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Top 10 Euro Wheel Picks of 2018: Part 1

Fitment Industries Author | | April 24th, 2018 |

  • Hey what is going on.
    It's Andrew here with Fitment Industries. And we are going to talk about top ten European wheel picks. So basically what we did is took a look at a lot of the, different wheel brands that we carry. Which we have hundreds of brands out there. And I could actually make a list of like a hundred European, wheels that I think are super bad ass. But what we did is basically take five wheels. That are not out yet or basically just hit. They're new for 2018. Then we also took five wheels that we also sell. On the Fitment Industries webpage. Of course the new wheels will be out eventually. Sometimes their release dates and stuff are a little back, and forth on those.

    But of course we're still early Spring here. So there's a lot of new wheels. Still getting ready to hit the market. So we're gonna run through the top five new ones. And then the last five will be the one's you can, run out and choose. So right off the bat. Number one is the Blaque Diamond BD 77. Blaque Diamond has been around since I think 2009. A really cool company. We had an opportunity to see their booth at SEMA. And of course if you've seen this stuff from Blaque Diamond. They have an absolutely beautiful red i8 BMW. Super killer looking car. And the thing that really jumped out to me. When I saw it. Is these BD 77 wheels. Gloss black. A little five star pattern in the middle. Kind of a little oval shaped. And it's just an absolutely beautiful wheel. It's gonna look good on any of your BMW's, Audi's, Volkswagen's, Hatchbacks anything like that. It's just a wheel with a lot of character to it. And it really sticks out. Now what are the sizes you can get this one in? You can get this in a 20 by nine. 20 by 10 and 20 by 11. Now there's also 22 and 24 inch applications available.

    But most of your Euro guys that's really starting to get, into a big wheel. Normally everyone kind of stops around the 20 mark. So this is basically a big wheel that we chose. That's luxury looking. Has that retro almost Lamborghini Diablo feel to it. With the big oval patterns in the center there. But the matte black with the satin. Is absolutely killer. So the BD 77 comes in five lug applications. So you can only see this guy in a five by 112. Five by one 14 point three and five by one 20. Now the price point on this one. I would still call about mid level. And it's not on the site yet. But stay tuned. We will certainly let you know when this one drops. That was the number one choice that I decided to pick. For that one. Let's check out number two. The zero point six six from 3SDM. If you guys have been following 3SDM for a while. Or you're familiar with the company. You know these guys are a UK based company. We just started carrying the brand about a year ago. We're super excited. Now this particular wheel really jumped out to me. Because for any Volkswagen enthusiast. Audi enthusiast or you're a European guy that's into the, old motor sport rally car stuff.

    That is exactly what they took this wheel inspiration from. And basically took a little contemporary twist on it. So you're gonna have this big fan. You're gonna see all these blades poking out. Absolutely killer wheel. Now you can get this one in a satin black. With a polished face. Excuse me polished lip. Or you can get the silver. With the polished mirror face on it. And that one is absolutely beautiful too. So really cool kind of retro inspired design. It's one of those patterns that of course that's been, around forever. Everybody kind of has their own little twist on it. And I think that would look good on just about any vehicle. Now what are the sizes it comes in? An 18 by eight and a half. And an 18 by nine and a half only. So this wheel is for five lug applications only. So if we take a look at it. You are going to see five by 100. Five by 108, five by 112, and five by 120. Now this is a cast model black construction wheel. So it might be a little more on the heavy side. Now the other cool thing about this. If you absolutely love this pattern. They do make this in a forged application too. Which of course is super killer. So if you want to spend a lot more money.

    You certainly could go that route. Now price point on it. It's 3SDM so any other cast stuff of course is still, kind of more of a moderate price point. So you're not gonna break the bank for a set of these. So once again go out check them out. 3SDM they're on the site. Killer looking wheel. Let's check out number three. Number three is, the Radi8 R8SD11. So if you take a look at this thing. It's a really funky looking wheel. And my favorite part about it is it's almost four tiers, that kind of start lighter and then sinks down, towards the center of the wheel. Really trippy looking design. Extremely unique. And you can't go wrong with something that's gonna, turn some heads. And I think that's exactly what this wheel does. So the R8SD11 is only available in 19 and 20 inch. You're gonna see 19 by eight and a half. 19 by 10, 20 by eight and a half and 20 by 10. So once again for European cars. A lot of Audi Volkswagen stuff.

    Those eight and a half wides typically sit flush. The 10 wides are gonna get you a little bit more, adjustment fitment. And this wheel is only available in five by 112. From what I've found as well. Now that's not to say that they may have some other bold, patterns but if you're familiar with Radi8. Those guys are always doing the five by 112. And they do cater of course to the European market. What other finishes does this one come in? You have three different choices to choose from. Let's take a look at it. So gloss gunmetal is an extremely cool color. The gold brush is absolutely amazing. It looks killer. It looks a lot more high end. Really refined looking color. So if you're looking for more of something that's gonna, turn heads or tie in with some of those gold accents. That you have on the vehicle. Definitely check out the gold brush. And dark mist is a newer finish. That Radi8 has done. It's kind of a new signature finish they're doing. A really cool looking color. Kind of mysterious looking. Kind of a little bit of a sheen to it. Super trippy. So the multicolored versions of this wheel look cool too. Because you see that outside. Where it's kind of the silver.

    And then the center is darker. And kind of just you see that pattern kind of float, in like that. So really cool looking design. Definitely one to turn some heads. Let's check out number four. Alright fifteen52 Formula GT's. So if you're familiar with the fifteen52 wheels. They of course are a rally inspired design. Which of course is super vintage, retro, classic. Whatever words you want to throw at it. That's what it looks like. And a lot of their patterns are super cool. They're thick they're blocky. And that's exactly what the Formula GT is. What are the finishes this one comes in? Speed silver is classic color. That fifteen52 does. And you're also gonna see this one in a matte black. The face is popped out on this one. Really good depth. Really cool looking wheel. Yeah those kind of thicker spokes. And what I really like about fifteen52 wheels. They're almost kind of like a 3SDM too. Where you see those big chunky designs. That really are loud and kind of stand out to you. Even though the patterns themselves, are kind of more simplistic. The wheel just kind of seems to have a really cool, presence to it. Really sporty looking design. Now what abut the bolt patterns? Five by 112. Five by 114 point three. Five by 120. And five by 130.

    Now what are the sizes Formula GT comes in? You can get this in a 19 by eight and a half. 19 by nine and a half. Or 19 by 11. So I chose this one because it was a 19 inch. Which is kind of typical. If you're looking for a little bit more of the bigger, wheel look. But unfortunately there's not a ton of sizes to choose from. In this one. So once again this wheel is not on the site yet. It's a newer design for 2018. We should have this one shortly. So stay tuned just like the other ones. We got one more newer style to look at. Let's check out number five. The Regen5 R35. So this is an interesting wheel. It almost looks like two patterns in one. Which is something that's really cool. It's unique. And I really do like the wheels. Where there's kind of two things going on. So around the outside of the wheel. You're gonna see these kind of funky little rectangular, shapes kind of slid in all the way around the wheel. And then dead center is a killer looking retro five spoke. Which is kind of similar looking to like the old school, Ferrari F40, Ferrari Testarossa wheels. So what I like about this one of course you have your retro, inspired design with kind of the contemporary flare.

    Kind of mashed in there. So the R35 is a cast wheel. Price point on this thing it's a moderate price point. Now once again something that's pretty dope about this one. If you really dig the design. This one does come in a fully forged wheel. Which the price jumps up pretty significantly. But it is fully forged it's not flow formed. Like some of the newer technology they're doing. This wheel is fully forged. And I want to say a set of those guys. Is getting close to like six grand. So if you really like it. We can get this one special ordered for you. Special color all that stuff. Otherwise the cast one is just as cool. Now what are the sizes this one comes in? You're gonna see only 18 by eight and a half.

    And an 18 by nine and a half. Bolt patterns five by 100. Five by 112 and five by 114 point three. Now for finishes you're gonna see machined silver. Or a matte carbon. Both really cool looking colors. So if you want something a little bit lighter. Or you need that little bit darker mysterious color. That carbon color is really unique for Regen5. Now those are the top five wheels. That I had for newer designs to be basically out on, the look for. No