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This Or That: Episode 4

Fitment Industries Author | | June 24th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys what's going on? it's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - And it's Andrew, what's going on everybody?
    - Oh my God, this couch is already gonna end my life. OK, and we have a new episode of "This or That". So, this is our fourth one? Is this our fourth?
    - Number four.
    - Damn. Wow.
    - And yes, we are on a black leather couch. We're simply here just to answer car questions, nothing else.
    - Yep, just don't even-- We don't even want-- It was the intern's decision to put two of us on here.
    - To get us through college or something?
    - Yeah.
    - OK, anyways--
    - FAFSA's not paying the bills anymore.
    ♪ But of course the choice is yours ♪ ♪ You can get with this ♪ ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ ♪ You can get with this ♪ ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ ♪ You can get with this ♪ ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ ♪ I think you'll get with this ♪ ♪ 'Cause this is where it's at ♪
    - So we have our first question moving forward. Jasper, what's the first question? And if you guys don't remember, "This or That" is about picking two things. You guys drop a comment below, either this or that and we up vote 'em or down vote 'em, whichever ones get the most popular, we then review on this episode. So, if you want your comment to be featured you just have to drop it below, and hopefully you ask a good question, so.
    - And there's 12 questions today and there's really good responses from last week, too.
    - Alright.
    - So keep 'em coming.
    - Jasper?
    - [Jasper] I'll butcher this (laughs) Question one comes from Cirilo Vira? OK, track day or car show?
    - Track day or car show.
    I really wish you could have both. You can have both, right? Every track car is a show car, but not every show car is a track car.
    - True. Very true.
    - I'd probably say track car.
    I enjoy car shows more, they're a little bit easier for me to get to. I enjoy meeting people. But, having a car that's bred for going around a track is awesome, and even driving it not on track roadways is a lot of fun, too. If you've owned a track-built Miata or, like, maybe potential 2001 Porsche Turbo, it's pretty fun to just try to drive around all the time. But, it does do well on the track. I'd say track car.
    - Uh, I'm gonna say show car for me, just because I have a show car. I think it depends on what you own, too.
    - Yeah, sure.
    - This dude's got like two cars, potentially set up for the track. And then I built my car more for shows, which is why I have massive wheels on it and it's bagged, and I'm not worried about it going super fast. But, I do enjoy the fast cars, too. So, it depends.
    - Yeah.
    Jasper, number two?
    - [Jasper] Question number two comes from John Gilroy. Use most of budget for real wheels, or buy reps and have money left over?
    - What would we do with the leftover money?
    - Buy suspension from fitmentindustries.com--
    - /suspension?
    - Yeah.
    - Yeah. (both laugh) I like that. You go first, you go first.
    - So, I think I would buy real wheels but, once again, I'm always like a 50/50 guy, feel like it depends on what you're doing. So, if you're doing like a budget build, you know, get a more inexpensive wheel, allow yourself a little more cha-ching for the aftermarket mods and your massive spoiler and your over fender kit and your glow kit. A little bit of satire there.
    - Yeah.
    - But, I think I would get, I would get a real wheel. You know, if you say "Hey, here's like five grand "for parts or whatever, just get something ballin'."
    - I think I would go with real wheels, but not in the way that you think. Everybody thinks that they're these super expensive wheels. I can go pick up a set of, like, ANRKYs or, like, even Konigs or something like that. Most people consider them to be a pretty good brand, and I'm not spending four grand on wheels. And I'll still have money left over to go do other ridiculous things with my car. So, I would probably say real wheels, but I'm not talking, like, WORK or like, old-school Advans, or the people that need to spend like, four grand on a set of wheels. I just go spend like, a grand instead of four, because you can.
    - Yeah and then you still have money left over.
    - Yeah, right?
    - So shop smart with your money.
    - If you guys wanna learn more-- I'm just kidding. I'm done, I'm just not gonna do it. Jasper, next question.
    - [Jasper] Question three comes from Jay Cabral. Autocross or drag racing?
    - (laughs) So I've done both.
    I enjoy both. Autocross is a ton of fun. The community can be a little iffy sometimes, in my eyes, but I enjoy it a lot because you get to, like, experience your car in the version of like, a mini-track almost. But, I love drag racing, too. Drag racing is so much fun, especially when you grudge race, just because you can line up with friends, you can line up with the people right next to you, You run, I mean, it's a lot more than just going in a straight line, in my opinion. I don't know, I'd probably say drag racing. I think it's more fun, in my eyes.
    - Yeah, it's kind of a tough call, it's like, you would really want to do both, ideally, you know, 'cause you can really see what your car is made out of. But, once again, it's like you're going in a straight line, you get to go super fast. But you can do that on a highway. Autocross is like, you know you're more allowed to just really beat the hell out of your car, without having to, like, fly into a telephone pole or, like, some lady's Saturn or something.
    - That's true.
    I mean, you can go, you can have a ton of fun at an autocross place and you're still likely only going, like, 55 miles an hour, 50 miles an hour because you're braking and stopping and slaloming and doing all that sort of stuff.
    - Yeah and some of those courses too, there's still telephone poles you can--
    (both laugh) I'm like, hung up on a telephone pole.
    - Traffic cones aint' got nothing on this guy.
    - There's always all those YouTube videos of people crashing into telephone poles, It makes me nervous.
    (both laugh) OK, next.
    - Telephone poles.
    - [Jasper] Question four comes from Cooper Dohms. Modern muscle or old muscle cars?
    - You first.
    - Oh, I just-- So we kind of covered, like, the Charger and stuff, from one of the previous episodes. I'm not like a huge muscle car guy, but I think the older that I get, I have more appreciation for that, just because it's, you know, we're gonna be like those old guys in, like, 20, 30 years at a car show, like, "Oh, check out my Volkswagen and my Porsche."
    - Oh yeah, that's gonna be unfortunate.
    - I think I would do old-school muscle.
    My dad used to have a '78 Trans Am, and I remember seeing photos of, like, the big, gold bird on the hood, T-tops, and every time I see that car at a car show it looks so freakin' badass, and I'm like, the classic '69 Camaro, that body style is cool. I would be, like, get one, and then stance it, and then make people be mad at me.
    - Yeah, that's...
    You would do that, that would be easily accomplished if you did that. (laughs)
    - Yep, that would be sweet.
    - I'd probably say old-school, too.
    For me, I think that if you kept a new-school car long enough to turn into old-school, you would also appreciate it the same way. But there's something about, like, the stories that come with old cars, that, when you go to a gas station, you go to a grocery store--
    - Yeah.
    - You have an old car, people stop to talk to you about when they, also, had that old car. When they were in high school, or they raced their friend's Camaro next to the water. I remember, back when I had my Z, I'd get those stories all the time. It was so freakin' cool, because people wanted to talk to you about this car, and how much of an impact in had on their lives. Whereas, with new cars, they just don't have that story yet. Old cars do, old cars have a story. It's super cool.
    - Very true.
    Yeah, I've met a lot of really cool old dudes at shows. In fact, last summer, too, there was a guy that picked an old-school Studebaker and was so excited that I appreciated his car--
    - Yeah.
    - And it was really cool, talking to that guy, so yeah, I would say, definitely old-school, all the way.
    - [Jasper] Question five comes from Kyle Markham. De-badged or solid-colored badges? So, like--
    - Oh, yeah.
    So, de-badge or plasti-dip 'em?
    - Why did you have to say plasti-dip?
    - Yeah.
    You know they're gonna plasti-dip 'em.
    - Yeah.
    - They're not gonna--
    - De-badged, calling it now.
    - Yeah.
    - De-badged.
    - Agreed.
    - I've always, I used to think of it as, like, a way, I know a lot of people use it as a way to, like, hide what model they actually have. I remember, even, when I was younger, I took off--
    - Yeah.
    - The A6, because I don't want people to--
    - Yeah, maybe they'll think it's an S4.
    - Maybe people will think it's an RS6 if they don't look at the exhaust. I would just say de-badged, though, I think it's just a clean look. I do think, though, you gotta be careful, because if you de-badge too much, it looks...cheap, I think.
    - I agree.
    Sometimes the trunk's set up, depending on the configuration--
    - Yeah.
    - The taillight layout, the trunk configuration has a coupe, a sedan, hatchback, whatever, 'cause, yeah, sometimes I just see black and I just think "cheap". I think I just do away with them, I just deleted mine a couple of months ago, there was four, so it was like, Golf, All-track, TSF, Forward Motion. I'm like, what is all this? Get rid of this--
    - It's a lot of stuff.
    - I took one off of each side, so now there's just one on each side.
    - Otherwise, if you black 'em out, I would just say paint them