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This Or That - Car Modifications Ep. 3

Fitment Industries Author | | June 8th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - And it's Andrew, what's up?
    - And we are on our third episode?
    - Number three.
    - Of This or That.
    So if you guys didn't know, you drop a comment below, you choose two things, we look at 'em, we look at the funny ones, the best ones, and then we'll actually give our personal feedback on which one we think is better than the other.
    (buzzing) ♪ Then of course, the choice is yours ♪ ♪ You can get with this, or you can get with that ♪ ♪ You can get with this, or you can get with that ♪ ♪ You can get with this, or you can get with that ♪ ♪ I think you'll get with this, for this is where it's at ♪
    - So, before we jump into that, we're trying to get to 50,000 subscribers so be sure to hit the subscribe button. Do you have anything else to add?
    - There is a bunch of awesome comments so don't feel bad if we didn't get to you, we're gonna try to get to 'em all. We kinda scrubbed through 'em all and picked the stuff that we thought were really good topics to cover so, we will try to get to you so stay tuned.
    - Absolutely, and then if you didn't get your question answered in the previous episode just actually submit it again below, so that we have the newest video to look through comments. So we have an intern and actually we already filmed this intro before but he forgot to get an SD card that was actually empty. So we're blaming the whole intro that we had to do again on him, but his name is Jasper. Jasper is gonna be reading us the comments. We don't have Mario anymore. Jasper, first question.
    - [Jasper] First question, comes from Kentaro Honjo. Plasti Dip or vinyl?
    - You first.
    - I'm a non-Plasti Dip guy.
    And no offense to you guys that are Plasti Dipping but I just I can't do it. I don't like a car that's been Plasti Dipped to death. The badges, the valve cover, the wheels, the intake. Like it just, blah, I can't do it. So, I have homies that do vinyl. I've been into vinyl for years. You've seen my old car, that vinyl down the side. Vinyl is clean. I'd rather do it, I just can't, I can't Plasti-Dip.
    - I'd probably say wrap too.
    So, like, I get where Plasti Dip has a purpose. If you're trying to keep your stock wheels looking maybe a little bit newer, or you're running something in the winter time. But, I think, with how cheap powder coating is and how vinyl has gotten a lot cheaper and stuff like that, it's just hard to beat the look of vinyl over wrap. I know there's gonna be somebody in the comments already arguing about clear coats and all that sort of stuff. And I know you can make dip look really sharp if you invest enough time and money into it. But at the end of the day the sole purpose of dip is just not the same caliber in my eyes as wrap. That's just my personal opinion.
    - Yeah, and I think if you're gonna do the really professional dip then you should just do paint.
    - Yeah.
    - I don't know, same thing.
    - And by the time you get up there it costs about the same amount as a wrap does anyway.
    - Yeah, it can be pricey.
    - Yeah.
    - Number two?
    - [Jasper] Number two comes from Randy Thomas. Would you rather own a Dodge Demon or a Tesla S PD1000?
    - So, I will go first on this one.
    A couple years ago I got to review a Camaro, a Shelby and a Hellcat, back before the Demon was a thing. And I was blown away with how cool the Hellcat was at the time and the Demon and I've always just had a huge respect for Dodge because they're one of the last companies that I think still makes cars true to who they are so like the Hellcat, the Demon, they're heavy, they're huge. They have a huge motor in them. They're extremely fast in a straight line. They look just monstrous and they're big and wide. They're bulky, they're not a sports-ish car but they're not trying to be somebody that they're not so I've always had a huge respect for that with Dodge. And so, I think Dodge, I would take a Hellcat, or Demon, over a Tesla, just because of, of the brand and the image that the Hellcat has. It's so badass.
    - I'm not into the boats, or the yachts if you will. It's a great car.
    - You own a wagon.
    - It's a soccer mom car.
    I would take the Tesla. 'Cause I've seen some really rad videos of people racing those. The torque is insane, the body lines are insane. It's just such cool technology. If I was gonna get like a muscle car, I think I would go vintage.
    - Yeah.
    - You know, '69 Camaro or something make it super wild. I just, they're neat but I like the sleekness and kinda the mystery whole electric car thing with Teslas. So I'd go that route.
    (crickets chirping) Number three?
    - [Jasper] Question three comes from Marc Wenzel. Would you rather run flush or tucked fitment?
    - So Marc Wenzel asked if we'd rather run a flush or tucked.
    - So I'll go first.
    So I'm running tucked fitment and I think if you're running airlift and you want to tuck your wheels, that's what I decided to do with this go around on my car at least, I didn't want to run anything super wild where I was gonna have to cut into the plastic, cut the actual fenders, things like that. My car is less than a year old so I just wanted to be able to air out, tuck over the wheels, and just look super clean. But ideally, I would definitely go flush because there's nothing worse than seeing somebody who has crappy looking fitment and they're just sunk in. So, keep 'em flush unless you're bag. That's my two cents.
    - I would say flushed and the only reason I say that or the flushed look is because I've never owned airlift before. Pretty much everybody that I know is running airlift of some kind. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But, I think that if you're even running a static setup, if your setup was tucked, it probably wouldn't look the best. It definitely doesn't perform the best. And so I would go with the flushed look. So, that's the cool thing, I think just being here is that we can kinda get more aggressive with our fitments, and of course we have a huge ass gallery that we can look at and see what fits and what doesn't. And I think flush is just the way to go because if you're gonna buy wheels and tires you should do it right the first time.
    - And it's funny 'cause like years ago I remember looking at photos of my old car. And it really wasn't a thing, it was either like small wheels and these crazy Fast and the Furious body kit. But now that's the scene, is being flush, being clean, getting that fitment spot on and with the resources and stuff like we have now with the gallery, I mean there's no reason you can't get your wheel fitment spot on so, super flush.
    - Gunther?
    - [Jasper] Question number four from Daemon Du Brey. Would you rather have a molded or bolted widebody kit?
    - Ha, I talked about this, we talked about this at Cema. I don't know if you remember that conversation.
    - Yep yep.
    Controversial topic.
    - Controversial to say the least.
    You know, riveted verses molded and in my opinion, I think that riveted is gonna go away in about a year or two and I think molded is gonna come into effect, into a much bigger place. So like, D3s, CTSVs, and stuff like that, the molded body kits, the molded GTR stuff, the Rocket Bunny, the kits that are now being molded on instead of being riveted on, I'm more of a fan of because I think we've reached this saturation point with over fenders and riveted stuff. I even had riveted over fenders on my Datsun. And I remember when I got it done I was like.
    - Should of molded it.
    - Should of molded it.
    And that's just my opinion, there's a lot of people that run riveted but I would go with a molded. I just think it's a cleaner look. It just looks higher end. It looks like somebody put more money into it, more care and because of that it shows overall. Plus, when you mold it on, a lot of times you're doing it the right way. I don't think I've seen many people mold on their widebodys and screw it up because it's such a process.
    - Yeah, to elaborate off that there's just, there's nothing that irks me more, especially with, you know, 'cause I know there's knockoff kits and things like that but when you see a kit that people haven't really prepped. You're gonna get that wave and if they don't put the rubber in between there, and then there's these weird gaps and stuff. Like you said, I think it's kind of a cool thing right now and it's gonna go away. You just can't beat molded. It just looks so freaking clean.
    - Yeah, and it's tough because if the scene is super sharp or if the scene likes really high contrasty cars or if the scene really likes sharp edges or if the scene wants to go back to round stuff, it's tough. Once you over fender your car you're done. You can't go backwards, I mean you can but.
    - There's a time and a place.
    If you're doing your car and it looks more like a track setup and you have the splitter, the big wing, I think it'd be appropriate to have the riveted fenders. Obviously you're not gonna mold a kit but if you're doing more show car stuff I would say mold 'em. For sure. Depends on what you're driving. Number five, number five, Gunther.
    - [Jasper] Question number five from Hey0its0nick, no zero.
    - Would you rather.
    - Put your name on the screen.
    - [Jasper] Intake or exhaust noise?
    - That's you, you first.
    - On the count of three.
    One, two, three.
    - Intake.
    - Exhaust.
    Oh man. So I'm really excited I just ordered a capback for the Alltrack, there's not a lot of options. I ordered a AWE Tuning, it's three inch all the way back. I drove a couple buddies' cars recently and they have an exhaust Milltek, AWE, whatever, a lot of Euro stuff. And I get in my car and I'm, it's so quiet, I can't do i