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Top 5 Multi-Piece Wheels of 2018

Fitment Industries Author | | April 2nd, 2018 |

  • - What's going on guys, it's Alex from Fitment Industries, and today we're going to be talking about our favorite multi-piece wheels with giving absolutely no regard to the price. Now, if you guys didn't know, there's a thousand different multi-piece wheel companies out there. There's a thousand different makes and models, so please just remember, this is our take on it. So if you're looking to ball on a budget on Instagram, maybe you got your tax returns back, or you'd rather spend more money on your wheels than the rest of your car, this video's for you. So let's just jump right into it. Number five on the list is the Rotiform QLB. Now, if you're looking to get just a base-finish 19 x 10, it's gonna run you about $5,600. Custom finishes, custom hardware, all that sort of stuff, you're probably gonna be paying more around the $6,400 mark. So it features a multi-spoke, double-spoke design with a heavy, concave, deep-face wheel, so what that means is that you're getting a whole lot of depth and style from this Rotiform wheel. It's gonna give you a really cool look. And it's definitely something that's gonna set you apart, if that's what you're looking for. So did we scare you with the $6,000 wheel tag? That's okay, we put a budget one in here for you because we know that that matters. Coming in at number four is the Vossen VWS-2. 20 x 11 will only snag your wallet at around $4,200. Now, Vossen deserves credit where credit is due. They have been on top of the wheel game for a long time with making expensive, big, wide wheels in pretty much any application possible. You can get these ones pre-made or custom-made, depending on what you're looking for.

    The Vossen VWS-2 features a very elegant design. It's a multi-spoke, heavy lip style wheel. But Vossen does a great job with quality, and overall design, and styling. The multi-spoke features a lot of curves and sharp edges, in contrast with its overall huge profile, which make it actually really good to look at. Definitely a clean looking wheel, if that's something that you're looking to pick up. So coming in at number three is a new wheel. We decided to mix it up, because I know you guys are out there, you're already typing in the comments, "What about the WORK Meister? "What about the WORK Equip? "What about all those WORK wheels?" But we wanted to bring it up and mix it up with number three, and that is the Radi8 R8CM9 multi-piece forged wheel that just got introduced. So at a price tag of around $4,400, the R8CM9 is a brand new multi-piece wheel from Radi8, and if you haven't heard from Radi8, this is actually the company that sent us our first sample wheels, what's up guys? The multi-piece wheels that they're introducing this year are absolutely killer, and for around $4,400 for a basic finish and style, it's not too bad. The R8CM9 is my personal favorite because of the way that the spokes, and the leveling, and the face really match the inner barrel of the wheel. You can get a flat profile or a concave profile, but these things are gonna look absolutely killer on any European wheel, I'm just calling it now. It's gonna look awesome on pretty much anything. I definitely think the R8CM9 is gonna get more popular on the East and West coast this year, and eventually, in like 10 years, it'll make its way to Wisconsin where we live, but, until then, R8CM9 takes number three spot at around $4,500. Coming in at number two is a wheel that we've actually talked about before, and it's definitely something that we think is going to be popular. We're talking about the Concept One CF-003SX. The Concept One CF-003SX is a plain, multi-spoke style wheel with floating spokes, full reverse lip, step lip, everything you could possibly imagine in terms of options and sizing. This thing's gonna cost you around $5,800 depending on the sizing, and dimensions, and features that you get on your multi-piece wheel. But Concept One comes in with their 003SX, not always just for their styling, but for the way that their wheels look.

    So the spokes themselves feature indentations inside the multi-piece wheel, which actually give it a lot of depth. On top of that, their floating spokes that they use, they actually get a really cool curvature in terms of where that connects to the actual center cast disc of the wheel. On top of that, they use and are assembled and made here in America. They have T6061 aluminum forged, all of the good stuff that you would wanna know to make sure that you're spending around $6,000 on a set of wheels, I would hope so. But the Concept's CF-003SX is definitely a wheel that if you're looking for something clean, if you're looking for something that's multi-spoke, if you're looking for something that's a little bit different, but is gonna look great on your VIP sedans or coupes, bigger-sided vehicles, this is definitely one I think you're gonna wanna pick up. And coming in at number one is the Avant Garde F251, which a set of those at around 20 x 10 is gonna run you $6,700-6,900. The Avant Garde F251 is our number one choice just simply because of everything that Avant Garde has done recently in their multi-piece wheel game. On top of colors, and sizing, and dimensions, and all the options that Avant Garde gives, the F251 features my favorite twist multi-spoke design. You just can't go wrong with a design that actually twists with the wheels, that's directional in nature. It just gives that car just an extra, I don't know, feel for it. Their center caps are aluminum.

    They have T6061, they're assembled and made here in America. On top of that, they've got multitude of different designs and qualities, and different colors that you can go with. They're one of the wheel companies that actually coined the rose gold color on top of WORK, and I definitely think the F251 deserves this spot for its overall look, concavity, the way that it looks, and how it looks on pretty much anything. I think if you put the F251 on pretty much any wheel, any car manufacturer, anything at all, you can definitely make that car look a million times better. So AG takes number one spot on our top five multi-piece wheels if you're looking to spend a little extra cash. So that is our top five, if you guys agree or disagree, let us know in the comments. Let us know what you're running, too. If you're interested in picking up any of these wheels, let us know, you can actually shoot us a quote at shop@fitmentindustries.com, or you can just browse our store, we got 30,000 different wheels, www.fitmentindustries.com. But I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. We hope you enjoyed this video, be sure to subscribe. We will see you later, peace.