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This Or That: Episode 7

Fitment Industries Author | | August 10th, 2018 |

  • - All right, what's going on, guys? It's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - And it's Andrew, what's up?
    - And we're doing another episode of 'This or That'. Now, this time you guys didn't want us to go on tangents, so instead of going on 10 tangents, we're going on one tangent, and we just don't know which one yet.
    - We'll do a tangent on one question, but there's like 12 questions, I heard.
    - Yeah, don't forget to subscribe and then drop your comment below on what you want us to talk about on the next episode of This or That, which is this or that, whatever.
    - We're on episode seven, that's pretty crazy. And wheel of the day, we have the Axe EX30 in the brushed gold. It's pretty dope. It's one of our newest wheel samples, so we got it chilling with us today, posted up.
    - There you go.
    (scratching TV) ♪ Then of course the choice is yours ♪ ♪ You can get with this ♪ ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ ♪ You can get with this ♪ ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ ♪ You can get with this ♪ ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ ♪ You can go with this ♪ ♪ 'cause this is where it's at ♪
    (scratching TV)
    - Question one?
    - [Man Off Camera] Question one comes from Saif Hussain: window stickers or body stickers?
    - You first.
    - Window stickers or body stickers? So, I'm assuming maybe a window banner compared to side graphics type of thing. I don't have tint banners on my car. I like the vinyl banners, sometimes I think look cool if they're color matched to the car, if it's all black, black window banner. If I had to do either one, I would definitely say body graphics, you know, like a big, cool, old-school Fast and Furious banner. They're comin' back
    - I guess it it was like, yeah, 2001 vinyl graphics or something like that with the big sword thing that we talked about before, I would probably still do body graphics because I think, I can't get over the way that livery work for road rallies, and how cool they are. So definitely go with like a martini, livery, vinyl body-kit style wrap on the Porsche I think would be dope.
    - Yep, the martini one is classy.
    - [Man Off Camera] Question 2 comes from RS13KEN New BMW Z4, or new Supra?
    - Supra?
    - The new Supra, or the New Z4
    - Alright, I am not very well versed in the new BMW so I would go with the Supra, just for the sake of the fact that the first time that they did it, they did a pretty good job with it. So I'm assuming they're doing a pretty good job with the second time around. The Z I'm not super sure what the history is on that. So I probably seem like a dummy, but, yeah I'd go with the Supra.
    - Same, actually. I've seen video clips of the Supra, and I would agree exactly that they killed the first one, the classic, Supra you know, but I don't know enough about the BMW, I've seen photos of it, and they both look very futuristic-y, like they went of the deep-end they're really aggressive, so just for the sake of "Hey I want to drive something dope" Supra, all day
    - Sure.
    - [Man Off Camera] Question 3 comes from Ruben Federico Today's scene or the Fast and Furious car scene?
    - You go first
    - Surprise, surprise
    - I like the old scene, just like the video we did we posted last week, there just wasn't, it was a different vibe, there wasn't as much pressure for like, what outfit you wore, or what music you're playing what vape mods you have, how dope your faded hair-cut is. It's like,
    - Whoa, hold on, it matters
    - I'm not trying to make anybody mad but, it was all about the cars, there was no drama, it was go wild, go off the deep-end with your car Fast and Furious everything, like race it to the max And I'll still love those days the best.
    - Eh, I would say, I would agree with A-man on this time around I don't know if the old scene is better than the new scene because I was young when the old scene was a thing but, at the same time, from what I hear from a lot of the older group is that, it was just kind of a different vibe, that it wasn't done to like, impress others as much as it is now with social media and everybody trying to get as much attention as possible. Back in the day, it was like, you grinded, humbly about your car, and then you arrived, you showed up to the door with what you had but, you know, I guess it's a horse a piece. I would probably say old school just to try it out
    - Yep yep
    - [Man Off Camera] Question 4 comes from Davis Bryant Now we're talking about S13 240s, Coupe or Hatch?
    - Coupe.. or Hatch...
    - I'm a hatchback guy The coupe is cool, but when I see a very modified hatch they look cool, you know they're drifting, they got the hatchback, I love wagons I love hatchbacks so I would go hatch all day
    - I would probably say coupe.
    I just overall like the body lines a just little bit more that's just my personal opinion though, and I have absolutely nothing to back that claim up I just, for me I don't know what sold it for me over the hatch, but yeah I'd say coupe for sure
    - I like the bubble butt.
    - Yeah
    - [Man Off Camera] Question 5 comes from Chris Dacanay Moonroof, or no moonroof?
    - On the count of 3...
    - Yeah, 1
    - Oh you count, I messed the count up last time
    - Yeah, 1, 2, 3
    - [Both] Moonroof.
    - You gotta have a moonroof.
    - You have to.
    - Why wouldn't you want a moonroof? Who would ever want a car without something, that they could like..
    - That has to be the most wanted mod
    - Ever.
    - OEM mod or OEM trim level, you have to have a moonroof, you need the air blowing through your hair crusing, the light is coming in
    - Yeah, I mean even the RX7 that I have, has the crank roof
    - Even if you got the old one
    - Yeah, oldschool Yeah, come on man
    - Moonroof all day
    - [Man Off Camera] Question 6 comes from Dreadtales Your buying tires for a budget build car, which tires are you getting Hankook Ventus, or Federal 595s?
    - Ooh, that is a good one
    - They're both pretty good tires I don't know
    - Yeah
    (finger tapping)
    - I'm going to say the Federals,
    - Okay, why?
    - Um, I like how the pattern looks on the tire
    (laughing) No, I've rode in those tires, and they I don't know that I've rode enough on the Hankooks I've rode on a lot of them, but I feel like right off the bat the last time I drove on the other tire, was probably within the last couple of months. The Hankooks, I don't know if was, was it Ventus series?
    - Yup. V12 or something like that
    - V12, Evos or there is a bunch of them but, I'd probably say Federal.
    - Yeah, I would probably go with the Hankooks the experience that I've had with them has been very good. The life tread that I had on mine, were I always just felt that they were a little bit better than the 595s, but, they're not as popular as the 595s. I think the 595s are more popular tire right now, and if more people are buying them, there is probably a reason why. But I always liked my Hankooks, I always thought they did really good, and I like their tread pattern, I thought it was always a very interesting tread pattern. And so, I'd go with the Hankooks.
    - [Man Off Camera] Question 7 comes from Abdullah Al-Azmi Airbrush or wrap?
    - Airbrush or wrap?
    - So, you go first, you got this
    - So I don't know if it's a whole car, or like pieces, but I would airbrush a valve cover I would airbrush my tank for my air kit, that would be pretty rad, I've seen people do creative stuff like that So I don't know, I guess I would say airbrush just for the skill level that's involved in that it's a little more customized, you know vinyl, obviously you can just slap on whatever, quite honestly
    - I would go with airbrush, I think think airbrushing is just such a dying art? I don't know, it's not as popular as it once was. I always associate air brushing with pinstriping, and I know it's not the same thing but I always associate the two very closely to each other and when you see a car that's been airbrushed and pinstriped and it is just looking baller like on a Bel-Air or something like that, there is just something about the craft that is so cool that I would love to see come back, maybe into the newer generation of cars The likelihood of that happening is probably zero but I would definitely choose airbrush just because the skill craft is just a little bit higher
    - It's more bragging rights than put a sticker on it
    - Yeah, definitely, moving forward!
    - [Man Off Screen] Question 8 comes from Panny Panny, Crazy colored painted engine bay, or simple colored engine bay?
    - Gosh that's tough
    - Uh, okay, so I would custom paint it
    (laughing) and I was just saying the other day that I have a flat colored paint on my car now I miss flake, I miss the really cool pearlescent So I would do a pearlescent engine bay with a wire tuck would be super rad, that would be my ideal engine build. Super clean tuck, everything is painted maybe a shift with some nice flake in it. Sun hits it, it' looking prime.
    - Yeah,
    - I'd go that route
    - I don't even think you would have to paint the whole lot in your engine bay if you tucked if you did a wire tuck.
    - Yeah, I'm trying to be extra Just because, of how cool, yeah I would probably go with, I like minimalistic I like the super clean simple, I don't like the huge in your face sort of stuff so I would go with something hugely minimalistic as much as possible, like a black white silver color combo, or if the body was black I would do everything in the engine bay black or like a rose gold, just like one super flashy part but the rest minimalistic, and then tuck it Because wire tucking on anything makes everything look a million times better, hands down.
    - [Man Off Camera] Question 9 comes from Mr. Southwestwood. Momo or Nardi Steering wh