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The Truth About Cosmis Racing Wheels

Fitment Industries Author | | April 19th, 2018 |

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    - Hey guys what's going on.
    It's Alex from Fitment Industries and today we're gonna talk to you about another episode of wheel history. Now usually, there's some sort of creative or quick-whipped intro to a video like this. But we just got 18 inches of snow so there's really nothing for us to do in Wisconsin besides make videos for you guys. And on top of that, Mario just had his wisdom teeth ripped out so he's just eating Spongebob Ice Cream pop things. I'm not entirely sure what it is. It doesn't even look that good. But today, we're gonna talk to you about the truth of Cosmis racing wheels.

    - So back in the day, and when I say back in the day, I mean 10 years ago. If you wanted to have aftermarket wheels for your sport compact car, you had about three options. You had Enkei, Rota, and Enkei. So what happened when you finally introduced a fourth company. Well that company is essentially what Cosmis Racing Wheels is. Cosmis Racing was founded in 2011 and didn't come into the United States until 2013. Cosmis specializes in cast aluminum one-piece sport compact wheels. And honestly Cosmis Racing has taken over the aftermarket wheel game by storm. You have to remember that a lot of these brands that we talk about are either four to five decades old or 10 years old. And Cosmis Racing is in that 10 year old category. They're competing against companies like Enkei. They're competing with companies like even Wedssport some would say. And other sport compact style wheels. Then the things like 15x52 have as well. But the difference is, is Cosmis Racing is providing a bunch of different styling and aggressive offset that a lot of newer companies just aren't providing. So when Cosmis Racing officially entered the United States of America, They had one goal. To make bada** wheels that wouldn't break the bank. That's honestly what they were trying to do. And I would say that they've done it pretty well so far.

    Now if you go to Cosmis Racing online, you're gonna see there's Cosmis Racing International and they are very much two different things. Cosmis Racing is able to select the wheels that they want to bring into the states. Whereas Cosmis Racing International just brings as many wheels as possible to be made and sold everywhere around the world. So the reason that Cosmis Racing has grown so much in the past few years is because these wheel designs are essentially getting hand-picked by the team that's importing them instead of just bringing in every single wheel design that Cosmis Racing makes. Good ol' Cosmis is owned by a parent company called Ppsuperwheels.
    - You can't laugh! I'm recording myself!
    - (Alex) And uh..
    - I brought snacks.
    - I came back because I heard snacks.
    - I really just wanted to be in the video.
    - (Alex) So Ppsuperwheels was founded in 2004 in Thailand and their goal was very simple. To make chrome and polished and colored wheels in staggered fitments. I wish I can make it sound fancier than what it was but that is ultimately what their goal was. Their mission statement, all that stuff isn't too exciting to read. Now what ended up happening is after about seven years, PPsuperwheels decided to found their own sport compact design wheel called Cosmis Racing. Cosmis Racing was then produced. They have thousands of, not really thousands, but they have a ton of different designs. Cosmis Racing actually has way too many designs that we'd be able to talk about or even distinguish. But most of them, if not all, are the low pressure cast or rotary forged, flow forged tach wheels. So Ppsuperwheels decided to debut the Cosmis Racing line at their booth at SEMA in Las Vegas in 2012. And it was overall a very good success. A lot of people were very interested in understanding what they were trying to do with the Cosmis Racing brand. And it got picked up extremely quick. Shortly thereafter, the United States division was made for Cosmis Racing and that's where we get you know, Cosmis. So when Cosmis comes up in discussion, there's usually a few questions that surround it. Who are they? Are they Reps? And are they any good? Now the company itself is relatively new in the United States and they still got a lot of room to grow in certain aspects of their business but we'll get into that later. Cosmis Racing specializes in the reason that they're so good at what they do because of their aggressive sizing. So when it comes to low pressure cast wheels, a lot of times you get your standard finished offsets. You get your 35's, you get your 42's, you get your 45's. 8 1/2's and 9 1/2's is pretty much where a lot of those one piece cast wheels draw the line. That's where Cosmis truly shines. These guys have extremely aggressive offsets and finishes for their one piece cast wheels. We're talking 18x11 at a plus 10 or even a plus five offset in a one piece wheel. And even though that these wheels are made in Taiwan, a lot of their finishes are better than a lot of other wheel brands that we've seen. On top of that, they specialize a lot in sort of their detailed styling for their wheels. Probably my personal favorite is the 005R and the XT206R. And if you look at some of the finishes with the red and the milling and the polished barrel with the black inside barrel.

    It's just crazy cool the amount of effort that they put into these wheels. And that's what makes Cosmis so special is the fact that these guys are really diving into what they can do with a one piece low pressure cast wheel without necessarily breaking the bank. Now because of their aggressive offsets and sizing, you aren't gonna get a lot of your standard sizing for necessarily like a Subaru or an Evo or anything like that. These guys specialize in the more aggressive offsets which means you're gonna have to worry on the things they're going to hit. And that's where Cosmis is kinda needing to work on a couple of their things. Cosmis Racing has really only aggressive styling right now. And they only have very common bolt patterns. They do have to get more into the four bolt application and on top of that they gotta get some more normal offset sizing for people that just wanna run their wheels without having to worry about doing over fenders, wide body, or riveted whatever the hell people are doing these days. Whatever that is. But they need to get into that if they plan on continuing to grow. And besides companies like American Racing and Fuse, you can't really get the sizing options that Cosmis provides. They really have hit a market that specializes in what they want to do. It's a niche market between the s2000's, the Miata's, the sport compacts, the sport style cars that a lot of people are truly starting to love these wheels. Because finally people have an answer to buying wheels that aren't Enkei or Roda. Cosmis Racing is really where any company for a wheel company would want to be. They have the market, they have a lot of attention on their brand. But now it comes down to is if they can actually capitalize on this and do it right. We've seen a lot of brands that have come out that have started to grow extremely fast and then they make a huge fundamental mistake and I would hate to see Cosmis Racing do that. The cool thing is, is that Cosmis has PPsuperwheels behind it because it allows them to look at designs and get new fresh faces almost every single month if they really want to. Cosmis Racing is in a very unique situation because they can do that and they can pick and choose the designs that come in. Especially the colors.

    Now with the colors, and the offsets, and the size you might be wondering so what is Cosmis Racing doing to elevate or evolve the game as a pretty good question. There are companies that are out there that their goal is to change the game in any way, shape, or form. And then you have other brands that are going out there to say this is the game. How can we make it the best possible version of what we want as possible. And that's what Cosmis is doing. They're not really trying to elevate or change a lot of stuff more than they are just trying to provide something that isn't in the market right now. Which is a competitive low pressure cast wheel. Now you have to remember on something like this, especially with these wheels to get something with a deep lip, to get something with concavity, to get something with three different color design profiles on their wheels. It just doesn't exist right now. And there really is no competition for it besides your standard competition which we talked about in the past. So, while Cosmis doesn't have a lot of history, they really don't need a lot of history because the market that they're hitting is relatively new. So, are Cosmis any good? Well the short answer would be yes. They have a ton of different designs, most of which are original. Some of which, if you look internationally are not original. But for the most part, they do very well. They're JWL and VIA tested so they are getting a good wheel that's manufactured, and safety and all of that stuff. Now we do not have any sort of rigidity or actual bending testing that we found. But there are other tests out there that do that. On top of that, when we reached out to Cosmis, they told us that they only do business with two factories in Taiwan because those are the only two that actually meet their testing regulations for making these wheels.

    Cosmis Racing USA has six employees. That's it. Six employees. Which you can probably find most of them on Facebook if you try hard enough. But they're mostly good guys. The six employees actually do all the marketing, import and all that sort of good stuff to make sure that people are getting their wheels. Now when you think about is six people, it is not a lot of people to be running a huge wheel brand. So we should be seeing more staff and more customer service come on through the team. Probably sooner rather than later. So