thanks for not letting us know.
    - Dark Sammy I am so sorry.
    - This is Dom.
    - I am so sorry.
    There's a reason he does online analytics.
    - Doesn't require you talking to anybody.
    - You don't even get to rate this car anymore.
    - What's Mario's low key rating?
    - I would give it a four.
    - Four?
    - I think it's clean, it's not overdone, I feel like a lot of cars nowadays are just like overdone in a way.
    - Too much going on.
    - Too much going on.
    I give it a four. Alright next car boys. Again this is all, this is all random, I get to pick, they don't.
    - So 2004 Scion TC.
    - Just for that, rip.
    Just for that, I'm going with the Scion FRS.
    - Okay.
    - [Dom] I like it.
    Right off the bat, I like it.
    - [Alex] So, extremely popular car right now, 2015 FRS. ESR Sr1's with (mumbles), S1 Evo 2's 245/35 tein coilovers. Yeah, I mean-
    - [Dom] That's how you build on a budget.
    It looks good, it looks super clean.
    - [Alex] No rubbing, no scraping, no trimming mons, is that stack?
    - [Dom] I like the louvers as well.
    - [Alex] Stack body.
    - [Dom] Yep, I like that though.
    - It's interesting to see these cars without all the liberty walk wide body stuff on it.
    - [Dom] Right.
    - [Alex] I dig it, I like, I'm kinda going back to liking clean bodies more than riveted and overthundered and stuff.
    - I really like the louvers that he's got on there.
    (mumbles) and then that duck looks kinda nice there.
    - I've seen so many people go from like ESR's, or something similar, and they run it for a year or two years, and they love it, and then they go and they upgrade, and they get something that like, Vorsteiner, or they get Work, or they buy a set of used BBS or something like that. So, I think that's cool, I think that a lot of people, especially in the scene, I'm talking to you guys, you feel the need to buy a $10,000 car, and then you need to wait 'till you have like 20 grand to go dump all this money into the car, and you don't have to do that. I always think that you just need to start with the simple stuff, and just grow outward with your car, and what you wanna do, because cars have cycles, and by the time you get to the end of the cycle of your car you're likely to sell it anyway, but I would probably rate it, and I'm a harsh judger, so don't be mad, but I'd probably judge it a three out of five. I like it, I think three out of five for me is like, just a good car.
    - And I definitely agree with that, with what you were saying about, you know, starting out with like ESR's and running them for a little bit. A lot of people hate on reps but those brands are awesome, they get a feel for what you like, and what looks good on your vehicle, and what you want, and then from there you can move on, you can run them for a few years, and then, or a couple years, whatever it is, so then, move up to the big boy brands, and start looking at more expensive like fours, your multi piece wheels, so.
    - Like your rotas?
    - It's definitely, yeah.
    Exactly, like my rotas. But, I like it overall. I think I'd also give it a three out of five. I think it's a nice setup. I was a little surprised by the square setup but.
    - [Alex] Yeah, usually those are staggered.
    - [Dom] Yeah.
    - Little confused on that.
    - But I like it.
    - This man has good taste 'cause he got a Scion, so I'm gonna give it a five. What? He's got good taste, he's got a Scion. Alright, next car. Alright let me scroll through the gallery.
    - You see, 'cause Mario has this system, right? And we know the system.
    - Alright let's hear the system, what's the system?
    - You know when you go to school you have the A, B, C, D, A, B, C, F, no you have a D in there, A, B, C, D, F, great. See Mario, and like when you get a grade back from a teacher the teacher's like, yo, you know, you messed up, paragraphs are only supposed to be five to seven sentences long, it's supposed to be a funnel style, you didn't do the funnel style, you forgot your headers, I'm gonna give you a B, because you forgot those things. See if Mario was a teacher, he'd be like, yo dude this essay blew, but you used Comic Sans, and that font is fire. 100%.
    - He probably used Arial Black! 'Cause that is 100% right. Next car, move forward. Alright boys you ready for this one?
    - Yep.
    - This is more, I don't know how you're gonna feel about this.
    - Excuse me?
    - You can't look!
    - Whoa.
    - Are you ready?
    - Subaru WX, calling it now.
    - STI.
    - No.
    - [Alex] Alright.
    - [Dom] 03, Infiniti G35.
    - [Alex] We're looking at G35 Martin, his 2003 G35, a rear wheel drive.
    - [Dom] On some wides.
    - [Alex] On some serious-
    - [Dom] Serious.
    - [Alex] Holy moly.
    (Dom and Mario talking over each other) He's got 19 by 11 negative fives in the front, negative, or 19 by 12, negative 17's in the rear. That is-
    - [Dom] Seven? On coils, he's that static life bro.
    - [Alex] That's dirty.
    Is he on static?