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Top 5 Most Underrated Wheels

Fitment Industries Author | | July 5th, 2018 |

  • - When we take a look at Tuner Wheels, there's a lot of popular options. You have wheels like the iconic RPF1, the Volk TE37 and the WORK Meister. But what happens when you take a look at the underrated wheels that have been out there in the car culture since, well, a long ass time? We decided to take a look because of a comment that you guys had below by Tunerdise, and, well, we thought we'd talk about it. So be sure to subscribe before we get started, I'm gonna keep walking around and opening doors to do the transitions for this video, but we hope you enjoy. So you might be wondering how many doors we have in this building, honestly, I don't even know. But today we decided to talk to you about the top five most underrated wheels that we could think of. So buckle up, take a seat, and don't forget to subscribe. So the first wheel on our list is the Super Advan GT, and it's a double three spoke wheel that was pretty popular in the olden days, and then it completely died off. The reason that it's really underrated is because it doesn't really go well with a lot of different vehicles. But, if you can pull it off, it looks absolutely killer. Number four on the list is the Hardage Three Piece. Now the Hardage was a wheel that was extremely, kind of in the scene a long time ago, but because of current, you know, well, everybody wanting different wheels now, Hardage essentially just fell off the board. But, if you go out on a lot of Euro forums, there are people that are still looking for them, occasionally from time to time. But if you don't know Hardage, you'd probably never hear of them because of the fact that they're not that popular, and they're extremely underrated wheel. They're multi-spoke, very clean design and not too gaudy.

    The next on our list is the Gotti Type 55C. Now Gotti was a very faddy five spoke, and essentially was not very popular to begin with. But, is iconic in its own right. The Gotti series has a following, pretty much comparable to Advan if you look hard enough, and they are, kind of, well, wanted throughout the scene. But because they're so underrated, people really don't know what they're looking at when they do occasionally pop up at a car show. And, on top of that, they're just a damn cool wheel. Next on our list is the ME07-3. That's a wheel made by Messer. Now, if you know of Messer, Messer's a company that comes with some pretty intricate and sophisticated designs, but they're extremely underrated. Not a lot of people have ever heard of Messer, nor would they probably ever run their wheels, because of how, just, well, extreme they are. But, the ME07-3 deserves a place in this spot just because of how underrated it is, in comparison to just how cool the wheel actually is.

    And the fifth and final wheel goes out to the Ronal Turbo R10 multi piece wheel. Now, Ronal comes out with a very underrated wh ... Oh, those are some nice tshirts. I wonder where you could pick up a set? The R10 Turbo is a very underrated wheel, it's considered probably one of probably the rarest and hardest to get a hold of in the current scene, and they do take a lot of inspiration on a lot of new wheel designs, because of the R10 Turbo's success. Now, you probably haven't heard of it because, well, it's Ronal, you just don't know that the brand exists unless you take the wheels off your stock Nissan OEM wheel. But the Ronal R10 takes place in the number one spot for our underrated wheel, just because of how freaking cool they are, and the fact that they're extremely successful. So those are the five underrated wheels that we have. Drop a comment below on what you'd like to see next, and don't forget to subscribe. But I'm Alex from Fitmen Industries, we'll see you later. Peace.