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What Its Like WorkiNG AT fitment industries

Fitment Industries Author | | November 1st, 2018 |

  • - So you guys wanted to know what it was like to work here at Fitment Industries, which is a little weird, but I mean, I guess. Here you go.
    - [Narrator] It's pretty similar to other places. We have coffee. We love working with truck guys, obviously, and the truck guys love Fitment Industries guys.
    - Oh, Banker, how you doin, high-five dude.
    - (beep) you.
    - [Narrator] Most of us here, know what we're doing, but some of us got internships, and never left, even after we stopped payin' them.
    - You're falling behind.
    (ping pong ball banging)
    - Max, do you ever do any work, bro? You're always playin' ping-pong.
    (ping pong ball banging)
    - Really, we have these morning meetings, which are pretty much, just like any other meeting, I guess.
    - Alright, what's your plan for today?
    - I have to finish up that newsletter.
    I have a couple of scripts to write.
    - Bro, you have to stay awake, come on.
    - You need to make these meetings shorter, bro.
    - (sighing) I just, I work with children, I work with children.
    - [Narrator] Lately, we've been spending our extra time building a car, and that always seems to be entertaining.
    - Banker, I did it, got the taillights done.
    - What did you do?
    - Look how sexy.
    - [Banker] Look at all sexy.
    - Yeah, they got a little bit'a red, little bit of black, no amber.
    - What in the (beep) is this? Is this spray paint?
    - A little bit, but also a little bit'a love.
    - Does Alex know you did this?
    - Nope, it's a seamless surprise.
    - It's gonna be a surprise when he puts his foot up your (beep).
    - He's done worse.
    - Well you guys, you guys are wondering what it's like to work at Fitment Industries, and those are just a couple of things that go on, on a daily basis, but that's okay, because we like it that way, and you guys know what to do. Hit that link below, www.FitmentIndustries.com for your wheel, tire, and suspension needs. This has been Claire for Fitment Industries, and we'll see ya next time, peace.