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This or That: Episode 9

Fitment Industries Author | | September 2nd, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? it's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - And Claire from Fitment Industries.
    - Which is not Andrew, Andrew grew out some longer hair, voice got a little bit lighter,
    - Very much so.
    - You still look buff and just as tan, no?
    - Yes.
    - Okay, perfect.
    We actually have Claire here today so we're gonna be switching up this or that now, so what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be bringing in either other people on the FI team, or we're gonna be bringing in some random guests from the Appleton area, so if you are in the area and you wanna be on our show, just drop a comment, I don't know, what ya gonna do.
    - Do all three, yeah.
    - We have a featured wheel here today right, What is it?
    - It is a Rohana RFX11
    (light music)
    - So this is a new wheel Rohana just came out with, with their RFX line, so this is the newest one on the fleet, so we thought we would give them a shout out Fernando and the Rohana gang are always super awesome with us. So, we're just going to get right into it. So, we don't have Jasper anymore, either, which is really weird. Jasper has then there left us. Last, he was talking about wide bodies. Which, he actually never gave us any information about wide bodies, but our viewers didn't care a whole lot. Anyway, so we have Greg in now, So, Greg, what is the first question?
    - [Greg] The first question is from GVideoGaming, and it is, New car with less mods, or old car with more mods.
    - You go first
    - Okay. It's kind of a tough question.
    (light music) If I have to pick a side, obviously it depends on the car, but I feel I would pick a new car with less mods, because I had an older car with a lot of mods and
    - Was that your Saturn?
    - No that was my SRT-4, and I got sick of it. It just became a pain to drive, so I would say a new car with more mods.
    - See, I'd probably go the opposite way.
    I've never really had a super-new car before, So, for me, I've always been more about the older car gang. And mostly because the depreciation isn't there, I'd take an older car with more mods, just because then that way, if I lose money, its on the mods and not the fact that the car's new.
    - See, Now, is this like, it's hard, because I don't know if it's brand new or newer, because what I do is take a newer car, that was already owned, that way, the depreciation already hit, like two-ish years old.
    - Yeah, that's fair, like a generation or
    - Exactly, yep - something like that, Greg?
    - [Greg] Question two is from PetroEnthusiast, it is: Wheels tucked or poked?
    - So, I would say, gosh, that's tough.
    I would say, if you are static I would say tucked, just kidding, I would say poked, Just kidding, I would say tucked There's somebody behind the camera keeps trying to convince me to change my mind. If it was bagged, I would say tucked, for sure, and then if it was static, I'd probably be okay with a little bit of poked, I think, it's what I would do. I think, regardless, if you have a meaty setup and it pokes a little bit, it's probably one of my favorite looks.
    - That's what I was going to go with, is definitely the poked, because, my opinion is: The best looking cars are the aggressive ones with that poke
    - You don't like slanty wheels?
    - Not at all.
    - You're not a Slanty-boy, slanty-girl, is that a thing?
    - Yeah, I think so, pretty sure.
    I'm totally ready to get blown up in the comments for not being a slanty person.
    - Your probably already in the comments being like oh my god, oh god (mumbles) help us. - I know (laugh)
    - [Greg] Question three is from Jake10386 and it is: Handling or Straight-Line speed?
    - Let's see, from a personal point of view with my car right now. - you have
    - I have a 2016 Camero SS.
    For my car right now, I would probably say straight line speed, because I do take it to the drag strip, and I enjoy that, I would like to track it more, and I think that's where the handling would more so come in, taking it to an actual track, but for now I'm going to go for straight line speed until I do have that opportunity.
    - I'm gonna go with, that is a tough one, that I just
    - it is very tough
    - It is, right, - it's so hard
    - If you take your car on the track all the time. I would definitely say handling - Right
    - Handling is a ton of fun.
    I love Miatas. I love my car, it's something that can take the turns. Absolutely perfect. I find myself just wanting to launch the car and go in a straight line way more often then I find myself hitting a 35 mile an hour turn, on a throw to being like: 'I can't wait to go 42, because that way if there's a cop around the corner I'm just gonna get a warning instead of a ticket.'
    - It's just so fun to just be hauling ass.
    I mean like this is so much fun.
    - Yeah, I mean you get that on ramp and you have that small quarter mile (mumbles) 1/8th chunk and I could get up, let's just see what we do Whereas, I don't know. I would say straight-line speed too.
    - [Greg] Question four is from ALuckyClue Working on your car, or going to a show?
    - You wanna go first, or you want me to go first.
    - Let's answer on three, so like one, two, three then I mean answer.
    - Okay Ready, One, two, three show, -working on the car
    - I totally knew you were going to say that
    - I knew you were gonna say that
    - See, here's the thing...
    And I would not say that I am super experienced in everything that has to do with building a car there's still a lot of things that I can learn, still a lot of things that I want to learn. But I have built cars in the past. I've done garage builds. I've done builds that have been in nice shops. I've done builds that have been half done by experts not half done by non-experts. I've had friends help me with stuff, and sometimes it's fun, but what I realize is that with how much time we end up spending on that sorta stuff I like just going to stuff and having a car that just works and having the reliability, because my Datsun had the reliability of Wisconsin weather, it would change every five minutes on whether it could go down the road or not go down the road, so I would say car shows, just from experience.
    - From experience, I would say working on the car, just because, I think, again, that's there's only so many times I'm gonna forgive you though, you gotta keep that in mind. - I know
    - Anyway, I enjoy car shows, I do, but sometimes when you go to so many, they get kind of stale and I tend to get bored easily, as far as working on the car, I thoroughly enjoy that, and I enjoy building my own cars, and as far as the reliability goes, that's kinda why I decided to go with a newer car again, Just because they tend to be more reliable, obviously, and I just love working on it, like taking a winter, and working on your car, or a couple of seasons, whatever you need, and seeing that finished product, and seeing what it looked like when it started, suck, and planning it, doing all that fun stuff, researching, and then having that finished product.
    - [Greg] Question five from Jose Martinez: V8 or boosted 4 cylinder:
    - One, two, three, (both) V8
    - Absolutely, I think...
    I've had an A-4 Bomb with a turbo and a whole bunch of mods and stuff, and I always loved the sound of it, - Yep
    - But there's nothing quite like a V8, -Yeah
    - There's nothing quite like it.
    It's just, it's loud and obnoxious, and everybody either makes fun of you or 'ls-swap it bro' but I've always liked em, I don't know. I've always loved V8's, V10's even more so. But V8's for sure.
    - I just enjoy being America's all hell (laughs) with my V8's fucking America, American
    - I just love America, if your from America you like V8s
    - Hell yeah, brother, yeah - alright next question
    - Wait, I'm not done
    - Oh, your not? - No
    - You wanna be?
    - No, - Okay, - I wanna actually..
    I don't wanna just leave it at the terrible joke,
    - you could
    - I wanna actually explain my terrible joke, - Okay fine
    - Okay, I do like V8's like I said, I had an SRT-4, I did a turbo upgrade on it, and as Alex said, the sound is always fun, and it's fun to be as obnoxious as possible, and it's even more fun to be as obnoxious as possible in a V8. I just like how it feels better, how it performs better, just in general
    - [Greg] And Question six, from Fred: Slow, overrated car, or fast, under-rated car?
    - Slow, over-rated car, or fast..
    So like, FRS or like a 2001 E55 EMG that nobody knows about
    - Yeah, exactly, I think that's exactly what he was going for.
    - I would say, fast under-rated.
    I've always loved fast under-rated. - Oh yeah, yep.
    - Something that like, just a fan of cars that people don't usually buy. You know, I've always been a fan of just kinda going a little bit off the distance. Off the beaten road. You know that's the reason I think I picked up my most recent car. Because everybody else wants to buy GTRs or something in that price range, and I just wanted to get something different. - Right
    - So that's what I got what I got.
    - And I enjoy it, I would say and for the most part, everybody things it's a VW Beetle. So I mean...
    - I mean, isn't it? - I mean, well...
    - I would say the same thing.
    A fast, under-rated car.
    - You have a Camero though
    - Yeah but that's, - That's not under-rated.
    - Fast, over-rated, Are they over-rated?
    (mellow music) I don't know, you decide.
    - Over-rated, that's okay.
    (mellow music) Anyway, moving on to the next question. (laughs)
    - [Greg] Question seven, from Ashleychained: Drag or Drift?
    - You're gonna throw this question.
    - I am, I'm gonna pick it up and I'm just gonna toss it right at your head.
    - Beginnings is that