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Top 5 Wheels Under $1000 Pt. 2

Fitment Industries Author | | May 12th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? Alex from Fitment Industries, and today we're gonna be talking to you about another video of budget wheels. Now we've already made a video like this, but you guys wanted more options, and so we decided to talk about it. So the first thing that we just wanted to bring up is on the first video, we got 100,000 views, and 3,000 likes so we need to beat that. We're on the road to 50,000 subscribers so if you haven't subscribed yet, be sure to subscribe and then hit the bell button before we get started into this. But first things first, this is gonna be per set, this is not an individual wheel, I had a couple questions last time about that, so this is for a set of four, mounted, balanced, and shipped to your door. Especially from Fitment Industries, that's us, so be sure to pick up your wheels from us if you're thinking about it.

    But anyway, let's just jump into number five. And number five is the Avant Garde M310, now the Avant Garde, is very similar to the VMRV 701, it's gonna feature a classic seven spoke flailed out design, it's just something that looks really good, and of course since it has the AG name, it has some very good quality attributes to it. Usually an 18 x 9 wide is gonna run you right around that $1000 range. But for a set of four, you just definitely can't go wrong, on top of that when you have the AG name, you're getting a good quality, getting great finish, and on top of that, because of the way that the spokes are set up, they do allow for a lot of big break clearance vehicles, because you're not gonna have to worry about any sort of flat spoke designs. Number four is the Konig Rennform, now we brought up Konig in the past, we're bringing it up again, and for good reason. For around $850 and a 19 inch wheel, you can get a lot of technology that other wheels just don't have. So Konig has the ultra form or flow form tac that is rotary forged, and they actually share a lot of technology with NK who they actually partnered with, a few years back. On top of that the run form does have a very sport compact style wheel design, it's a multi spoke design, and of course it comes in a 5 x 114 three bolt pattern, so you can fit this on a lot of different vehicles.

    And of course with the offset ranges that Konig provides, you don't have to worry about something not coming in your size, because for the most part, it's gonna be there. And for 850 bucks for the amount of technology that you get, for a lightweight wheel, you can't go wrong. Number three is the Niche Misano, now the M116 is a very popular wheel, and for good right, for around $900 you can pick up an 18 x 9 or even a 19 x 9. For that price point. When you start to get those bigger wheels, it's pretty rare for something like that to happen, and Niche is no exception. Niche is owned by a company called MHT which also owns companies like Rotiform, so you can be confident to know that the finishes and the quality and all that sort of stuff is gonna be really good, especially with Niche providing bolt patterns for 5 x 120, and 5 x 115 in certain aspects. It's actually pretty nice to have for those guys, that own Cadillacs or things of that nature. Misano is something that's right around 900 $850 depending on the size that you get, definitely one that you can't beat. Number two is the Rotiform BLQ. Now a 19 x 10 will actually run you right around that $1000 range, again. Sometimes it does get a little bit cheaper if you go a little bit narrower with the diameters, but Rotiform is just the company right now. Especially in 2018, Rotiform has blown up in terms of providing cast wheels at an affordable price. The BLQ is an iconic design, it's a multi spoke, kind of twist design that works well with pretty much everything. On top of that it comes in a 5 x 114 bolt pattern so you're gonna see this on a lot of different vehicles. On top of that the finishes that Rotiform has are absolutely killer, you can get a bunch of different colors, finishes, sizes and offsets, that really allow you to get pretty much any style wheel, especially the BLQ, in any range of sizing for your car. And finally number one, is the F1R F29. Now before we dive into the F1R F29 just remember that if you're looking to go spend a bunch of money on all these wheels that are forged, or T61 or multi piece, we already have a video for that, you can check it out up here. But again, this is all about that budget wheel video, so if you're looking for something under $1000 for good looks, and is gonna handle well, and is gonna have some good durability, that's what this video is for, and that's why we picked the F1R F29, the directional style wheel that F1R has, is something that will actually come in a bunch of different sizes, especially in terms of width and diameter.

    And on top of that, they come in a bunch of different offsets and common bolt patterns. To get that twist directional style wheel, usually costs quite a bit of money, but with F1R, so it's only gonna run you around $740 to $780, and you just can't go wrong with that. Definitely good looking wheel on almost any specific vehicle and it's gonna look good in any color. So number one definitely goes out to the F1R F29 and we understand it's F1R but it's definitely a popular wheel, and we definitely think it's gonna stay popular for the next couple of years. So that was our top five budget wheels for a set, under $1000, again, because we already made one, so let us know what you guys would like to see next in the comment section below, and of course don't forget to subscribe. We're trying to get to 50,000 as soon as possible, 3,000 likes as well, so. I'm Alex from Fitment Industries, but we'll see you later, peace.