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Super Rare Work Wheel Review

Fitment Industries Author | | May 3rd, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys! It's Alex from Fitment Industries and I know that title's a little bit click baiting. But we wanted to show you something a little bit different, a little bit interesting. We're doing a wheel review on a Work Ewing RS-Z. If you guys have seen these wheels before, more than likely, you're pretty knowledgeable in the wheel game, but if you haven't, this is probably a different looking wheel than what you're used to. Obviously, not new. Obviously, not restored. I actually picked these up awhile back and I wanted to show you guys what an RS-Z looked like in a five-bolt pattern. So this is a 17 by eight, plus 30, work RS-Z and this was a wheel, mono block wheel, that Work came out with out of Osaka, Japan that they don't make anymore, but it's still a pretty popular wheel. Most Work Ewings are a four-bolt pattern, so you're gonna see a lot of them online on Honda forums and Acura forums, things like that. You're gonna find 'em for sale in the four-bolt, at least domestically, pretty commonly for around 11 to 1300 dollars. However, this one specifically is a five by 114.3.

    It's paired up with a pair of Bridgestone Blizzaks 225, 50-17. I've got a little bit of bubble going on here, so definitely not a stretched look or anything like that, Planning on restoring these, but it's actually a very simple designed wheel. It is a five spoke, single lug wheel with the original center cap on there that looks to be about, very, very old. But, it does have the five by 114.3 bolt pattern. It's not a double drilled wheel and they are extremely, extremely rare, especially in the five-bolt pattern. Almost every single thing that you're gonna find domestically is a four-bolt. You can find some five-bolts available over seas, but by the time they get them shipped to your door, you're paying around $2200. Something that's really neat about this wheel specifically, is that the spokes are extremely flat.

    But, where you're gonna actually insert the lugs, or when you're gonna put in any sort of center caps or anything like that, it sits in by about two inches. So, Work doesn't have, or it had the capacity to have a concave wheel, but at the time that just wasn't the look that they were going for. So, you're gonna see this huge dip in, in the center piece, which is just a pretty interesting thing. These are extremely popular, again, on JDM, Acura and Hondas and things like that, anything that runs a four-lug pattern, but not so much common on anything that's five lugs. So, definitely cool. Something we wanted to share with you guys. If you have questions on this specific Work wheel, or you like to argue with us on how these aren't rare, feel free to drop a comment. We'll definitely respond to you, but this is a Work Ewing RS-Z, 17 by eight, paired with a 225-50, very cool. We'll try to restore this for you guys. We'll keep it in our shop here and we'll let you know the status of these as we get them all cleaned up. I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. We'll see you later. Peace.