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The Truth About Eibach Suspension

Fitment Industries Author | | May 10th, 2018 |

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    - How are we looking, good? Mic check. Looking tan as (beep). Look at that, mm. Uh, look at that.
    - [Man] Very swole.
    - I lift up a Little Caesars box like nobody's business.
    (beep) When you get this, oh, we're off to a great start. When you get suspension, the world is very clear, you either get Air Lift, or you get the (beep) out. But that doesn't always have to be the case. I mean back in the day, who would've given AMG the needed springs to be AMG? Who would've given Bugatti the springs that they needed when the thought was first entering that mad German's mind? We just don't know. But there have been suspension companies out there before Air and before what we know and love today that have been making crucial suspension components since the dawn of time. Mario hates when I use that term, but today we're gonna talk about the one company that's been there for quite a long time, Eibach. And before we start, we're just trying to get to 50,000 subscribers, so if you're watching this and you haven't subscribed yet hit the subscribe button, and then there's a little bell button, hit that one too, thank you. That's all I got.
    Wait, hold on.
    Oh, there we go. Founded in 1951 by Heinrich Eibach which is an angry version of saying Heinrich Eibach, but because it's German, you have to say everything angry.

    Which means transition in German, by the way. So in case, you can use that as a transition.

    Heinrich was born in 1903 in Werdohl, Germany, which is a location that I'm not entirely sure of, and he was a spring maker. In fact, he spent his entire life making springs in factories throughout Germany. It wasn't until the early 1940s when he realized that he wanted to make springs for himself. Pretty simple, self-made entrepreneur. Just going to make springs for industrial application, and Heinrich Eibach was like, "Yeah, let's do it." Or in German they say, "Lass do it."
    - Very nice words, but happens to be wrong.
    - I suck at accents.
    (beep) So he rented out a location shop in Rönkhausen train station and it was a little small shop. And Heinrich Eibach began making springs. In fact his life was relatively short. But what he did have, is he set the foundation for what Eibach is known for today. Heinrich Eibach was a crucial foundation member because he's the one that raised his son, Wilfried, to create the enterprise that we all know and mostly love. Wilfried then took Eibach's springs from something that was somewhat of a small mom and pop shop, and just made it like (boom) like (boom) big. He made it really big. And you have to remember that back in the late 60s the aftermarket car community actually began to prosper. In fact, especially in Germany the 1970s was one of the biggest bursts of the aftermarket car community. It became apparent that nobody just wanted a base model 300SE but they wanted something a little bit faster and a little bit bigger. And maybe you've heard of the brand that we're about to mention next, but the whole reason Eibach really started to get involved in the aftermarket car scene was because of two brothers who founded the company AMG. You see, until around 1970 Eibach just made springs for any sort of industrial purpose and it was homegrown. They weren't planning on blowing up in terms of any sort of aftermarket suspension company. But AMG needed a company that could make springs in low quantities, but they didn't really have to sign some sort of huge expansive contract with a huge manufacturing warehouse and Eibach was like, "Hey, we'll do it. Dankeschön." Is that German? I hope it's German.

    Eibach partnered with AMG and began making springs for automotive application and continued to gain partnerships all throughout Europe. They continued to grow into automotive professional racing scene, and they really capitalized on any market they possibly could. Eibach was really hitting a market that other manufacturers weren't at the time. And it was niche opportunities like racing championships that people needed specifically made springs to help give their cars the cutting edge. And Eibach did it at affordable and competitive price point. Eibach continued to grow in that niche market until they inevitably started making commercial wholesale products for just people like you and me to make cars for their Honda Civic or Accord. But Eibach still continues to make those niche products because that's what makes Eibach, Eibach. And it's worked out for them extremely well. Eibach is in fact probably the largest NASCAR provider for springs, especially back in the early 2000s almost every single NASCAR had NASCAR, mm. Almost every single one had Eibach springs at the time and if that's not enough for you Formula 1 also hosts probably a large variety of their springs are from Eibach which is pretty interesting considering that most people associate Eibach with entry level springs, they don't associate them with something like Formula 1 springs or even NASCAR. But the record doesn't just stop there. Eibach has had a continuous relationship with a lot of different automotive events, things like DTM, Autocross, World Rally Championship, Formula 1, they've made specially made springs for companies like Bugatti, Ferrari. They made specially made springs for Lotus. Everything that you could possibly imagine if you needed to make, Eibach was there to make it for you and they didn't really take a whole lot of time or a ton of money to get it done. And that's why Eibach is considered probably one of the largest companies in terms of aftermarket suspension in the world. And as of now, Eibach has three different factories.

    One right here in the USA, one in China, and the third and final one in Germany. And depending on what sort of products you buy, you're gonna get products from either one of those factories. Eibach has over 80 different distribution centers all throughout the world, they produce a lot more than just springs, things like lowering links, end links, polyurethane bushings, coil over kits, spacers, and everything in between that they can possibly get their hands on that they can make from metal. Eibach is a second generation family company on top of the fact that they already have the third generation set and ready to take off whenever Wilfried chooses to retire. His son has shown avid interest and has a lot of experience in doing that. Eibach is a cool company because they do so many cool things that makes them just a little bit different. Eibach uses a very technical process for making their springs and it starts off with just the metal that they use. They use high tensile spring steel, which is pretty fancy, to start making off their springs and then from there they'll actually heat treat it and cool treat it after they've cut it and flattened it, making sure that you didn't lose any sort of rotational mass within the spring itself. When I first got my 1976 Datsun 280Z that was sitting in a barn for forever, they had Eibach springs on it and for some reason, when they were wiped down they looked brand now and I could never figure out why. Well, it turns out they actually tried to do that on purpose and here's why. They use a process that allows it to go through and they shoot a bunch of these little tiny balls at it, very similar to like a forging hammer which I guess you'd want to use if you're a fancy guy but it's just essentially rotary forging without rotary. If that's not enough they use an electromagnetic paint sealant which helps keep the actual coil from rusting, which is pretty cool. And they got their ISO 9001 2008, 1624.

    That number's made up. I just made it up, but. Eibach is pretty much everywhere you could possibly imagine. If you're looking at a base model Honda Civic on lowering springs, it's probably Eibach. If you're looking at a NASCAR, it's probably Eibach. If you're looking at Formula 1 car, it's probably Eibach. They know what they're doing, they've done it very well for a very long time and they stay true to who they are. They're a family business, their mentality in the warehouses, in the company processes that they use are very cool. They're considered one of the best companies to work for in Germany in that specific sort of automotive enthusiast enterprise. They're considered one of the best brands to have in terms of the overall market and they've won best of show at SEMA, they've won best brand, they've won pretty much everything you could possibly imagine. They continue to do a good job. Eibach is by far probably one of the coolest brands to learn about just because of them being a family owned business that's done so well since the beginning. And so that is everything that we have to know for you. That's everything, that's the truth about Eibach suspension. We hope you guys enjoyed. Let us know what you would like to cover next in the comment section below. Mario reads through every single one as always. And of course, if you made it this far and you haven't subscribed yet, just please, just click the goddamned button, it would help us out a lot. On top of that, check out fitmentindustries.com, we have over 30 thousand wheels, tires, and suspension components, if you're looking to pick up some Eibach we got those too, but no we're not sponsored by them, we promise. We just like making cool videos for you guys. So let us know what you'd like to see next, but I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. We will see you later. Peace.