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Vehicle Spotlight - 2012 MK6 VW GLI | 3SDM 0.06 | Airlift Suspension

Fitment Industries Author | | May 17th, 2017 |

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    - Hey what's going on guys? It's Andrew here with Fitment Inc Television. Today we got another vehicle spotlight for you guys. Bags just aren't for groceries, they're for Mark VI GLIs. Let's go check this thing out.

    So as far as wheels, he is rocking the 3SDM, 0.06s. This wheel's tucking pretty hard. Suspension he's running is the Airlift Slam Series. So you can see this thing is extremely dumped. Just able to tuck this big 19 inch wheel in here. Width is an eight and a half. Offset is 42, so nice concave on this wheel. I've always liked this wheel, nice big star pattern. Really good concave, looks awesome when it's spinning. Of course you guys will see some clips of that. He's running the Nankang Tires, it's a 215/35 series. It's a little bit thinner tire to be able to tuck that in there. Fender sits nice and tight. Most you guys are probably wondering, the fender liners are out. So if you get a shot in here, you can see, he had to remove the liners to make sure this thing tucks in there nice and tight. If we come on to the back, this is a square setup, so the wheels in the front and the back are the same size. Once again, 19 by eight and a half, 42 offset. This thing sits extremely tight to the wheel. Rear fender liner is also removed. Bilstein shocks. Once again, Slam Series Airlift Kit.
    If you get a shot down the side here, you can see this thing sits real nice. We check out the trunk. Real clean trunk setup. He's got the 3SDM spare in here. Another 19 inch, custom wood flooring, then the One Oak five gallon tank. Compressor and everything's all hidden, sits underneath there. While we're on the rear here, aftermarket trunk lid spoiler. We jump down to the exhaust, it's just a two and a half inch muffler delete, straight pipe all the way back.
    And of course these Mark VI GLIs, come with this cool rear diffuser as part of the GLI package. Side skirts, those are stock on the GLIs. Looks real nice. 20% tint. If we come around up to the front here, real clean front end. His GLIs have the honeycomb grill. He also did a blackout headlight. This one is an OEM style, just with the black casing instead of the chrome, so it ties into the front grill, the front mesh, and then he's got the Maxton Design Front Lip on here. Looks real sharp, lots of nice black accents. Let me pop the hood for you guys. Nothing too crazy, motor was rebuilt. But he does have Colt from CTS Turbo. Take a peek at that. I think he's got some plans to go stage two around the corner here. We take a peek at the interior. This car is manual. You can see the controller for the V2 Airlift Management there. Overall, super clean car. Gotta love the Mark VI GLIs. Appreciate you guys tuning in. Make sure you guys check us out, next week we'll have some more cars coming up for ya. Make sure you guys like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and click the subscribe button on YouTube. We'll catch you guys next week. Peace.