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Wheel Review: Rotiform RSE, Cast 1 Piece

Fitment Industries Author | | July 30th, 2018 |

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    Hey, what's going on guys? Andrew here, with a new episode of Wheel Talk. We are gonna take a look at the Rotiform RSE. So this wheel has been out for about a year and a half. If you check about a year ago, we did an episode, ironically, on our intern, Jasper, who used to have a silver set of these on his E36, really dope looking wheel. And I feel like I always say this, but this is one of those wheels, the actual style itself, it's very Motorsport-inspired, with this two-piece cap. And it just looks cool on just about anything. So I'm gonna drop a couple of photos so you guys can see. A lot of, of course, Volkswagen, Audi, very Euro-inspired. It comes in that five by one 12 bolt pattern. But I've seen it on some other stuff. And it just looks really cool; it's very vintage-looking. And if we look at the wheel itself here, you have just these nice spokes diving back, little bit of step lip in the back here. And we were joking around, this is actually-- It's a cast one piece monoblock wheel. I got a 19 by 10 with a 40 offset. So it is a one piece. We were joking, it actually could be a three piece wheel. You got three pieces here, so.

    Let me go over the cap with you guys. It's an aluminum cap; of course, that's gonna pop on. And then that is gonna hide all of your lug bolts, so you don't have to show all of those off. Now, the cap itself is pretty rad. It looks very nice; it's a good quality. If you look at the back, it does have plastic threads. So the plastic threads are gonna twist right into the aluminum of the wheel here. So you just have to be careful to make sure those are lined up; you don't wanna strip them out. The cool thing about this is the actual cap itself, it's like an acrylic. There's a little bit of a machine logo with the Rotiform and the RF. It looks very nice; it's aluminum on the outside. And I do have one of the white center caps too. So those just pop in. So they do make different colors. But what I wanted to point out is just the simplicity of putting it on, lining that up there, and then of course you just screw it right on and then just throw that baby in. So it looks really cool. Now, a few things I've seen people do, if they haven't custom painted the whole entire wheel is, I've seen people actually paint the cap. So I'm gonna toss a couple photos of that for you guys to look at just for some inspiration. I saw a guy had this matte Anthracite finish and he did a red cap, so that looked kind of cool.

    So once again, if you were just to paint that, you wanna little bit of splash of color to tie in some other accents on the car, that will look pretty rad. Now, what sizes does this come in? You have 17, 18, 19, and 20 inch. And for widths, you're gonna have anything from eight all the way up through a 10 wide. So I'll drop the sizes across the bottom. Now, offsets, there's a pretty good selection of those as well. You have 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45. Now, once you get into those bigger widths, the 9 1/2 or the 10 wides, the really cool thing about this wheel is the concave looks super dope on it. So you're gonna have that face smashed in, nice concavity. And it always looks really cool when you have a nice, heavily spoked wheel, with really good concave just pressed down.

    And you see those spokes just spinning away. So once again, I'll drop some more photos of that really cool looking wheel. Now, the best thing about this one is once again, price point. Rotiform, it's an excellently made wheel, and you're looking at a 17 inch, it's a little like 780, 790. 18 inch, it's a little over 800 bucks. 19 inch, 900 and some change. And then once you get into the 20 inch application, you're looking at about $1100 or $1200. So once again, to get a really cool wheel like this, that you could do some customization on, you absolutely can't beat it. So available bolt patterns, you have quite a few to choose from in this one. There is four by 100, five by 100, five by 108, five by 112, five by 114.3, and five by 120. And I forgot if I didn't mention already, this 19 by 10, we weighed it. You're looking at a 29 pound wheel on this one. So not too shabby, pretty average for a 19 pound. I think my 20 inch Radiates are about 29 pounds. So once again, you get into that 19, 20 pound-- Or, 29, 20 inch wheel, excuse me, you're pretty close to 28 to 30 pounds for a cast wheel on this. Now, for you multi-piece guys, if you really like this pattern, they do make this one in a three-piece forged version, which looks just as awesome.

    Very similar, I think you can get the floating spoke, if I'm not mistaken. And I wanna say, the actual three-piece version of this came out first. I think it was a hit and then they decided to drop the cast version of this one. So this is the Rotiform RSE; let us know what you guys think, drop a comment. If you guys are rocking them, let us know what you think of this wheel and we will catch you guys next time. If you are looking for this wheel and you need any more information we didn't cover, cruise out to fitmentindustries.com to check out the RSE and other Rotiforms. Catch you next week, peace!