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Soap Science

Fitment Industries Author | | October 15th, 2018 |

  • - You guys see what I deal with on a daily basis? You don't even know, you don't even know. Are you done? Oh-oh! He's gonna take you out.
    See? That's what you get. Good boy Diesel.
    - [Cory] Good luck Claire!
    - Thanks, Cory.
    Anyway. Alright, guys. Today we're gonna talk about automotive shampoo, soap, car wash, whatever you guys wanna call it, I know there's a million names out there for it, but, a lot of people know what it does, but they don't know how it does it, or the chemistry behind it, so that's what we're gonna talk about today. Alright, so automotive shampoo, or soap, whatever you want to call it, is made up mostly of something called surfactants, and what a surfactant is, is a two part molecule, and one side love water, and one side loves dirt, so when you put the soap on your car this two part molecule goes on a little mission and it goes and looks for dirt and then it finds it, and once it seeks out that dirt and grabs hold of it the water loving part suspends that dirt above the surface of your paint so then it can just be washed away which is pretty cool, but another cool thing is that there are bunch of different kinds of surfactants and we're gonna go over those for you guys. So prepare to hear a bunch of random words that you're probably not gonna remember in like two minutes but we're gonna toss them at ya anyway and see what happens. So, the first surfactant is called an anionic surfactant, and that is the most well known one, if that's a thing, and it's the first one that came widely commercially available, and it's good at just general cleaning, and it's also good at foaming up so that's why you see your soap, you know, get foamy when you use it or spray some water into the bucket. The next surfactant that you're gonna sometimes see in soap is actually called a cationic surfactant.

    Yeah. So that one actually can leave different films on your paint, which is actually pretty cool, and a common one is an anti-static film. And you might not really notice those, or feel those, but they are on your car and what the anti-static film does is keeps-- I don't know if it would necessarily keep dirt away, but it makes it less likely to sit and cling to your paint, because there's not that static charge for stuff to come and cling to, you know what I'm sayin'? So our next surfactant is a non ionic surfactant and these are kind of the heavy lifters of the surfactant world. And when you get like tar and greasy properties, like anything on your paint when you're washing it, and you have a little speck that's like this big and then it somehow turns into a big smudge and then you're really irritated and you just try to wash it off more and it just doesn't wanna come off, you're probably gonna want more of these surfactants in your soap because they are the ones that do the most work. They're the ones that get rid of that dirt, that grime, and make your day better. And, also, you know those really, really, really annoying hard water spots that you get? They're also tolerant of that so if you're soap has a lot of non ionic surfactants in it, you're really not gonna have to worry about that as much, as far as the soap goes. But! Do not forget to dry your car off right away after you rinse it off because that soap's not gonna help with those water spots. Alright you guys we're gonna talk about our last surfactant here, hopefully you haven't fallen asleep quite yet from all this chemistry fancy science talk, but anyway, it's called the amphoteric surfactant, and this surfactant doesn't really know what it wants to be all the time. It can either be a, ah, crap, I forgot which surfactants it can be, okay.

    So this can either be an anionic or a cationic surfactant so it either boost the foaming power of the soap or it can boost the cleaning power of the soap, so it's kinda cool, so it's just is formulated to go one way or the other it's just kinda the little guy behind these main surfactants just kinda pushing them along, helping them do their job better. Alright you guys, so we're gonna do a plug here, I know, I know, you saw this coming, but we do have two soaps available on our site, www.fitmentindustries.com and there's a dog over there, so I'm a little distracted but I'm gonna keep going for you guys! So the first soap that we have is our Premier Vehicle Wash. And this is a great soap, it has great cleaning properties, it also is very safe for your paint, so if you have wax on your car, or anything like that, that you don't want to come off, it's not gonna take it off, because there are some harsh soaps out there that will take that off, including dish soap, don't, don't use dish soap on your car, just don't. And also there's also some wax properties in here so that's pretty cool, it will kinda help upkeep your wax layer, if you have it on your car. Did you (bleep) hear that goose?

    Holy (bleep)! They hiss! And they get weird little black (gags), okay, I have like a, ugh, I don't even wanna talk about it, I had a really bad time in a marsh once I got attacked by a goose 'cause I wanted to pet it. Alright, for all you guys that like using foam cannons and maybe like those Instagram seen points, this one's probably for you. This is our soap, but it's just made and formulated for foam cannons, so it does the thing. It foams up a lot and it is safe for paint, again just like our other one, and it does have wax properties in it too, so it is still gonna help upkeep your layer of wax. Alright you guys, so that's all we have for today, don't forget to check out our site at www.fitmentindustries.com for all your wheel, tire, suspension needs, along with some cool (bleep) like car care and apparel, yeah that's pretty cool, and don't forget to add your car to the gallery and hit that subscribe button, but we will see you next time. Peace.