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This or That: Episode 8

Fitment Industries Author | | August 19th, 2018 |

  • - What's goin' on guys? It's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - It's Andrew, what's up, what's up?
    - And we're on another episode of This or That. It's gotta be like eight now.
    - Episode eight
    - That's a lot of episodes.
    That's way more than I was actually planning on us ever really doing.
    - That's a lot, it's a good series.
    It's fun, good times.
    - Yeah, and we enjoy the comments as well so, if you guys didn't know, all you have to do is drop a comment of two things, either this or that, and we'll pick our favorites, you can up vote, down vote, whatever you wanna do and then we'll pick our top like, eight to ten, and we'll talk about 'em.
    - Yeah, we did a little shorter series of questions this time around. So, we didn't go on too many lengthy tangents. So, we'll see what today brings. And we got our guest wheel with us today. It's the Rotoiorm RSE in the gunmetal finish, nice little multi-spoke with--
    - Super popular wheel, super popular.
    - Everyone's rocking this one.
    - This is like, the most popular wheel, I think, like, out of a lot of them right now.
    - LASR RSC.
    - Jasper had a set of these, didn't he, yeah?
    - Yeah
    - RSCs, yep yep, so yeah, very cool.
    Well, let's get into the 'this or that'.
    (static buzzing) ♪ Then of course, the choice is yours, ♪ ♪ You can get with this or you can get with that, ♪ ♪ Or you can get with this or you can get with that, ♪ ♪ You can get with this or you can get with that, ♪ ♪ I'll think you'll get with this, ♪ ♪ 'Cause this is where its at ♪
    (static buzzing)
    - What's question one?
    - [Producer] Question one comes from Bryan Garcia. MR2 or Fiero?
    - Yeah, so I'm, hmm.
    Yeah, see, here's the thing didn't Fiero start on fire?
    - I was gonna say, one of 'em could possibly kill you and burn you to death, the other one,
    - People mistake for a Ferrari.
    - You'll get mad props in.
    Yeah, I'm gonna go with the MR2. I just think their such cool, neat, cars. Other than the fact that like, a lot of people are still modifying them to like crazy horsepower numbers to like, 650-700 horse,
    - It's a Toyota
    - Like, to me it's just like, and they last forever.
    - Runs, runs forever.
    Second gen MR2 all day. First gen, cool, boxy, neat. Second gen, they look amazing. Third gen, it's a fake Porsche Boxster looking vehicle.
    - Yeah, the third gen is weird.
    But we won't, the third gen is like the MR2 nobody should ever talk about, like, ever.
    - Fiero's are pretty cool, for what they are, but I just don't see a lot of them done. There's one video, we saw one video. There's a guy that has a stanced one, it's black. It's pretty cool, it's the only cool Fiero I've ever seen. I hate to be that guy. I'm not trying to be mean, but...
    - My dad has one when he was young, and it still can't convince me that I think that they're that cool.
    - I don't like the interior either, anyways...
    (both laugh)
    - Sorry.
    - [Producer] Question two comes from Parasrana. Would you rather do aero first or coilovers?
    - Ugh allergies.
    Coilovers, gotta drop it.
    - Yeah, why would you--
    - Drop it down.
    - Why would you have Aero on a non, that doesn't make any sense, I don't even have to have my eyes open.
    - If you put aero, if you do a body kit, and your car does not have lowering springs or coilovers, you're just magnifying the wheel gap, like ten times fold.
    - (laughing) The side skirt goes down like, an extra four inches. So, instead of it just looking like a little bit of curve, now, it looks like the half-moon lake is like, somewhere in between your front fender. No, absolutely go to the coils first.
    - Lower it first.
    - Then do the aero.
    - Yep.
    - [Producer] Question three comes from CamaroZL1. Underrated wheels or overrated wheels?
    - Why don't you go first on this one?
    - I'm one of those guys that, I enjoy doing something different. So, a overrated wheel, or a super-popular style, you're expecting to see that stuff each car show season, and there's a hot style, or there's a hot brand. I'd rather be the dude that rolls up, like boom, and yeah, once again, perfect example, dope wheel, but I went with those raydi8s, because not a lot of people have, I haven't seen a single dude at another show yet with those wheels.
    - That's true.
    - So, I'd rather like, roll in and they're like, Yo, what are those, you know, I don't know.
    - I mean, that's pretty valid.
    I guess for me, just to kinda, you know, not play devil's advocate, but to me, there's always a reason that something is extremely popular. And it's usually not just because of blind luck. Like, a lot of wheels out there Enkei RPF1s are some of the most popular, affordable, sport-compact, light-weight, cast wheels that exist on the market, by far. So, buying a set, pretty much guarantees you, like, you're getting a good wheel. So, just because something popular doesn't inherently make it like, I don't know, like, counter-scene-ish. I would go with more popular as long as it was for the right reasons.
    - Sure.
    - So it's not a popular wheel just because somebody decided to make it popular. It's popular because, like, the function is good, or it's just a strong wheel, or it's like, a cool design that's original or something like that.
    - Bang for your buck, what does your budget look like? Yeah, you could go out in a lot of directions with that.
    - That's true.
    - [Producer] Question four comes from Erik Corona. Large rims on American muscle or classic rims?
    - To me, there's nothing cooler than having small wheels on an American classic, that's like, mini tubbed.
    - Cragar's brother.
    - With meaty (beep) wide, like wide, tires. Like, just, almost, pretty much touching from one side of the car to the other side of the car, with those tiny, little, I think they're like, speed lights, they're like 14 by fours in the front, and they're 14 by flippin' 15 in the back.
    - JG Edelbrock.
    - They're cool, alright, it's cool.
    - I'm just naming parts off of like, a summer catalog.
    - Summer racing.
    (both chuckle) Then, you have like, it's just you got the cool rake, you got the small wheels, I just think it looks proper. I love the look of like, American domestic, small wheeled, ready to roll, drag-style cars. That's just my thing.
    - Totally agree with what you're saying.
    - Except you're wrong (laughs)
    - Except that you're wrong, here's the thing. We're after-market wheel guys, you should put cool after-market wheels on it. So, you know, mad props to the dudes that do the full restoration, from paint to interior, to wheels, that looks OEM Replica, whatever, like, I want to put something different on it. A wheel that shouldn't fit on the vehicle. You roll up and they're like, "Woah, what are those?" You know what I mean? And you can do that tastefully. There's certainly people that, you know, they do the ridiculously over-sized wheels that are obnoxious, but I'm gonna lower that thing like, give me an old Trans Am or Camaro, I'm gonna drop it, put it on some like, massive, three-piece wheels, and snap some necks, bro. Hell yeah, brother.
    - Wow, wow, wow, wow.
    - [Producer] Forgiatos.
    - Forgiatos
    - You stop talking about Forgiatos, and you stop talking about huge wheels.
    - Arelli assassins.
    - [Producer] Question five comes from Shawn Fugate. Sound system in trunk or airbag setup in your trunk?
    - I know what you're gonna say.
    - Have you seen my truck?
    - I'm so glad you took the functionality of a wagon and just decided to like, you know, that's nice and all, but an air system would look so much cooler.
    - Yeah, and I wouldn't have done that if I didn't have a massive roof box to throw all my junk in. Which has been great.
    - Which, by the way, if you've seen a man's roof box, there is a lot of stuff--
    - It holds a lot of stuff.
    - There is so much stuff in that.
    We went to a car show and you had everything needed, just right in that roof box.
    - Snacks, chairs, frisbee, air line, brass fittings, car care products. Anyways, yeah, I'm gonna do an air-build. The thing that I enjoy seeing more, and we've talked about this before, is the trunk setups people are doing now, with hard lines, the hardwood floors, Alcantara leather, whatever, whatever. It's just, it's insane, and I would rather see that, because I'm not such a big, massive, stereo guy. I enjoy good sound, like, obviously, I DJ. I enjoy that, but I don't need to see like, 87 speaker molded into something. Like, show me your air setup.
    - I guess I would probably be more of an air guy too. I'm never been a sound, like, really big sound guy. I have bought, like, speakers and things like that, but I have never gone out and thought about how big of a box can I put in my backseat so that like, the entire car shaking, where it's like,
    (mimics base drop vibration)
    - Ugh, it's so bad.
    - And then the license plate is doing the thing, and there's only one, you know, screw holding the whole thing together, and it's on like, a 2002 Grand Am, not the GT, and you're just wondering, like, why.
    - I've seen this before.
    - Why is it making this noise? (both chuckle) Air system, all day, absolutely.
    - [Producer] Question six comes from TheShadowOwl. Stock exhaust, a loud muffler, or no muffler?
    - So, what you're asking is: how cheap do you actually wanna go with your exhaust? You gotta put a muffler on your car man.
    - Please put a muffler on your car.
    - Please, please put a muffler on your car.
    - Don't be the guy, like, driving around pissing your neighbors off (gurgles)
    - The good news is, is that like, if you go to a,
    (snaps fingers) what are they called?