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Unboxing the First Forged RSR Wheel! (RSR R901) | Wheel Review

Fitment Industries Author | | July 9th, 2018 |

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    What's going on guys? It's Alex from Fitment Industries and today we're doing something a little bit different. So, we get new wheels from time to time from all over the world, and sometimes different companies. And we're actually going to be taking a look at a new company today that is involved in this specific type of wheel. So you may have heard of RSR before. They specialize in road, street, and race. And they make all sorts of interesting wheels. Well, RSR's jumping into a new wheel game, if you wanna call it that. We're going to talk about the fully forged wheel that they're looking to unveil here this year.

    They're actually looking to get rid of it in September. And this one specifically is the RSR 901. So we're going to un-box for you. We're going to talk about our first look at it, and then give you a little bit of details about this specific wheel. So we're going to just open it right on up. Now I already cut it open because you guys made fun of me the last time I tried to cut something open with the scissors. So I did that before hand and this is a 20 X 11. And this is the 901. So we're going to get this plastic covering open here, and we're going to see what it looks like. Alright, so this is RSR's answer to being more involved in the after market wheel community. So the first thing you're going to notice about the RSR. This is the 901, is you're going to see that these cutouts inside the spokes. Now, I think one of the top things people forget is how hard it is to maintain structural integrity when you actually cut out a lot of these chunky spokes. But what ended up happening is this is actually QC tested.

    This is actually all ready to go, so this is going to be a production wheel, which means it's passed all its safety tests, everything you need to actually get it out on the road. So RSR's actually very proud of the fact that they're able to cut out additional weight, and if you look on the backside, you'll see additional cutting out especially where the plate is when you actually mount it onto your car. The coolest thing about RSR is that they're going into three different ones: You have the RSR 901, the 902, and the 903. And these are vehicle specific wheels, meaning this specific 901 is built and made for the Ford Mustang series: The New Age. And you're going to see these probably pop up on a lot of GT 350s and the like because there's not a lot of options for them. The 902 is going to be a Corvette wheel and because Corvette wheels are so limited, RSR wanted to provide an option for Corvette owners for something a little bit different. And finally we'll have the 903 option, which is for Honda Civic SI owners and Type R owners for the new gen because there's just not a lot of sizing options for that specific wheel. Now the first and most important thing about the 901, is that is a fully forged mono block wheel. Meaning, everything about this wheel is forged. So, forging has two huge characteristics to it.

    It's super strong and it's extremely light-weight. So this is an extremely strong wheel. It's passed all the testing that you need, but probably the one thing you wanna know about is the weight. This is actually a 20 X 11. Now you might be wondering what a 20 X 11 weighs for a forged model block. This one only weighs 24 lbs. So that's an extremely light-weight wheel when you consider a 20 X 11. It'll also be coming in a 20 X 12 as well for a staggered set-up for the Mustang. So it's an extremely light-weight wheel. A little bit of concavity, but for the most part, these wheels are very serious towards function rather than just form. It's a really good looking wheel. I love the step lip on it, the RSR embossed here, the forged center cap that's actually metal. Everything about this wheel screams high quality. The biggest negative to having a fully forged wheel though, is obviously the price. RSR is extremely happy to tell people, that the set of these is going to cost you around twenty-eight hundred dollars. So that is an extremely low price point considering the amount of quality and technical you're going to get from a wheel like this.

    So, fully forged wheel and a 20 X 11, 20 X 12 for specific Mustang GT style is only twenty-eight hundred dollars. And I'd be hard pressed to say that that's the only thing that these wheels will bolt up to. But overall this is a very cool wheel to see, and one of the things that we were super stoked about is the fact that these are coming out in September with the 902 and the 903 and the fact that they only cost twenty-eight hundred dollars. Now that sounds like a lot of money, it does, but when you're talking about a fully forged one piece wheel, that is definitely on the low end side of things. Most forged, new wheels, are going to cost you right around five to seven K, if you're starting to look into the new age style vehicles. So, this is going to be the standard color option for most of the RSR line-up. There will be a brown finish on the 903. And finally, when it comes to offsets of things like that, because it's specific to a vehicle, you're going to have a very specific offset sizing for the 901.

    I think it's going to be right around the fifty range, but don't quote me on that. That could change. The last thing that we would want to talk about with the 901 is the fact that with a lot of forged wheels you have a waiting time on getting them made. Meaning it takes around four to eight weeks to get your forged wheel to your door because they custom make them. That's just how the world works. RSR is not doing that. They're actually going to be inventorying these so that when you buy them on the site, or you by them on FI.com, you're going to be able to actually get these right away, just like you would a normal cast or rotary forced wheel, which is super cool. So we're super stoke to see this. Thank you guys so much.

    The guys at RSR dropped these off. Thank you Caesar for letting us take a look. We'll get to steal the 902 and the 903 when they come into the states. We're pretty sure they're just in the water somewhere right now. But definitely a cool wheel. If you guys are interested in checking this out, or you want to pick up a set, Head on over to Fitmentindustries.com. You'll be able to check out the RSR 901 on our site by September. So if it's September of 2018, probably got them on the site. But I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. Don't forget to subscribe and let us know what you'd like to see next and we'll see you later. Peace.