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Should You Run Coilovers Or Air Suspension?

Fitment Industries Author | | August 28th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on.
    It's Alex from Fitment Industries and today we're gonna be talking to you about whether you should go static or air. Now, in case you haven't heard or maybe you're living under a rock, the difference between the two is getting pretty substantial. Nowadays, everybody is running some sort of Air Lift or AccuAir Suspension system, or D2 if you're out there and you've got the like 12 cars that Air Lift doesn't carry. And it's becoming more and more common for a lot of people to be running around on bags, and while not to really give a little bit of a shrug towards the coilover guys, but coilovers are still a very mainstream thing and a lot of people are still running coilovers. And of course, if you jump onto any forum that ever existed in the history of the world that has to talk about suspension, you're probably gonna see the argument that talks about how air is better or how coils are better. Most of it's usually the coil bit. But what is the difference, what are the pros and cons of both, and since we're here and we do wheels, tires, and suspension, and I'm Alex and I like to talk a lot, and usually pretty fast, we're gonna go through the pros and cons of both to see if you can make a decision on which one's better for you. So, jumping right into it, we're gonna talk about coilovers. Now coilovers are something that has been spawned for probably a good 50, 60 years and have been involved in the hot rod scene, drag racing scene, and everything in-between to pretty much be developed for one point and one point only: to customize your suspension system for aftermarket track use. Now, coilovers have grown from just a coilover shock system to something much more advanced. If you go out there, you can buy coilover systems that cost more than air suspension day and night. It's a very substantial difference.

    The biggest reason people run coilovers is, well, because of the customization that coilovers offer you while you're on the track. A lot of times, people don't understand that the coilover has much more of a purpose than to just lower your car. Now, if you're just looking to lower your car, coilovers are a fine and dandy product, but lowering springs are gonna do almost the same thing. Coilovers take it a step further with allowing you to customize a lot of different attributes of your suspension system. You're talking with dampening a compression, you're talking about rebound, you're talking about spring rate, you're talking about all that sort of stuff which can play a very heavy effect in how your car feels on the track. Now, I don't need to go into the fact that coilovers look good all the time because it's a static setup, but, you know, you've seen people. They look super cool while they're all aired out on the ground, and then they lift up to go ride down the street, and it looks absolutely ridiculous. It looks like a Tonka truck. If you're Jared and you're watching this video, I'm talkin' about your 12 1/2 wides on your G35. That thing just looks ridiculous. Get it lower. Coilovers on the other hand, allow you to dial in your spec perfect whether you're driving or if you're just at a show, and to a lot of people, I think a coilover setup looks really good. You can get $500 Tein coilovers, you can get $1,000 Silver's coilovers, you can get $1,400 coilovers, you can get everything in-between. There are so many different products out there that offer a whole bunch of different suspension components that have to do with coilovers that you really can get it for any budget that you would possibly need to. Now, if you're looking to get into coilovers and you want a bag on your guys that run bags...

    Didn't even plan that joke out. Here are a couple o' things that you might wanna consider for just air systems not being what you want. The first thing is gonna be maintenance. Now maintenance is probably the biggest one to take into consideration. A lot of times, airbag and air suspension systems, just simply take quite a long time to kinda get used to. A lot of time, people blow lines and sometimes your struts go bad. There's all sorts of things that you have to take into account with air suspension that ultimately result in you having to deal with it more often, and because there are more moving parts, air suspension systems have a tendency to break way more often. Coilovers, on the other hand, really generally do not. You're not gonna have any sort of issues with reliability or maintenance unless you, obviously, blow a strut. And let's not even get into the reliability 'cause I already said that, but the final thing is, obviously, the price point. We've talked about how there are super expensive coilovers out there, but there are also very affordable coilovers out there too. There are three different types of Tein coilovers you can get before you get into even the close price range of two struts, the front and rear set of struts for pretty much any car for Air Lifts. So just to put that into consideration if you're looking to get something over the other. Now, I know there's a lot of people out there that are gonna try and convince you to go air suspension because that's the cool way to do it, and while it is pretty cool, it doesn't have to be the end-all for your bill. There's a lot of people that still run coilovers and for the price point that you're at, you can end up getting coilovers, wheels, and tires for sometimes the same exact price as an air suspension system will cost you. And if we were the judge of it, it's gonna look like air suspension is going to get more affordable and easier to obtain for mostly any make and model, which is gonna result in a lot of competition for coilover systems. Recently, Air Lift just introduced a 3S system, which is a switch system, that is extremely affordable. I think it's around $699. That's gonna be the cheapest Air Lift management system you can possibly buy that will allow you to run air suspension in your car. Now, there are some static guys out there, static stance guys, Jasper, Rani, I'm lookin' at you, that pretty much only goes static, for good reason, and believe that anything that you can do with air suspension, you can do with coilovers. I hate to be that guy, but that's just not the case. Air Lift is just one of those, and air suspension in general, is a suspension component that allows you to do so many drastically different things with your car. Coilovers just can't do it. Whether you're lookin' to be slammed on the ground and then air up for comfortability, or if you are looking to use it at the track, it is possible. Though it's not gonna be as specific as coilovers are, air suspension systems will give you the look that is just the most popular look out there right now. And we get to talk about all the cool things that you get to do with air suspension like roll up to a car show and (makes a shh sound) all the way down, 'cause that's a super cool thing to do. You have Bluetooth apps that allow you to control your air suspension from a ways away, which is also pretty cool, and the fact that it's air suspension. You can do cool trunk setups.

    You can do all sorts of different sophisticated things that just are super cool to rock out and show your friends and, to be honest, coilovers don't have that look. They're just a function tool, and unless you're looking at 'em, you really don't know what the heck's going on underneath there. The days of having minor wheel gap are now a thing of the past, and now if you have any wheel gap at all, you're pretty much lame, and you'll only get 100 likes on your Instagram posts like I do. I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. If you're looking for Air Lift or air suspension or coilovers, check out fitmentindustries.com. We have Eibach, KW, ST, Tein, a whole bunch of other ones, and, of course, we have Air Lift too. Pick yourself up a set. Otherwise, just shoot us an email at shop@fitmentindustries.com. I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. Don't forget to subscribe if you made it this far, and we'll see you later. Peace.