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The Most Overran Wheels Out There

Fitment Industries Author | | October 4th, 2018 |

  • Shout out to forgestar for giving us something that we really shouldn't have in a group of testosterone filled men that are like 18 years old. When we talk about wheels, we talk about wheels that are super popular. We talk about wheels that are not so popular. We talk about the ones that you guys hate, and sometimes ones that you love, and somewhere in between you get this weird combination of wheels that are extremely popular for good reason, but never the less they ultimately become over ran on pretty much every year make and model that exists in the community. So, today we decided to dive into the top five most over ran wheels in the market today. So, before we get started, don't forget to subscribe and check out the links below or just hang out at fitmentindustreies.com in case your looking at wheels, tires, suspension and all of that good stuff. Let's jump right into it. So, number one would be the BBSRS. Now I found it in 1983. The BBSRS had been a wheel that was iconic in it's own right. It was a wheel that was extremely popular and over time BBS realized that and started to produce variants of the RS that ultimately came into different bolt patterns that was just not meant for the BMW anymore. Which allowed people to run the BBSRS style wheel, on pretty much anything. Eventually the RC090 came out and was eventually a lot cheaper than a lot of variants of the BBSRS wheel, and everybody began to swoop them up. And now the BBSRS is pretty much everywhere. You go to any car show, there's a million of them, and, they're just a super popular wheel, and when we talk about BBS, guys, they sometimes get mad, but I do believe, in my own opinion, that there are other wheels that you can run on your mark 2 and mark 3 besides, an RS. But that's just me, don't shoot the messenger. The number two most over used wheel probably, and in it's own right, would be the Volk TE37. We've talked about it a million times. The TE37 is the iconic pull back, six spoke wheel. And it is on everything known to man.

    If you were 24 years old and you own a Nissan GTR for some weird reason, you have Volk TE37s on your car, because that's what Instagram told you to run. If your going out on the auto cross and you spend one season doing it and now you feel like you know everything about auto cross, and you refuse to go to anymore car shows anymore, cause you're way better than that, you likely have volk TE37s on your Mazda Miata, or S2000. If you are one of the people that ended up going to an HPE event for the first time. And ran your car and you saw another person talking about how great their TE37s were around turn 36, and how you have to buy the 3500 dollar set of wheels, and you ultimately did on your 3000 dollar car. You probably have TE37s, because that's just the way to do it. Volk TE37s are a wheel that, I mean, it's a good wheel. But at the end of the day, there are so many people that run the TE37s. Like every variance of the TE37, the SL, the V, everything in between. The rare ones, the not rare ones. For anyone, your paying like three grand plus for the six spoke wheel. And for 80% of the people who have the wheel, they don't even use it for it's intended function. They just use it to say that they have the TE's on there, and that's pretty much it. I mean, it's a great wheel, I love Volks. They're probably one of my favorite brands. I've talked about them all the time, but the TE37 is an extremely over ran wheel. Number three is the Work Emotion CR Kawami. Now, that double five spoke is a wheel that you have seen every show ever. However, you probably haven't actually seen the Work Emotion CR Kawami, you've probably seen a variant of it. Because that's just the wheel. Every wheel brand has this style. Work was probably the first one to have it, and everybody loves this design. The pull back double five spoke is probably what led the whole double five spoke movement in the current domestic wheel game. But, it is none the less, like such a wheel design that has been used by everybody. Now, a lot of people never really look outside of the scope of looking at something that looks like the kawami.

    I mean, its affordable, it's a work wheel, which is great, and they have great function, and great form, but everybody, they're like, what work wheel can I get that isn't actually hard to get, and doesn't cost an actual fortune like the rest of work wheels. And kawami's the answer. Now Work kawami is a great wheel, remember, I can already see, I can feel the hatred in the comments. You can't talk shit about kawamis, they're great wheels! We know that. All of these wheels are great wheels. We're just saying, that you know, you could get your typical steak quesarito at Taco Bell because that's what you've had thirty times over, or you could branch out and you could try something different. You could try like a dorito loco taco, you know, you could try the spicy kind, maybe try the fire sauce. You could mix it up a little bit. We're just letting you know that in terms of, like, the Taco Bell of wheels, and like getting something different, there's lots of stuff out there. On the topic of work, we're just going to talk about the work meister. It's the work meister, what do you want me to tell you? And in number five, the most over used wheel out there right now in the market, as a whole, which is something even I'm guilty of, as a husband, with a wife that owns a Mazda Miata, as somebody who has continuously promoted the wheel, even I understand that the wheel is, by definition, probably a little over saturated in the market. But, is never the less, disclaimer, a pretty good wheel. The Enkei RPF1. The Enkei RPF1 is a double six spoke wheel. It's extremely light weight. It's a cast wheel, which means it's actually pretty affordable, and it's an Enkei wheel, and Enkei is just like, the wheel.

    Now the RPF1 has been made for over twenty years. It was a wheel that was designed for formula one racing and they brought it over into the commercial normal market, and everybody ate it up, like hot cakes. Everybody that has an Enkei RPF1 probably either has a Mazda Miata, a Evoltaneo, or an S2000, or like, any, like cute car. Probably anything that has a soft top variant, probably, I would say has RPF1s on it. Now, even I have RPF1s, so are you guys angry in the comments right now? Are you drudging up a storm, you're like, this dude just talked so much crap about the wheels on my car, just just... We actually, we can get you all these wheels. So, if your interested in the Volks, in the Works, or in the Enkei RPF1s, check out fitmentindustries.com We actually have all of those wheels If you want a quote you can feel free to do so If you want to pick up a set of multi piece wheels. Otherwise, I'm Alex, from fitment industries, if your looking for Enkei's, we have those too. How bout that, look at that, we are just a neutral piece of educational material and we just want to tell you that there's, like, there's other wheels out there that you can check out too that might look good on your car. There's a gallery out there that we have that you can just check it out. Anyways, I'm Alex from Fitment industries, bankers going to run me over with a truck if I keep talking and we will see you later. Peace.