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Were Doing What to the E30??

Fitment Industries Author | | September 20th, 2018 |

  • - Well, hello there.
    It's Alex from Fitment Industries, and today, we're gonna be doing a walkthrough of the Fitment Industries vehicle build. So, you guys wanted to know, we made a really cool theatrical thing where we went and we picked up the car, we picked it up in Atlanta, Georgia, and now we have it back in Wisconsin, we're gonna have it, we're gonna do 30 episodes, weekly Friday episodes, but we thought we would show you what it looks like now. So some of this stuff, I'm gonna try to make funny, and some of this stuff, you're just gonna look at me and be like:
    - [Man] Say "ooh!"
    - So this is the 1991 BMW 318i, and if we're gonna go right ahead into it, it is the Sedan, it's not the Coupe, and if you look down here, real quick, you're gonna notice that this car is completely (bleep)ing stock. There's absolutely not a single thing that is modified on this car. We got the ol' BBS-style wheels there, we got the ol' 20560's, 14, 14 by, I think they're, I wanna say they're 14 by sixes, but I could be completely wrong. If you look on the inside here, this is where it really starts to shine. We've got that lovely, lovely typical early 90's interior, with all the perforated leather, I think is what they call that, and you got some nice (mumbles), nice and comfortable. Then you have the three-tone colored door handle, you got this, which is like, I might be puking from Four Loko, you've got I definitely am puking from Four Loko, and then you have the this was maybe white at one point in its life. But the good news is if you look at the dash, the dash is actually not in bad a shape at all, there's one small crack here, right up here, otherwise the rest of the dash is actually extremely clean, and if you think about it, it's actually a pretty clean car, we did pay a little bit more to get it cleaned,
    (handle creaks) everything seems to be in working order. And most importantly: It's got a sunroof. It's not power, though. So we got power windows, we got a power antenna, power stereo, which wouldn't make sense if it didn't have power, but we managed to skip the power sunroof, so it is a crank sunroof, which is super awesome if you really wanna think about that. Five-speed manual, not too bad, super clean, actually, when you think about it, and then the paint color, I would probably say is a black, that's all I got. But here's the winner of all things that you could possibly want in an old car: The infamous BMW 10 millimeter. There's nothing else that you want. I'm just gonna do this because I know that it would be... unusual if the kit had the 10 millimeter. So we're just gonna-
    (wrench clatters) and we're going to lose that forever. We're never gonna have that back again is what we're gonna do, and we're just gonna close that right on up, and we're going to pretend like it didn't come with it, because why would something ever come with the 10 mil? It just does not make sense. We've got the stock, super minty fresh, probably one-and-a-half inch single exit, looks like we got a little-
    (creaks) there we go, looks like we got a little action back there, but we got the typical taillights from the early 90's BMW, it's actually a really clean car, so we're very very excited to kind of show you guys through this. It's got the climate control, it has everything that we want for it to be a super fun build, and you guys love E30's, I love E30's, we all love E30's. Can you go wrong with an E30? You can check out that interior, it's absolutely minty fresh. And then there's a couple things that we want to do, so we talked about the wheels, talked about the tires, we're talking about the suspension, I'm gonna figure out- is it, got it. Now comes down to: What do you guys wanna see us do for modifications? And there is the ol' hold back hood. 1.8-liter, it's actually like a 1.79 but we're not gonna get into the details, the E55 AMG is a 5.4-liter, so everybody's been cheating since forever, so it doesn't matter. It's actually really clean, but we wanna know what you guys want us to do with this car. We have literally a bone stock E30 four-door Sedan, now the couple regulations that we have is you gotta be able to have fun with everybody in the car, we gotta be able to actually drive it, and we wanna make it a little bit functional. So we talked about how Cosmis is gonna hook us up on some wheels, we're talking about tires, and then we're gonna try and see if Toya wants to be friends with us, we'll find out. And then finally, some suspension, we're gonna go with coilovers for now, but if you guys wanna see something different, let us know. Let us know, what do you guys wanna see changed on this car first? Drop a comment below, let us know what you- oh, wait, hold on, you gotta do it right. Lemme just-
    (hood clicks) right. Let us know what you guys want to see, the first thing done to this car, and we'll do it, as long as it makes sense. We're totally gonna race to Lambeau, we're totally gonna race the Porsche, totally gonna autocross it, drag race it, we're gonna try and do everything-
    (clicks) so you guys can see what it's like. But let us know, this is your car just as much as it is our car. But if you do drop a comment on what you want us to do with it, maybe subscribe so that you can help us out, help us help you help us helping you. And that is a vehicle spotlight on a bone stock BMW 318i four-door Sedan in black, with no 10 millimeter wrench. I'm Alex from Fitment Industries, let us know what you want us to do first, and we will see you later. Peace.