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This or That: Episode 10

Fitment Industries Author | | September 16th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys what's going on it's Alex from Fitment Industries
    - And Claire from Fitment industries.
    - And today we are going to doing another episode of This or That. Now just like before you guys just drop a comment below and if it is good we pick it. I don't ever know the questions that you ask and then we put them into a little script and then we go through them. So if you have a question you want to ask for next episode just drop a comment below This or That.
    - And sometimes they're not so good.
    - Sometimes they are terrible.
    - Sometimes they are really bad, but that's okay, sometimes we just throw them in there anyway.
    - Somebody was like, Alex do you like Subaru's? I'm like that's not how the series works.
    - Or it's like four different actions, it's like it's This or That not This or That, or this and the other thing.
    - This, That, or what else could be possibly.
    - Yes
    - And we have a wheel of the day, what do we have?
    - I forgot what it was.
    - It's right here.
    - Oh is it? I didn't know.
    - So we literally have it on a phone on top of the wheel for this specific purpose.
    - I got MR4 right.
    - So Josh from Wheel Pro's sent this to us from Motegi and he sent us the MR406. This is actually a two piece welded wheel and this is actually the street version of a race wheel that they use for drifter. Now this, the race version weighs 19 pounds. This is an 18x10 22 offset. With that out of the way I am going to take my phone out of here. Max hit us up with that first question.
    - [Max] Alright the first question is from Joel Torres. BMW M power or Mercedes AMG?
    - You go first.
    sorry okay go ahead I'm done.
    - I'm like afraid to answer this because
    - No, no, no, I'm not going to judge you.
    - I feel like Alex is going to kill me.
    No I'm not going to judge you, do whatever you want. I mean, I've never had a BMW or a Mercedes. I've driven them both and ridden in both. I just,
    (laughter) I think I just like BMW's better therefore I like the M Power better. And I know Alex is probably going to kill me right now, but that's okay.
    - You know sometimes people just don't know that they're wrong and that's okay. That's just called, I think that's called ignorance right.
    - Like Alex right now.
    - Yeah right, no, no, so BMW is the ultimate driving machine right, they're very good cars.
    - But I think Jeremy Clarkson put AMG
    - Oh boy
    - the best way possible, it's like putting a gorilla in a tiny cage and then putting putting it in the front of a car. Like AMG's are so much fun to dive, they're absolutely barbaric, the interiors are beautiful. You can't go wrong with an AMG man.
    - I like them both.
    - No you can't like them both, because it's This or That.
    - Oh well.
    - Do you know the rules for the series?
    - Yes, but can't you like them both and just prefer one?
    - Absolutely not this is the internet.
    - Oh okay
    - You can only like one thing and one thing alone and then you have to argue with everybody else that doesn't believe you.
    - Sweet, okay AMG's.
    - Wow next question.
    - [Max] Alright the next question is from Matthew Taylor. Wide body or Stock body?
    - Interesting that's a good one.
    - That is an interesting one.
    - So I think Wide bodies are super cool, I still probably won't do them on any vehicles myself. Now we actually just bought a company vehicle that we are building for our YouTube viewers so drop a comment in addition to the question that you have for us letting us know if you think that we should wide body it or not. I hope you say no, but it is entirely up to you. I would say stock body, I had the over fenders on my Datson, I regretted it, I've seen over fenders on a lot of different cars that they look great for pictures, and then the moment you see them in person they look absolutely horrid. I think that if you are going to do a wide body. I would say mold a wide body on your car if you want to be different right now. Otherwise there are a lot of cool people that are doing clean bodies, there's that Lexus that's running around town Ghost RC he's got the clean body which is super nice.
    - I love that car.
    - Datson's with the clean body I love, but that's just my thoughts.
    - Yeah I would have to say I'm actually with Alex on this one. Like he said a lot of those wide body cars when you go like to a show and like you are like, you see this car on Instagram and Facebook, you see all the pictures of it and then you go to the show and you're like wow.
    - Yeah you can do a lot with Photoshop
    - That's pretty bad, so I mean I like how aggressive they look sometimes, but my cars I'd never wide body either.
    - And it's weird because I did a video on my personal channel way back when, when I actually had free time and a life where I talked about some of the weird things that we saw at SEMA Because everything at SEMA last year was wide body. But, oh my god there were some terrible, terrible wide body jobs there.
    - Hacked together.
    It was disgusting, there were like RS7's just hacked together and SCI's hacked together and Porsche's hacked together, RWB kits falling off.
    - That's just frustrating
    - Yeah I mean, it's a tough, it's a tough play and it's even tougher to keep it looking nice.
    - Yeah, because a lot of I don't know.
    I think it's just a hard thing to do and maybe some people don't take the time to figure out how to do it right and they get frustrated maybe
    - Real kits cost a lot of money.
    - and they just kind of, whatever.
    - Next question.
    - [Max] The next question is from Richard Wittmann. Which is more unrealiable: FDRX7 or DSM?
    - I don't know who that is.
    - That is your husband.
    That's your not husband, husband.
    - Yeah Fiance
    - Richard, Richard
    - Richard, Rick
    - Alright Ricky, Ricky dick.
    Alright Clair you go first.
    - He's going to kill me for this.
    - What for Ricky?
    - For Rick and Richard and all that fun stuff. He's had many DSM's and his latest one that he had, I mean, he had some issues with it here and there, but it wasn't like terrible or anything. I don't have that much experience with an FDRX7, but from what I have heard they are both kind of known for being like a little bit unreliable. So as far as which ones more unreliable, I'm waiting for him to kill me, but I might say a DSM just because of other peoples stories that I have heard.
    - Sure, so I would actually say RX7 and the reason that I would say that is because I feel like a lot of DSM's break under power. Like you go and you modify them and then they start falling apart into a million different pieces. Like you can't go wrong with like a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse stock, because it's just it's there, it does the job and it just goes right. Everybody that was 18 years old wanted one back in high school or college or whatever the hell you are. And where as with an RX7 like from stock and you just drove it, over time it just fell apart. The rotary motors are super cool and I know there's people that are going to get mad, but they aren't like, they really aren't the most reliable thing just right out the get go. Where as I think DSM's you get a stock skittle which already is hard enough as it is. It'll last, it's when you start doing a whole bunch of millions of things to it that it starts to blow rings and then fall apart and rust.
    - Yeah the 4G63 is a solid engine so I guess I would have to, bringing that up makes me revise my answer to an FD so RJ won't kill me anymore.
    - Thanks Rick, next question.
    - [Max] Alright the next question is from YouTube Addict. Race car mechanically or race car cosmetically?
    - I'm going to be so hypocritical if I were to say race car performance oriented, because I don't do like a lot of race track stuff. But I like it to look nice.
    - Right
    - But like it's not right, I mean battle arrow is super cool, but yeah I mean battle arrow 90 percent of the time is aesthetic and it has absolutely nothing to do with performance. But I think it is always better to build something for function and also have it be cool rather than building something for looks and having no function in my eyes I guess I don't know.
    - What about a car that's like out the gate pretty good performance wise like just stock.
    - And then you do all the arrow stuff to it?
    - Yeah would rather like improve on the performance or slap some appearance stuff on there?
    - I don't know for me if I ZO6, like a new one, I would totally slap some arrow on it.
    - I would, I would probably as much as it's going to kill me to say it, I am probably going to say stock looks, modify the performance. Because I am more into that than looks.
    - Boo, next question.
    - [Max] Alright the next question is from Randy Thomas. Civi with lambo doors or underglow?
    - I had to do it because it's hilarious, I'm sorry.
    - She picked the question.
    - I did.
    - Alright I'm just going to say with neon lights because that's way less in your face than lambo doors. Or you start doing an IG story video with your doors up rolling around a mall parking lot. Looking for some clout.
    - I would do the underglow for sure, because one, you can turn that off and not be so embarrassed.
    - That's disgusting.
    - And then just, lambo doors on anything that's not a lambo, just stress me out.
    - That's hilarious.
    - Just, I don't want to talk about it.
    - Next question.
    - [Max] Alright next question is from N7Hero. All wheel drive or rear wheel drive?
    - Alright on three, you ready?
    - I'm ready are you ready?
    - No
    - Okay do you need a couple seconds?
    - No
    - Okay
    - One, two, three, rear wheel drive.
    - Rear wheel drive.
    - I thi