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Rotary Forged Buyers Guide

Fitment Industries Author | | August 14th, 2018 |

  • - Hey, what's going on, guys? Andrew here, from Fitment Industries. So we have a pretty cool topic to cover today. So we are gonna talk about flow formed wheels. Now, some of you guys may know what flow formed is, some of you guys may not, and then kind of what's the difference. There's a lot of different names out there, for the technology. There's spin forged, spin formed, flow formed, flow forged. What does it all mean? Why look into flow formed wheels? And we wanted to make a guide for you guys, to make it easier to be able to jump on the website, look at certain brands and styles, and then differentiate which ones are flow formed. So we're gonna jump into that a little bit, give you guys a scoop on flow formed, let's go check it out. Flow forming, it sounds cool, but what the heck is it? So, flow forming is a process where they take hydraulic rollers to a wheel that's being spun and heated. And then these hydraulic rollers apply pressure to the inside of the barrel, stretching the barrel to the appropriate width, making the wheel lighter and stronger. Pretty cool, huh?

    So here's a fun fact about flow formed wheels. Unlike conventional cast wheels, they come in about 25 to 30% lighter. So if you're a drag strip guy or a drift track racer, this is an awesome option to consider if you're shopping for new wheels. Now, flow forming also changes the molecular structure of the wheel, when they stretch it and heat it, so that makes the wheel a lot more lightweight, which is gonna have a much better braking and acceleration for you guys there looking for performance wheels. So, of course, all this technology sounds cool, flow forming sounds awesome, but what's the price point? You're probably thinking it's something really expensive, like a FORGE wheel. Flow form wheels are actually, in some cases, around the same price point as a cast wheel. So you're looking at about $800 a set, all the way up to maybe about $2,500. And of course, that varies with the size. So if you get a smaller wheel, of course it costs a little less. Once you jump in to the 20 or 22-inch applications that are flow formed, of course you're gonna pay a little bit more for that. So, not too shabby. So now that we've covered what flow forming is, what the price point looks like and what the technology is behind it, let's take a look at the wheels we have available on the FitmentIndustries.com website. We're gonna run you through specific brands and styles that you can purchase. Let's take a look. First on the list is Konig. So Konig offers seven different face styles to choose from in a lot of popular different colors, very sporty designs, blacks, silvers, bronze, golds. Here's a few styles to check out. The Ampliform, Dekagram, Ultraform, Rennform, Hypergram, Dial-In and the Konig Interform. Next on our list is Rohana. Rohana offers a lineup called the RF and the RFX series. Rohana offers a deep concave design with very sleek, modern designs. Really cool-looking styles on this one. If you're looking for bigger wheels than the 20-inch applications, 22s, things like that, Rohana is definitely something to look up. Rohana flow formed styles include the RF1, RF2, RFX5, RFX7, RFX10 and the new RFX11, which we have in the showroom and right behind me here. And next on the list is 3SDM. 3SDM is a European, UK-based company, it's typically targeting a lot of the BMW, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.

    Now, they only have one style to choose from that we have on the site, and that is the 0.50. It's a little bit larger wheel, comes in at a 20-inch diameter, and it only is available in one finish. So it's a satin black with a brushed face. Pretty cool-looking wheel, definitely check it out. Next on the flow form radar is RSR. RSR comes in with the Street Series wheels, which is their flow formed selection. There are three different styles to choose from. Now, RSR also offers a really sporty concave design, and they also offer a lot of bigger diameters if you're looking to run a staggered setup. Three wheels that are flow formed from RSR would include the R801, R802 and the R803. And next on our list is the Vossen VFS collection. So VFS is their hybrid forged wheel selection. There are six different styles to choose from that we do have on the site, and there are two brand-new styles that dropped, so we'll also pop those up for you guys to take a look at. Now, Vossen continues to push the envelope with really contemporary sporty designs, and their flow formed wheel lineup includes the VFS-1, VFS-2, VFS-4, VFS-5, VFS-6 and the VFS-10, and we will also drop the other two styles that were just recently released. Those should hit the website shortly, so stay tuned. VMR, VMR is also on our list with five different face styles to choose from. A lot of their finishes include silvers and graphite finishes, and a few different variations of those. Now, the following wheels are available from the VMR collection for flow formed. The V801, V803, V804, V810, and the popular V10FF for flow formed. The V10 was a very popular wheel, they decided to go ahead and do a flow formed version of that, definitely check that one out, it's probably one of their hottest styles. Also on the list is ESR. Now, ESR has two newer styles, the RF1 and RF2. Now, they Hyper Black titanium finish is, I think, something that makes these wheels extremely unique, it's a really killer color.

    And the other really cool thing about the ESR flow formed series is, believe it or not, the price point on these is extremely reasonable. So I would say they're a little bit on the lower or moderate end of a flow formed price point, to get an absolutely killer wheel. So, definitely check those out. Avant Garde wheels, these are also on our list and are available in six different face styles. Now, the Avant Garde uses a technology called ART, which is advanced rim technology. Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of different manufacturers have their own fancy name for flow formed, spin formed, spin forged, Avant Garde is using the ART technology. Once again, it's still a hydraulic roller pressing that barrel out to its appropriate width. Now the cool thing about the Avant Garde styles is they look good on just about any style, there's a lot of really cool mesh designs, and some of those styles include the M610, M615, M621, M632, M650 and the M652. Definitely check those out. Also making the flow form lineup is Motegi Racing. Of course you've heard of Motegui Racing, they've been around forever. My first set of wheels was a set of Moteguis. Now they've jumped into the flow form game, and where Motegui used to be super hot back in the day, they are almost more of a race-inspired company now, doing a lot of Formula 1 stuff, so you will see a lot of really cool sporty race-inspired designs amongst the Motegui lineup. So the following wheels are all flow form from Motegui, let's check 'em out. MR126, the MR131, the MR133, MR135 and the MR136, so cruise out there and check those bad boys out. And last but not least on our list is TSW. TSW, just like Motegui, has been around on the radar forever, they make a lot of killer wheels. And a lot of their wheels, if you don't know, are named after famous racetracks, which is pretty cool.

    Now, they also, just like Motegui, make a lot of smaller diameter, so you'll find a lot of the flow form wheels start at that 22 or 22-inch diameter, as where Motegui and TSW are gonna come in starting, typically, at 17 and 18-inch diameters, giving you guys a lot more options to choose from. So let's take a look at some of the TSW wheels. The TSW Bathurst, the Chrono, the Interlagos, the Mechanica, the Turbina, the Watkins, the Geneva and the Nurburgring. Once again, all the wheels that we listed off today are all available on our website at FitmentIndustries.com. Cruise out there, take a look at all the flow form wheels, drop us a comment, let us know what your favorite wheel is. Don't forget to subscribe, and we will catch you guys next time, peace.
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