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Tire Talk: Michelin Pilot Sport 4s, Summer Tire

Fitment Industries Author | | June 5th, 2018 |

  • What's goin' on guys? Andrew here, this is Tire Talk. We're check out a Michelin tire today. This is the Pilot Sport 4S, also known as the PS4S. So this is actually the tire that replaced the original Super Sport tires. So if you are not familiar with the Super Sport line it is an absolutely super popular tire, a lot of people ran that one. If you're in the automotive industry, I'm sure you've had a buddy or seen someone that has ran that tire. They're extremely popular and now this is the new version of that tire, so this is going to be a ultra high performance summer tire. Now, cool thing about this is not only does the tire perform exceptionally well, but the technology and the little bit of extra steps and things that they have put into this tire, so if we jump into the tread compound here, it's a multi-silica tread compound. So the outside of the tire, you'll see this larger shoulder black. It's kinda cool, almost lightning bolt looking sipes that go through here.

    You got the three large evacuation channels. and then a little bit different compound over here on the inside of the tire. So what they wanted to look at is depending on if you're doing hard cornering or depending on your driving style, they wanted to be able to have a tire that has exceptional grip in dry and wet conditions. So don't mistake this for a all season tire. It's still a ultra high performance tire for the summertime, but it does still offer exceptional braking, too, in the wet conditions which is pretty cool. We're gonna chop it open and take a look at it. There's also cool technology on the inside. So they use a Kevlar and also a couple of layers of nylon.

    So unlike the conventional steel belts that you would typically see on a tire, they did the nylon and then the Kevlar, which helps strengthen, keep rigidity inside that tire during excessive cornering and things like that. So if we check out the sidewall of the tire here you will see a rim protector, so nothing too extensive, it's just gonna help against those light abrasions so if you happen to scrape against something, technically, if you are running the proper size and the tire is not stretched, that rim protector will help. Now also up on the sidewall you'll notice that they did kind of a cool thing to the Michelin logo. You'll see almost kinda like a velvety satin in between the Michelin, so it's kind of a two tone, so this is a little bit lighter, and then in between here is a little bit darker. So they just wanted to do something kinda cool that if you're showing off the tire at cars shows that logo really pops out. Now we have a 20 inch tire here today. We will do a follow-up video. These are going on a CTSV, on an employee car, so I'm pretty excited to see what these things will do rippin' around on a high horsepower car. Now the Michelin does come in a 17 through 21 inch application.

    So depending on what you're running, there's a bunch of different sizes to choose from. We will toss some of those along the bottom of the screen here. Now another cool thing about this tire is that it has a 30,000 mile warranty. So once again, it's a Michelin tire, you're gonna pay a little bit more for this one as far as price point, I would call it little bit higher price point, but you are paying for an exceptional tire that has a lot of R and D put into it, and it is basically, they've taken the old super sport and then kind of put this one on steroids. Now the PS4S has a speed rating of up to 186 miles an hour. Now another pro of this tire is that it is sticky and it is a quiet ride. So unlike some of the other ultra high performance tires that can be a little bit on the noisy side, this is a lot more quiet tire, and of course at a higher price point that is something that you would expect. So this is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. Let us know what you guys think of this one if you have a set. Cruise out to fitmentindustries.com and scoop up a set of these if you guys are looking for summer tires. I'm Andrew, catch you guys next week, peace.
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