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Reviewing Your Cars In Our Gallery! Ep. 8

Fitment Industries Author | | September 9th, 2018 |

  • - What's going on guys? I am Fuller, you usually don't see me on this channel because I'm usually on Custom Offsets but today I'm joined by Corey and Claire from Fitment Industries and we are going to be viewing your cars from the gallery. So to jump right into it, our first car is one that everybody knows, it's 2005 Subaru WRX STI sitting on Work Emotion CR Kiwamis, is that how you pronounce that? Corey?
    - That's how I'd pronounce it.
    - [Fuller] Alright, they're 18x9.5 plus 38 and he's got Nitto Invo 225/40s and riding on Tein, or Tein--
    - Tein.
    - [Fuller] Coilovers, as Alex would call it. So my quick opinion on this thing, I do really like how the wheel fitment is. He's sitting basically perfectly flush. I like that there's not a whole lot of camber because it is an all wheel drive car and it's a Subaru and it's meant to rallied, those these aren't that aggressive of tires.
    - [Claire] Yeah, I would have to agree with Fuller. Looking at it, the engine bay, in this picture at least, looks very actually physically clean, so I can appreciate that.
    - [Fuller] If you read the mods he's got a ton of stuff under this thing.
    - Does he?
    - [Fuller] Yeah, I think.
    - [Claire] I can definitely appreciate that. I like that it's nice and clean and not, I don't want to say like a lot of Subaru owners make their cars, but a lot of them wreck' em and this one is very clean. It's nice and flush, like Fuller also said. It's pretty good.
    - It doesn't fit like the typical Subaru stereotype.
    - Right, exactly.
    - I can't wait for this.
    - [Claire] I can't either.
    - [Corey] I mean, I like it.
    I like how the engine bay is clean, as Claire said. Yeah, it's clean, it's just kind of plain.
    - Alright.
    - It's a silver car with white wheels.
    - Let's rate it then, scale of zero to 10.
    Three, two, one, eight.
    - Five.
    - Six and a half.
    - You have to go at the same time.
    (laughing) I was like--
    - For car number two, we have a 2012 Audi A5 Quattro, sitting on the Rohana Rc7s, 20x11 plus 28, square. He's running some Falken tires on here, 275/30s and it's on air, air lift. Okay, I really like this car but that's probably because I have a soft spot for anything from Germany, BMW, Audi, et cetera. And it's cool that he's running 11 wides square. This is all wheel drive car so I'm sure he was like, I gotta be square. And his fitment is like perfect in the rear.
    - [Claire] Yeah, I really like it.
    At first glance it's really clean, black on black which I really do like. Does it say it has the mods down here? He's got a decent amount of stuff done to it too, which I can appreciate.
    - It's a diesel.
    - Oh (censored).
    - [Fuller] It's a diesel, but an S line.
    - Wow.
    - That's cool.
    - [Claire] That is really cool and I really like Rohanas so it's got that going for it, too.
    - [Fuller] So you look awesome, you get good fuel mileage.
    - [Corey] Yeah, so I like it a lot because if I saw this guy going down the road, I'd be like, that dude is a gangster, he's got his priorities straight.
    (laughing) Like 100% you could not look at this car and look away.
    - That's a head turner.
    - It's very sharp.
    - Yeah, definite head turner.
    - That's what I was going for.
    I love that' it's on air because air is way too cool for me to afford it so I always appreciate cars on air. Yeah, just rear fitment crispy, I love it.
    - Alright, so let's give it a number then.
    Three, two, one,
    - Nine.
    - Eight.
    - Oh tied up with Corey on the nine, you gave it an eight.
    - Yes.
    - I feel bad giving people nines because they're so close to being a 10.
    - Yeah.
    - But I just, I want to save that ten for a perfect car.
    - True.
    - Yeah.
    Three piece wheels on that thing, you woulda had me.
    - Woulda had it.
    - Oh.
    - Oh, maybe.
    - Okay.
    - [Corey] Alright, this is a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle, little known fact, I had one. Not quite this nice though. Limebug Gt35, the fronts are 17x8 plus five and the rear's 17x9 plus 20, staggered, that's cool. Some Federal 595 Evos, 195/40 and 215/45 and it's on lowering springs. The first that I like is just the patina paint job so I'm sure it's probably original paint that they just roughed up a little bit.
    - Mm-hmm.
    - But it looks awesome and, for being a Volkswagen Beetle, he's got his fitment dialed in because these things came with stock wheels like six inches inside the fenders.
    - Oh, wow.
    - [Fuller] He's got the Daily Driver mod, engine and trans fully built, makes it under 200 horsepower, just under at the flywheel and it eats Hondas three times a day.
    - Oh.
    - That's what it says, that's what it says.
    - Wow, just three?
    - [Fuller] Did require some metal trimming, so the headlight buckets were shaved to allow him to fit these wheels and tires so he knows what he's doing.
    - [Claire] Yeah, I like it a lot. It's different. I have a spot spot for these things I'm not really sure why at all, but I do. It's really cool, I mean Fuller pretty much said it all. It does look like he knows what he's doing and it looks great.
    - [Corey] So I like, how he didn't just cut the springs. Like you could do on a lot of these old cars.
    - [Fuller] Yeah.
    - [Corey] The wheels are banging, it looks like they're three piece. I think they're genuine three piece, too. Yeah, so overall I think it's just a really cool car. I like the teal, I like the patina. I like how it's a rust free car.
    - So we'll give it a number then, on the count of three.
    - Wait hang on, I need to think about this.
    - Yeah, I gotta think.
    - Okay, alright, alright.
    - I need to let this one sit in.
    - Three, two one, 9.9.
    - Nine.
    - 8.25.
    - What?
    - 8.25, 9.9.
    - Nine.
    - And nine.
    So we're all rating it pretty high.
    - 8.25?
    - Why 8.25?
    - Why a .25, why not just like 8.5?
    - I don't know, there's something, it's just a little, too, stockish looking? Like the wheels--
    - have you seen a stock '58?
    - [Corey] Well I have but like the wheels look stock-ish. Like they're giant hubcaps, basically.
    - That's true.
    - Yeah they're really cool three piece wheels, and like I like the OEM plus that he was going for. It looks like it just could have rolled off the line in like '58 but I don't know, I'm a bit over the top, I guess you could say.
    - So we have a 2010 BMW M3, this is the E--
    - 92.
    - E92 because it's a sedan.
    - Nope.
    - So this would be--
    - Oh, E90.
    I thought it was a coupe.
    - Yeah, see that's why you just jumped in there.
    - Ah!
    - So it's the E90.
    This was the last generation M3 which came with the V8, which is also why I love this car so much. Doss FF2 18x9.5 plus 25s all the way around and some tires I've never heard of, 275/35s sitting on Megan Racing lowering springs.
    - We sell those tires.
    - Yes, we do.
    - Fitmentindustries.com/wheels.
    - [Fuller] My thoughts on this car, I like this set up but it's not the same as what we typical see or review or what we've been looking at anyway. It's kind of more like a track based setup where he's got some meat on there and they're not like sticking out so far. He's got some photo that looks like could be Tale of the Dragon or just some other curvy road.
    - A squiggly road.
    - It's pretty sweet.
    - [Claire] Yeah, I l6ike it, I like these cars so obviously I'm gonna like it and I really do like the color. It's just a little, I don't know, I don't want to say boring. I would say a little plain for my taste, if you know what I mean? Make sense? But if he like uses it, like it looks like he does in this picture, then I can definitely appreciate that part of it but the car itself is a little plain for my taste.
    - [Fuller.] Yeah, it's definitely a driver's car.
    - Yeah.
    - I think he kind of went with that, in mind, when he bought the wheels and tires.
    - [Corey] Alright, so he went with the performance looks, killed it there.
    - Is that it?
    - That's done? That's all got to say?
    - That's all it?
    - Alright, let's just go right to the numbers then. So I count it down again, three, two, one.
    - Seven.
    - Six.
    - Four and a half.
    - Oh, wow.
    - Yeah.
    So we're all a little bit on the lower side and I think for me, it's because of kind of what you said. He went for the performance look but these aren't super, super sticky tires. And then it's got Megan Racing lowering springs and like, BMW stuck a ton of money into engineering the suspension and then you put Megan Racing lowering springs on it and I feel like, you probably didn't improve it.
    - The M3 comes stock with Michelin Super Sports.
    - Super Sports.
    - Yeah.
    And they're no longer there, so yeah, hi. But I really like that he was nailing some curves in the pictures.
    - Yeah!
    - So he clearly uses it.
    - Oh yeah, he's driving it.
    - That was a, yeah, I like that.
    - I'm just a little confused at the approach.
    - Oh boy.
    - Okay.
    - Come on, they're just being mean to us now.
    - Okay, yeah.
    - Who picked this?
    - This is 2006 Nissan Altima with, how do you say this? Mario had these.
    - Aodhan.
    - [Fuller] Aodhan Ds01, 18x8.5 plus 35 squared. Yokohama Avid Envigor 225/45, sitting on D2 Racing coilovers.
    - Alright so, I am just gonna jump right in. I love it, it looks exactly like my first car did.
    - Did you see this tailgate?
    - We can put in a picture of my first car right here. But this looks very similar. I had a BMW 528, and it had the same thing, it had the black stripe going down the center.
    - That's metallic, look at that