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This or That: Episode 5

Fitment Industries Author | | July 8th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - And it's Andrew. What's up?
    - And we're doing another episode of This or That.
    (electronic zapping) ♪ Then, of course, the choice is yours ♪ ♪ You can get with this ♪ ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ ♪ You can get with this ♪ ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ ♪ You can get with this ♪ ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ ♪ I think I'll go with this ♪ ♪ 'Cause this is where it's at ♪
    - Setting up the set for this time around.
    - And we got a microphone for Jasper.
    So, he'll be talking nice and loud so you guys can hear. We took your considerations into consideration.
    - Yeah, we took your questions into consideration for this video. So, we have 12 questions this time. And remember, if you guys want your question answered, you just gotta drop it in the comments below and, of course, don't forget to subscribe. And thank you so much for 50,000 subscribers. That happened super fast. We couldn't be more proud of you guys, but of course, let's just get right into it.
    - Yeah, let's get it rocking.
    You guys rock, too. Really good comments the last couple weeks. We love doing these. These are like a blast. So, it's cool to see what you guys wanna talk about and have us blab about it for 20 minutes.
    - And I still have no idea what the questions are. So Jasper? Jeffer?
    - Number one.
    - [Jasper] Question one comes from The Shadow Owl. Back roads or city streets to have fun on?
    - I always wanna say both.
    - Yeah, I mean, like, if I was out having fun and I was driving, you know, slightly above the speed limit, which I never do--
    - In Mexico.
    - In Mexico.
    I would say country driving, I love swooping, old roads. I used to live in a town called Au Claire, Wisconsin and between Au Claire and another town called La Crosse, is like an hour and a half of just straight curvy roads and it's absolutely beautiful. It's probably one of my favorite drives I've ever done. I've been to Tail of the Dragon and all that sort of stuff too, but I really enjoy country driving. Just not at night because the deer up here are absolutely insane. But, if it's a Friday night at like 11 p.m. and I'm looking to do some stuntin' on some like drunk college students as they're walking down to College Avenue, I like city driving.
    - Before he was married.
    - Yeah, old me.
    - Yeah, old Alex.
    - Yeah, that's what I would do.
    - I feel ya.
    - Disclaimer.
    - I would agree with that.
    My dad has a condo up in Door County, it's like upper peninsula here in Wisconsin and the roads are beautiful and it's cool. I hate to sound like, such like--
    - A snob.
    - Yeah, I was gonna say a different word.
    Beep. I hate to sound like such a beep but like I hate having the bugs on my car and now they get all over my roof box and you gotta scrub 'em off.
    - Oh my God.
    - [Jasper] You're such a car show kid.
    - But I'm always doing, I like doing photos and videos and stuff on the weekend so city driving, like you said man, like midnight, one o'clock the air is cool. You can hear the turbo, you're cruising around, the city lights are gleamin', so.
    - Yeah, it's awesome, it's awesome.
    - Yeah, I don't know it's like 50/50.
    - [Jasper] Question two from Michael Sten--
    - Speak up!
    - [Jasper] Um..
    - They're gonna say, "We still can't hear him."
    - [Jasper] You have to run one Fast and Furious era mod--
    - Era mod.
    - [Jasper] Huge vinyl graphic or underbody neon?
    - So--
    - So Ja Rule graphics or Paul Walker neon?
    - I would say Paul Walker neon.
    I would probably run neon over the Ja Rule graphics and whatever graphic that original Fast and the Furious gangster squad had.
    - It was like the sword with the hand.
    - Yeah, it was like the sword dude.
    I always thought it was Metroid like the video game and then I grew up and I realized it wasn't that. But yeah I would do neon, the underglow. I always thought that was cool. My favorite scene from the Fast and the Furious series is 2 Fast 2 Furious when Ludacris calls Paul Walker and he's like, "You got fo' minutes." And it's like the whole opening shot of the R34 and I remember being a kid and just being like, "That is awesome." That's all I got, underglow for life.
    - Yeah, so I used to have underglow on my Civic and I could drop a photo of that, it was super obnoxious and extremely Fast and the Furious looking. I was like, Jasper's seen it and in fact, I have actual photos for those of you kids that are a little bit younger, they used to make actual photos that you would print, not just digital ones. So I have a bunch of photos in my car, I had like a massive tear graphic on the side and I had underglow. But if I was to do something to the Alltrack now I would put glow on it. I've actually debated it, maybe just white though I don't want a frickin' rainbow under it.
    - That'd be cool.
    - I used to have that, that was the old me.
    - That was the old me.
    - [Jasper] Question three comes from Drawd Reivax. Dark window tint or light window tint?
    - I get window tint so people can't see inside my car. I don't get window tints--
    - Is it tint or tints? You tell us.
    - It's definitely window tint.
    - We always argue about it, got them tints did.
    - Do you have, oh gosh, that's true, do you have windows or window? Anyway, I would say--
    - [Both] Dark tint.
    - Yeah.
    - Dark tint like, limo tint or anywhere couple percentage above like 15 or limo tint-ish, or what's limo, limo tint's like five right?
    - Five, yeah, limo tint's five.
    - So black car, blacked out windows looks awesome. I also like the look of white cars with blacked out but on this, you used to have dark tint on your AMG.
    - Yeah, I had light, I had cool, I had weird tint kinda on my AMG. I had blue filtered tint on the front for attentive driving so that it didn't put you to sleep but then if you were in the back seats it was an orange flared tint and it was like 35. And so it was more of like a warming color. So the front was more of like a daytime light and then the back seats were more of a sunset light if you were getting blasted with light.
    - That's cool.
    - But my Datsun had five percent tint and that car was straight white. That always looked so good, I could not see (bleep) when I was going out in that car though. Anytime past seven o'clock, I could not see a damn thing.
    - Anybody that says they can see, "Oh I see perfectly at nighttime "when I'm driving," you are full of it man. My buddy had five percent on his car and it looked dope and you get in it and you see nothing.
    - You can't see anything.
    - But I have like a mirror tint on mine, it's SunTech Infinity Series 35 and it's almost like the EuroTint so it's like really, there's like a sheen to it, kind of a slight mirror and we're not supposed to have reflective tint here in Wisconsin but if I did--
    - It's pretty cool.
    - In case there's any police watching, but yeah, it's dope.
    - [Jasper] Question four comes from Rx McLaren seven, Japanese large body luxury sedan or German large body luxury sedan? So like a Lexus LS or an Audi A8 they're asking.
    - Oohfta.
    - I already know for sure what I'm going with.
    - You go first.
    - So I'm a big Euro guy, I've drove the A8, I've drove the S8, once again I worked at a car dealership for a couple of years. Audi Volkswagen dealership. And when you get inside an A8 or an S8 its' like, I feel like I'm like Future or like Rick Ross, like you're in a space coup, you're creepin' wood grain, kick the feet up. The S8's like what, like 600 horsepower?
    - Yeah, it's crazy fast.
    - It's like 600 horsepower and it's insane. The first time I got inside one of those, I'm like, "I would spend 100,000 plus." You know, whatever the price tag is on those things.
    - Those cars are crazy, those cars are insane.
    - But, but, the VIP style static freakin' crazy hella CamberGang, VIP Lexus LS's are super dope. I would love to go to, we take a trip to like Tokyo and just find where they're just creepin'.
    - There's so much, there's a guy here even, actually he's out of Minnesota that has a bagged LS and it's probably the nicest VIP car I've ever seen before.
    - [Andrew] Oh the black one?
    - [Alex] Yeah.
    - [Andrew] Yeah, we'll toss it up, that's a good car.
    - But I do have to say, I would probably still choose like Audi or old school Euro. The reason I say that is because I've been into Mercedes for a long, long time, E-classes especially and when I had, I had an '89, I've had a '90 420SEL. I had a buddy that had like a '99 and they're so big and so comfortable. My friend's '98 had power windows, power seats, heated seats, cooled seats, adjustable rear seats, it had all a thousand different options and this car was almost 20 years old. It was absolutely insane so I would probably still shoot for old school Euro over old school Import, for VIP. And that's just me being a Mercedes fanboy, I just like them a lot, I've always liked them.
    - [Jasper] Question five comes from Brendan Rose. Classic Beetle or classic Mini?
    - I don't like the old school Mini.
    It makes me think of Mr. Bean.
    - Yeah, I think Mr. Bean ruined it.
    I think it would be a really cool, iconic car.
    - Wasn't it from the Mr.
    Bean movie or something?
    - If it wasn't Mr. Bean, involved in...
    I would say--
    - I guess those don't do anything for me.
    We've talked about this before too, there's so much culture and history with the old school Volkswagen Bug.
    - I feel like we're VW fanboys but it's just, I don't know. I think the Mini Cooper is cool, by all means. When I see an old one that's still alive and restored and stuff, it's really cool to see.