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Wheel Review: Konig Oversteer

Fitment Industries Author | | April 30th, 2018 |

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    Hey, what's going on guys.
    It's Andrew here with Fitment Industries Television, and we have a new episode of Wheel Talk for you guys today. We're gonna check out a wheel by Konig. The whole purpose of this series once again, we're going to take a look at a wheel, give you guys all the information you need to know about it, to help you make an informed decision, in case this particular style is the one you guys are thinkin' about tossin' on your vehicle. This is the Konig Oversteer. It comes in a variety of colors. We are looking at the Gloss Black today, and our demo wheel is a 18-inch by eight wide, and then this is a 45 offset. Let's check out the concave profile shot, and you will see the 45 offset, of course, is a little bit flatter, just a little bit of concave in here, but cool thing about this wheel is there's a bunch of sizes in this one, and it does anything from 16 all the way through 20 ince, 20-inch, excuse me.

    And they chose a bunch of popular widths as well, there's a seven and a half, there's an eight, eight and a half, nine, and I believe, nine and a half is as big as this one goes up to. But they chose a lot of popular offsets as well, so if you have a larger brake kit on it, on your vehicle, or if you're just looking for that additional clearance, they chose a lot of popular offsets to choose from this one, so that's pretty cool. Now, aside from the Gloss Black, they have three other finishes you can choose from. They also have an opal color, that one's probably my favorite quite honestly. The Gloss Black is really cool looking but for some reason, I'll pop the photo of this, Opal just looks really cool. It kinda has like a two-tone look to it, little bit of graphite, kind of flake in the wheels, so that's pretty rad. Gloss White is also available, and then they do a Red, which is a limited edition, and that one's pretty rad. I checked on our website, the sizes on that one are starting to go down just a little bit because it's a limited color, but if you're looking for somethin' a little funky, the red looks pretty cool.

    Now, overall construction, the wheel it's a cast wheel. Konig does a good job on trying to make their wheels as light as possible. I threw this on the scale with the tire on it with the 225/40. I wanna say it was like 45 pounds. I threw it on there the other day so, right off the top of my head I forgot, but I wanna say that it was like 45 pounds. It's not too bad but of course, it's a cast wheel, and then this is from their Main Line Wheels series. They also have a Flow Formed series, but I wanna say there's like 20 or something wheels from the Main Line, so that's where this one originates from. If you're looking for something a little bit more lightweight, and you're racing your car on a track or something like that, definitely check out the Flow Formed series wheel. Now, what about bolt patterns? It's a five-lug applications only for this guy.

    There's five by 100, five by 108, five by 112, five by 114.3, and five by 120. So, tons of options for that to choose from. Now, the split five-spoke is a really cool design, of course, there's a lot of different variations of that, very popular looking style, and the new thing about it is it's one of those styles that, whether you're domestic, import, muscle car, whatever you're rocking, it's gonna look pretty cool on it. So, if you can't quite decide on the look you're going for, you absolutely can not go wrong with just a clean, split five-spoke wheel. Now, price point on the Konig's , I would call it probably a moderate price point, you can scoop these up for a excellent price on the Fitment Industries website.

    Of course, with all the different finishes to choose from, plenty of options and everything, with the bolt patterns too. That is going to be the Konig Oversteer. If you guys have any questions, drop 'em in the comments section below. If you guys are already rockin' a set of these. let us know what you think of 'em. And also, cruise out to the site and check out all the other wheels from Konig. We got 'em all on there. Catch you guys next week, peace.