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What You Didnt Know About Air Suspension

Fitment Industries Author | | November 6th, 2018 |

  • - So if you've been to any sort of car event lately, whether it be a car meet, car show, track day, what have you, you probably realized that air suspension is literally everywhere. Unless you grew up in a small town in Northern Wisconsin with like 2,000 people and the only thing people drive are rusted K1500s and the car scene is absolutely like nothing. But anyway. But the truth is air suspension is everywhere. And it is becoming more popular and it is becoming available for a variety of different vehicles. I mean even like an Infinity Q50. I don't know why, but I mean, Max likes it so I guess we'll just go with it. But I'm Joe from Fitment Industries and today we're going to go over a couple things that you probably didn't know about air suspension. So the first thing you probably didn't know about air suspension is that it's actually been around for quite some time, like 1920's I (bleep) you not, 1920. Now of course it was nothing to the extent of what we have today for air suspension, but the idea was there. This crazy Frenchman named George Missour, or however you say it, I'm not French, I don't speak French. He owned a car company and manufactured cars from 1920 to the early 1930's. And instead of putting coil springs in his cars he decided that he was gonna put what he called gas bubbles for suspension in his vehicles. Otherwise as we know air bags is what we call them. And since then air suspension has been involved in a lot of different things. From cars all the way up to even suspension components in larger aircraft. And it has developed into what we know and love today. The second thing you probably didn't know about air suspension is that it's actually quite functional. And what I mean by that is we've been seeing more and more time attack cars, track cars and even drift cars using an air suspension set up. And there doing quite well. We look at time attack champion Cody Miles and his Subaru STI. And he is running air lift performance suspension on his car. So the whole thing about air bags being for show cars is well, it's just false information. If we actually take a look back in the history of air lift performance we see that they actually got started in the stock car racing scene way back in the day. So basically what we've come to realize is that air suspension has allowed for quick and easy adjustability at the track. And it has proven that it has proven that it can perform just as well as coil loaded. So the next thing you probably didn't know about air suspension, or at least I didn't know right away when I was first looking at getting a set for my car, is that when you go to build a set-up for your car is that there are options for different size air lines. You'll usually see the standard 1/4 in air line, 3/8 will be the next step up and then even up to 1/2 inch is available for some systems. But what really is the difference? Why do they offer all these different size air lines for air suspension. Basically we think of it this way. An air suspension system works by sending air from the tank through an air line, into the air bag. So the bigger diameter line you have running from your management to the air bag itself, the more air you're gonna be able to put into that bag, faster. So basically it's gonna fill your bag up faster and let it deflate faster. So if your looking to build an air suspension set up for your car and you want it to get to the next position faster than it normally would, you would probably be looking at going with a 3/8 inch diameter line instead of the standard 1/4 inch. Or if you really want to go for it, you can go up to 1/2 inch, if your felling crazy, I don't know why you would.
    (yelling) Just remember that the bigger diameter line you go with it's gonna be a little harder to feed that throughout the car when your tucking it up all nice and neat. And then the final thing you probably didn't know about air suspension is that we sell it over at www.fitmentindustries.com. You can head over there and build a kit for you and your car. And then you can post up the pictures on Instagram and get that thing that Alex likes to call clout. I still really don't know what that means but it gets said around here a lot. And at this point I'm just to afraid to ask. But I hope this video gave you guys a little insight into air suspension and cleared up any questions you may have had. But don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already. The rest of our team should be back from Sima soon, I hope, anyway, I hope their coming back. But I'm Joe from Fitment Industries. And we'll see you later. Peace.