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This Or That: Episode 6

Fitment Industries Author | | July 22nd, 2018 |

  • - So, like I was saying before, really the only difference between A-man and I in a crowd is the fact that he wears a hat and I don't.
    - I always have a hat.
    - Besides that, we're pretty much two people of the same proverbial pod. I mean, we both wear black. We both wear shorts. I mean, we both have the same skin and muscle tone.
    - What?
    - I really don't see there being a whole lot of difference.
    - It's close, it's close.
    ♪ Then of course, the choice is yours. ♪ ♪ You can get with this, or you can get with that. ♪ ♪ You can get with this, or you can get with that. ♪ ♪ You can get with this, or you can get with that. ♪ ♪ I think you'll get with this, for this is where it's at. ♪
    - Anyway, we're on our sixth episode of This or That which is pretty crazy.
    - Number six.
    - It's super cool to see all the comments that you guys have for us to argue back and forth on. So if you guys don't remember, all you gotta do is drop a comment below on what you want us to talk about regardless this or that, and then we get to pick what we would choose between the two. And of course, if you guys haven't yet, don't forget to subscribe.
    - Absolutely. Yeah, we love those lifestyle comments. We like the this car versus this car, this part versus this part, but the lifestyle like really kind of crazy, like throwback ones are dope too. So definitely drop something good. And we got our display wheel of the day, Which is the Cosmis XT-005R. R for red. Amazing looking wheel. Shout-out to-
    - We had to go back to our OG guys 'cause Cosmis was one of the first companies to start-
    - So that's the first Cosmis wheel they sent.
    - Yeah, very cool.
    So we're just gonna jump right into it. Jasper, where we at?
    - Number one.
    - [Jasper] Question one comes from Euan Kick. Chrome trim or blacked out trim?
    - So I will go first on this one.
    So for me, I don't ... I'm not a huge fan of chrome trim. I'm pretty much anything, but at the same time, I don't like it when people will just do like plasti dip trim because I don't think that looks good either. I would prefer, if you're like gonna do the trim, I would do like, like a painted like gloss black or something like that. Even like, there's different like purplish, midnight purple tint that you can do. I've done that on my E55 and I've absolutely loved it. But yeah, no chrome trim for me. I'm not a big chrome guy. That's just me.
    - It's vehicle-specific.
    Like, the luxury models have like the chrome trim, and there's a nice even flow and it looks good. Maybe a little bit of chrome on the wheels, like a chrome lip on your wheels.
    - Yeah, sure.
    - If it ties in, I like it, but I know what you mean. It can look very dated or like, old guy Cadillac-ish.
    - Yeah, yeah.
    - So sometimes, yeah, just blacken everything out does look pretty clean. You can't go wrong with it.
    - I just think chrome dates it super hard, and the worst part about it is, I have chrome on my own car and it's no other place but the headlights. So if you look, the only place that that car has chrome trim is the windshield wiper like toppers. And so the rest of the car doesn't have any chrome, but that one fricking piece of chrome. It's like, once you see it, you'll never un-see it. Now I don't know what to do with it.
    - I never noticed that actually until you said that.
    - Yeah, it's crazy. It's crazy.
    Next question, Ja?
    - Number two.
    - [Jasper] Question two comes from Jeremy H. Fully built motor with stock appearance or stock motor with radical appearance?
    - I already know what you're going to say.
    - Stock or built.
    So, I think it's cool. I like the sleeper, as you already know, I just ... I have to have the appearance first and then I worry about the horsepower second. I just think it sets the tone for the car. It's like putting on an outfit, you look fresh. You got your lip kit, maybe your new wing.
    - See, it's funny though, because it's like, because if you put that in the hindsight of like, just being like, so I would rather be buff than have nice clothes, or have nice clothes and not be buff. It's like, what would you choose?
    - The choice is obvious, brother. (laughing)
    - (laughing) Oh my god. I-
    - He's more of a performance guy. We're like-
    - Yeah, I would definitely choose the performance first just because for me, like, I like the driver experience before I like what other people would see in the car. I try to get both if I can, but yeah, I'd rather do the performance mods first and then do the aesthetics. Because the only car that I ever owned that was really in-your-face was the Datsun. Otherwise, the AMG was kinda low-key. The Avanti that I had was really low-key. I had a VR4, a couple VR4s that weren't too in-your-face, you know, but that's just my opinion.
    - If you buy something with significant horsepower off the bat, you're good. But for most people, you know, their cars are between like 200, 300 horsepower, then I don't know. I would just, I'm gonna pimp it out first. Number three?
    - What's up? What's up?
    - [Jasper] Question three comes from-
    - Elon Musk-y.
    - [Jasper] Iselle Theboots.
    - E36 or E46?
    - On the count of three.
    - Yeah.
    - [Both] One, two, three.
    - E40-
    - E46.
    - I messed that up.
    - Damn. We suck.
    Yeah. You go first. You go first.
    - So, I know we're gonna offend Jasper, our intern guy, aka Elon Musk if you're familiar with the last episode. So he's got an E36. It looks dope and I like 'em. They're square, they're boxy, but E46 M3.
    - It's the iconic.
    - All day. Like, anybody could say M3 and I don't even think of the new ones. I just saw them at the dealership the other day and they look dope. M3s, M4s, I looked at all that stuff. But when someone's like, oh, man, M3. It's like, boom, you just picture E46. Clean tails, dope headlights.
    - And I almost think it's like a generation thing. And I know that sounds weird because I'm not that old, you're kinda climbing up there, but that's besides the point.
    - Go to hell.
    - It's like, when I think, when I was younger, it was the E46 that catapulted the M3 to like, in-your-face quality of car. I mean, it was on the Xbox, the original Xbox Most Wanted, I remember dodging, dipping cars at the end of the game, you know, drifting around, crashing things. And that, for me, always set the bar, that E46 that they had in there. And then everybody that I knew, especially when I was growing up, going 16, 18 year olds, when they talked about M3, it was E46, it was E46, it was E46. You know, and I know a lot of people love the E36 body style, and a lot of people have been trained to love the E30 body style, but I really don't think that either of those generations had like, an organic appreciation like the E46 did where I just think the E46 was way ahead of its time. It really was like the ultimate driving machine.
    - It just, it looks like, if I was gonna build a dope track car, an E46 big wing, Pandem kit, whatever. They just, they look cool. And I even, I really actually like E46 convertibles. They're sick. I know some people hate convertibles, but ...
    - Yeah. As long as you don't get the SMG. But moving on.
    - [Jasper] Question four comes from Manny Espinosa. Recaro, Bride, or Sparco seats?
    - So Recaro, Bride, or Sparco.
    Recaros would probably be my choice, and the reason that I say that is, I've had so much experience in Recaros versus Brides and Sparcos. Brides to me have always kind of been a little bit too aggressive and a little bit too much about the styling. And Bride, I just, they're a higher price point and I haven't really purchased them that often whereas Recaros, they're in a lot of sport model vehicles, they're in a lot of Evos and stuff like that.
    - The new Focus.
    - I think they're in the Focuses too.
    - Yeah, that looks sick.
    - They're just really comfortable and they're good seats. Like, they just do everything that you wanna do. And for me, the most important thing in a car, besides obviously performance, is how comfortable it is. I always bring back the seats in the E55 because they had the active bolstering. They had the vents, it turned, it changed. It had like 67 different controls.
    - Massagers?
    - Huh?
    - Massagers?
    - Yeah.
    I mean, it had everything.
    - Spoiled.
    - The seats could do anything, and I could go on a road trip for ten hours and not have to get out of that car because the seats were so comfortable. And you get a lot of these new cars, you get like sport-inspired seats and stuff like that, and you drive 20 minutes, and your leg goes numb because the bolstering is inside your thigh.
    - Yeah, the padding's like chunky.
    - So, I would say Recaros just because of my experience.
    - I would go with Recaro too.
    I was looking at seats just for the heck of it, and when I think of Recaro, they just have such a cool image. I like the look of the seats. I know obviously it should be how comfortable they are, but they look dope. Sparco to me is like, you're hitting the track, you're like Formula dude, you're a drifter, you need the whole, like, encaged seat that wraps around for head protection and stuff. And then to me, Bride is like, JDM. Like, it looks dope, but I would expect like a Honda NSX or a right-hand drive Civic Type R or something, like, boom, Bride seats, Takata harnesses.
    - Yeah, that's true.
    - That's the route I'd go.
    - [Jasper] Question five comes from Big Boy Motor Vlogs. Lifted or slammed trucks?
    - Trucks, huh? Lifted or slammed trucks huh?
    - You're asking car dudes.
    I think you know the answer, you just don't want to hear it. I would go slammed. I'd slam it.
    - Drop it.
    - Our shop truck is on the, not on the ground,