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The Truth About Tein Suspension

Fitment Industries Author | | June 21st, 2018 |

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    - Teeny, tiny, tine, tween, apparently it's Tein according to like the 2000 YouTube video with the Backstreet Boys lookalike that I found on YouTube.
    - Hey, what's happening everybody? This is Mark Fernandez coming back at ya once again with some really cool car stuff.
    - Well here at Tein, we are the distributor for the Tein High Performance Suspension Systems.
    - Today we're going to talk about the brand that you guys really wanted us to talk about which is none other than Tein Suspension. And if you're wondering if that's how it's spelled and said, I guess so. I don't know what to tell ya, it's spelled differently then how it's pronounced, but this is America where English just seems to translate all sorts of different languages into words that just don't make sense anymore.
    - Speak English?
    - Yes.
    - U.S. citizens?
    - Yes.
    - Your names?
    - Yes.
    - So we decided to put on the ol' gloves, shift through some old ancient forms and decide where did Tein come from and what exactly is they do. Now, it's all ready in the afternoon, I've all ready had my coffee. I'm ready to roll pretty much. You're gonna see more hand feeling than usual but I hope you guys are ready and before we jump in, just be sure to subscribe. So let's just get right into it. So Tein was actually founded in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama in 1985 and began their business by making OEM shock absorbers. Well, they established their product line, it actually didn't take long for Tein to realize it had a lot of money flowing into it for OEM application. You see back in the day, especially for Tein, there was OEM applications and it did seem to make a little bit of money. But, where they really started to thrive was with the aftermarket applications because in the 80's there's a lot of up-and-coming aftermarket automotive things happening in Japan and in the United States. And so Tein essentially capitalized on that because they just, you know, wanted to make money which is pretty much what anybody wants to do. So Tein stands for and is an abbreviation of Technical Innovation.

    You can use that as a quiz question on the next car cruise that you're at. But, by 1990 Tein was really specializing in other people's application processes and by 1990 they decided that they were going to make their own products with their own labeling behind it. Really, it started off with just one product, the Type-H Damper. Now what it was was essentially a coilover, it was slightly adjustable component that we would probably now call a coilover but coilover's now have a lot of different meanings and terms and it gets a little bit confusing. And from there Tein just really never slowed down. A year after I was born they made a new headquarters in Tuz, Tsuz, hmm, Tsuzuki, Tsuzuki, Yokohama.

    Tein's goal was to infiltrate the aftermarket community with products that were way under price of the normal products and to essentially give people another option when it came to aftermarket suspension. And, it was really weird how they got into the actual community because the community was saturated with consumer products at the time, especially suspension stuff and lowering springs and all that sort of stuff. But, it really wasn't that saturated yet. Tein decided to get involved pretty much at the perfect time because they could make aftermarket applications for vehicles to make them a little extra money. They could do OEM application products to make a little cash on the side and because they had both of those happening at the same time changes continued to kind of just grow under the radar. By the time they entered into the 2000's Tein just finally realized, hey, we sell quite a few products. Maybe we should have a warranty or something associated with them. And they founded a warranty program that Tein actually still uses to this day.
    There's something in my throat.
    My bad. Now, even though the warranty thing may have been a little bit late, there's something more important that happened in the 2000's. Tein came to the United States of America. From entering the states, to their warranty program, to pretty much everything in-between, they pretty much we're just like, wow, we've got a lot of (bleep) to do, and they did. Tein was just a product that people wanted and by the time it was listed in JASDAQ, it just established, you know, more validity for the company. They established country locations, they established their ISO9001. See, Tein had a bunch of cool stuff happening back in the day and they have some really cool videos if you don't like, you know, if you don't mind NSYNC looking people explaining coilover's and stuff, which probably shot with a VHS recorder, but that's besides the point.

    Tein had some really good stuff that they were making back in the day and they were leading the forefront with a lot of aftermarket suspension components that other companies just weren't doing at the time. So, what have they been up to in recent years? Well, according to their website, nothing. They've really done nothing. According to their website, their history ends in 2008 which is a shame because I know Tein still has stuff out there that they're continuing to doing and their involvement in the motor sports scene. It continues to grow every day because by now it's pretty much required for any suspension company to be involved in the aftermarket community, either in motor sports or drifting or something like that. And, I know a lot of people here at the shop still run Tein products because their just a good affordable option. All of Tein components are made in Japan. What that allows them to do is make sure that their products are all equal in quality. You've heard of companies that make products in Japan, and China, and America, and here and there, and you never really know what sort of quality that you're getting and unless they tell you that it's all the same processes, it's usually not. Tein keeps it all in-house because it allows them to keep the quality and everything in-house for quality assurance. That's why you have such a good name and quality brand behind Tein because they just continue to make good products. Tein is very unique in the way that it makes it's products because when they go in to making coilovers, they have usually, for most companies, they just make one product and they sell it all over the world. Tein doesn't do that. What they do is they'll make a coilover specifically for regions like the UK versus different ways of making their same coilover for regions like the United States. That allows them to make products that just work for the average consumer, no matter where you live. They're really just completely trying to make sure that the products that you're getting are just the ones that work because nobody wants crummy components. That shit's just trash.

    (crickets chirping) And finally, the most important thing about Tein is that they make products that for, well, you. They have different sorts of options depending on what you're looking to get. They have the resources too to help you figure out what you need for your car and that's the coolest thing about a company that's willing to help an enthusiast. What makes Tein so good is the difference between quality and price point. Now, usually you can only get one without the other, and Tein plays that rhyme really, really well because you are getting a very good price point for a lot of their products, as long as you're getting the ones that, you know, are mid-level, and not their highest entry level stuff because a lot of it can be more compared to something like an SC or KW. And the craziest thing about Tein, probably the reason that you're still watching this video is like, why are they so successful? Why are they so popular? Why are they like the name?

    The green coilover. why is it that their just, why ummm, you know what I mean? The biggest thing that makes Tein so successful is that they have a mascot and his name is Dampachi. He was born on March 10th, 1985. He looks like a damper. It's actually kind of hilarious. It's a weird anime looking turn knobby thing that is like on all of their stuff. You can actually take a virtual tour of their, you know, factory with Dampachi. I wish I was joking but... Japan. But that is everything we have on Tein Suspension. We hope you enjoyed, just be sure to like, subscribe, and, of course, follow us on Facebook and check out our website fitmentindustries.com. We also have an Instagram, fitmentindustries. We have a Snapchat, fitmentindustries. We also have a Twitter, fitmentind. We also have Reddit, fitmentindustries. Pretty much if you just type in fitmentindustries anywhere, we're probably there. But I'm Alex from Fitment Industries and we'll see you later, peace.