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The Truth About Rays | Volk Racing Wheels

Fitment Industries Author | | November 16th, 2017 |

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    - Toby.
    - What's goin' on guys? On today's episode of Wheel History, we're talking about none other than the infamous Rays Engineering.
    - What?
    - Rays is like the Yoda of the aftermarket wheel game Old as fuck, barely speaks English,
    - Bueno?
    - I don't know who you are.
    - It's Juan.
    - I will find you.
    - It's not Juan.
    - But when it comes down to game day, they're an absolute badass.
    They say that copying is the greatest form of flattery, which, if that's the case, then Rays Engineering has been blushing for like the past 15 to 20 years, because every single design that they've come out with seems to be copied in one way, shape or form. Most notably, the Volk TE37. Rays Engineering is the company that you really start to appreciate once you've kinda grown out of that awkward, multi-color fake wheel phase when you're 16 and you only have 300 dollars to your name, and you also have a ton of money. Volk Racing is a subsidiary of Rays Engineering. Here are another couple of brands that you think you might know that Rays Engineering also produces. So, buckle up, sit down, take out your notepad, and bring a pencil, because today we're gonna be talking about everything there is to know about Rays Engineering without you falling asleep. In about six minutes or less. Starting in 1973, Rays Engineering was actually founded in Japan.

    They're known for being one of the leading wheel companies to introduce forging to the consumer market. This is something that they actually take an immense amount of pride on, and something that they keep exclusively for their wheels only. So we're gonna talk about the seven steps they use to actually forge their own wheels. It starts with hot forging where they take a billet and create the lines in the metal with a hot press. After, Rays uses their exclusive RM forging to create a design piece of the wheel. Now mind you, their spin open-die forging machine is the most powerful machine in Japan, and one of the largest in the world. It applies upwards towards 10 thousand tons of force to the material, while spinning, to create the shape, density and grain flow of the wheel. After that, they treat the wheel by rapidly introducing it heat and cold to form the high structural integrity of the wheel. After they do that, they take the wheel, machine it, shop blast it and surface finish it. But hey, if you don't wanna spend 27 hundred dollars on 17 by nines, Rays also features another brand, called Gram Lights, which may be a little bit more your taste. It's definitely mine. Gram Lights is a cast wheel that Rays Engineering also uses. In regards to a price point you're actually looking at about 15 to 17 hundred. Little better, but not the best. Gram Lights are a cast wheel that are used as a one piece that all terrains to do something similar to a rotary forged line, and the fiber lining that Rays Engineers introduces into their Volk racing line. But what it allows them to do is, it's a little bit of a cheaper price point, but they don't let that sacrifice integrity. In fact, Gram Lights are pretty much Enkei RPF1's on steroids.

    Rays is JWL and Spec-1 compliant. Does that matter? Yes. Is that kind of cheapening it out? A little bit, because a lot of people can do that, but actually Rays has taken it a step further and enforced their own compliancy and industry regulations within their own manufacturing warehouse. Rays Engineering is only produced in Japan. They're only created in Japan, their R and D is in Japan, everything is actually housed in Japan. What that allows them to do is create this tight-knit group of people that are unable to really copy, or even replicate the same sort of quality in demand that Rays Engineering provides. No, this is not a sponsored post. 'Cuz I already see somebody commenting on there

    It's not a sponsored post, okay. Rays Engineering, it's a ton of money to get their wheels, but the quality that they have is pretty much bar none when it comes to competitive, one piece or even two piece welded wheels. Rays Engineering does a JWL strength test, a dynamic radial fatigue test with over 800 thousand revolutions, rotary bending fatigue tests of a hundred and fifty thousand revolutions, a 13 degree impact test, and it's dropped from over two hundred and 55 millimeters. Wait, how much is that in American?
    - Duh.
    - That's 9.8 inches.
    Still, pretty far.

    So, in short, they check the shit outta their wheels. The reason that they cost so much, is because of their overall research and development that they put into their wheels. These guys spend loads of money, both between their championship racing, and their street and commercial use. This is the part of the video where I usually say something negative, or I try to talk and get somebody to fight me in the description below, but Rays Engineering is a profoundly good wheel. Brand. But Rays, Volk, all of it, an amazing brand with some excellent heritage. So if you're interested in picking up any sort of Rays Engineering wheel, whether that's Volk, or Gram Lights, or anything like that, let us know in the comments, we can actually get you set up with something like that. We are not sponsored. Actually, this video is sponsored.

    By ourselves. Fitment, Inc. Ya wanna know why? 'Cuz we just got some new zip-up hoodies and they're pretty fuckin' dope. So, be sure to pick one up. They're pretty cool, until my wife takes them from me. But besides that, they're pretty great. But seriously Rebecca, you need to give me back my zip-up hoodie, because I've already given you like three or four sweatshirts from us, and you still keep takin' more shit, and I can't handle it anymore, every single time I come home, it looks like there's glitter all over the fuckin' place, the sweatshirts smell like this perfumed, cotton ball, permanganate unicorn, and I just can't even handle it!

    So if you guys haven't yet checked out the gallery, add your car, I wanna hear your comments below, let us know if we're right or wrong, let us know if you hate us or love us. We'd love to get your feedback if you haven't yet, add your car to our gallery, it's the fastest growing online gallery. Over four thousand vehicles with shared specs, so you can see what people are runnin'. I'm Alex, you watched another episode of Wheel History. Share, like, comment. Or I swear to god, I'll beat the livin' shit outta you.