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Wheel Wall Free For All | Episode 1

Fitment Industries Author | | October 22nd, 2018 |

  • - Dang it! Eric!
    - Yo!
    - We forgot to shoot the intro for this video.
    - Oh, we forgot about that Walt.
    What are we going to tell them?
    - Well, I guess we are just going to tell them that Eric pulled me in and showed me five wheels and we sat down and talked about them.
    - Alright Jealous, now that I've got five minutes of your time, I'm gonna grab one of these wheels over here, one of the five, and we are going to get your input on it.
    - Alright.
    That's gonna stay there?
    - That's gonna stay there.
    - Okay.
    - Believe it or not.
    Alright, we have the first wheel here of the five. It is the 3SDM 0.06. Just to kick it off right away, I really like the spoke design on this. I also really think the finish is flawless, I think it's pretty slick. I think when the light shines it right, it looks good. What do you think, Jealous?
    - Yeah, I'd have to totally agree with you. It's one of the more different finishes that we've seen out of a lot of the wheels. Usually you just have either your straight polish finish, your straight chrome finish or a straight painted finish. 3SDM kind of went outside of the box here where the front of it has a machined look to it almost. And then you have your inlays here that have your silver powder coated or your silver painted surface on there. I think they call that the silver cut.
    - [Eric] Yeah, silver cut.
    - So yeah, I really love that finish on there as well. What's really cool about these 0.06's too is that they actually are a true directional wheel. So for a pretty moderate price point on these you can get a directional wheel.
    - (bleeping) Yeah.
    The nice thing too about this wheel is with how classy it looks, you would think this costs you a pretty heavy penny. This actually is moderately expensive. Honestly, for the wheel that you're getting, I think it's a perfect price point and I think if you save your pennies, you can afford something flashy like this. Also with this wheel, it does come in a 18 inch and 19 inch diameter. It also has a five lug bolt pattern so if you guys want to get anymore info and see if this fits your ride, just click the link below, we got more information for that. Alright, Jealous, now that we wrapped up this wheel, I'm gonna go grab another one off the wall.
    - Alright.
    - Cool.
    - Alright so now we've got the Enkei T6S here in front of us. This comes in a matte black, a matte silver and a gold finish. 17 and 18 inch diameters. It is a pretty lightweight wheel. It is what Enkei considers their matte technology. So basically what that means is it is a flow forged wheel on. As we know, there's a lot of names out there for it. Rotary forged, flow forged, flow form. Enkei considers this to be their matte technology. So as we can see, a pretty simple six spoke design, as we know looks good on a lot of different vehicles. Eric?
    - Obviously you can tell that this kind of has different characteristics of other wheels that you may think are popular or what not, but, I mean, this is Enkei's one of more popular wheels that they do sell of and I think it's clean and simple. You know? I like the finish on it. Black would look good maybe on a slammed Mazda or something, I don't know.
    (punch cracking)
    - If you'd like to check out more information on this wheel, again, click down on the comment section below, we will have a link to it. See if this is the right wheel for you.
    - Alright so I am going to grab the third wheel, alright? Number three out of five and let's see what we've got.
    (laughs) And uh now we have our third wheel which is the ESM-015. Now, with this wheel, what's super cool is it does have the gold rivets and that white finish. Almost multi-spoke with that step lip and all that good stuff. People might get upset because they would say that this does have the look of, you know, other models, other popular wheel brands that you've seen in the past. I think with the price that's on this wheel, I think it's clean, I think that it comes in a wide amount of sizes, and I think if you like it then this is the wheel for you. Jealous, what do you think, man?
    - This wheel, I wouldn't run on anything of mine just because it just wouldn't fit for it. It's meant for like the older cars. It's meant for your older Civics. It's meant for your older Euro cars. Stuff that would run usually a smaller wheel like this. I know they do make up to an 18 and I believe a 19 on this one too. But I don't know.
    (laughing) But like you said, yeah, I think people, you know they look at this and are like oh, man, it's a cheap knock off wheel, but it's like, you gotta start somewhere, man.
    - Yeah abs--
    - I mean I'm 16, I got a fricking Honda Civic hatch and I got my fresh Subway paycheck and I'm going to go buy some freaking ESM's.
    - Tell me that the guy that did buy these wheels though is probably 17 or whatever and got these, didn't feel like the coolest kid on the block. I mean, I get that everyone, like we've said before, everybody's got a different budget but I do think, for the most part, this is a cool design and anybody can take pride in rocking these wheels. Alright, so now that we closed out the ESM wheel, we're going to go ahead and go to our fourth one?
    - Yep.
    - Four out of five! So let's go!
    - Alright so here it looks like we have the Konig Ampliform. I friggin' love this wheel. You'll see this on almost any JDM car out there but it would look good on a lot of vehicles but you wouldn't see 'em on a lot of Japanese cars. This wheel comes in a variety of different sizes, 17, 18 inch diameters. Even up to your 19 and 20 inch diameters. So there's a lot of different sizes for this, a lot of different widths. They come with a bunch of different offsets, even getting into the lower offsets so you can really get that concave look. You can really get the fit that you're looking for, push the wheel out towards the fender a little more. And of course it's a flow form wheel so how can you not love it?
    - Yeah I think the spoke design is so like wild and gnarly how it's so sporadic. I do think that's very cool. I like the finish on it too, as well. You know, I imagine, what colors?
    - They come in the bronze and then I think it comes in a dark metallic graphite is the other color this one comes in.
    - Yeah man, it definitely.
    Now see, compared to the last wheel, I would, if I had the right bolt pattern, the right size, I would rock this on my Mazda.
    - Konig definitely went the right direction with this wheel. Overall, just a fantastic looking wheel.
    - Yeah, just roll it to me.
    That's great.
    - And here we've got the fifth wheel!
    - As we have Mario rolling it into frame here. Might want to stop it before we knock the Konig off the stand.
    - Bubb, bubb, bubb, bubb.
    - Is this, it's upside down.
    It's Motegi, not Wotegi.
    - Wot, Wotegi! Alright and now we have our fifth wheel which is the Motegi MR137. What's cool about this is that we do have a flat face design wheel. Right off the bat I do want to add that it does have the Motegi M-logo engraved into the wheel which is actually, you know, when you're paying attention to detail, is pretty cool. Now it does come in a 17 and 18 inch diameter. It does have this cool retro step lip kind of design here for the most part. They did a pretty cool job on it and they kind of stretched it out and brought it out a little bit. Kind of gave it a little bit more of a cooler looking lip on that. Lastly I want to add that it only comes in two colors, which is a satin black and a silver color, which, I mean for the most part, is pretty simplistic. But I personally would like more maybe like a gloss black color but I think for what Motegi has got going for all the other wheels that they have, I think that it's pretty simplistic. Two colors to chose from. I mean other than that, what do you think of the wheel for the most part?
    - I think the wheel is a very performance-oriented wheel. Honestly just by looking at this thing it looks like a race wheel. It looks like something you would see on a track car. It's very minimalistic but it's got styling to it, as well. It's not just a basic wheel or anything like that. It's got, like you said, it's got the Motegi engraved in there. It does have a style to it. Like you said we got this like two-piece mimic look going on here. So like the face itself is actually raised up from where the lip starts here which is different. I haven't really seen but I'm starting to see it a little more, especially even with ESM's we were looking at. I know a lot of those kind of are doing the same thing. But yeah, it looks like a very performance-oriented wheel and I really like it.
    - Absoutely.
    I thought that was really cool, kind of looks like a little moat right here, you know what I'm sayin'?
    - Hell yeah! Alright guys, well that's gonna wrap up. You guys wanna see any specific wheels in the next episode, comment down below. Also don't forget to hit that subscribe button. I'm Eric from Fitment Industries and--
    - Jealous from Fitment Industries.
    - And we're out, man.
    - [Jealous] Oh shi (bleeping).