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Wheel Wall Free For All | Episode 2

Fitment Industries Author | | November 5th, 2018 |

  • - What's going on guys, my name is Erik from Fitment Industries and I got--
    - Gels.
    - From Fitment Industries! And today we are doing the Wheel Wall Free-For-All. We're gonna pick five wheels off of our wall, we're gonna talk about the size of them, the color of them, what we like, what we don't like, and some other good stuff. So, let's go!
    (hip-hop instrumental music) So, let's grab the first wheel I think we got is the RPF1. First wheel we got here today is the Enkei, right? Enkei.
    - Mm-hm.
    - Okay, Enkei.
    RPF1. It does come in a couple variety of sizes We got a 14 inch, all the way through 19 inch, I believe. Comes in a black, silver, chrome, and I think that's it for colors.
    - [Gels] Gold, comes in gold, too.
    - [Erik] Oh, and gold, too, yeah, gold too, as well. And it does come in a four and five lug bolt pattern. So, I mean, I don't know, kicking it off, Gels, what do you like about the wheel?
    - The RPF1 is iconic.
    - Absolutely.
    - I mean, it's an iconic wheel.
    I mean everybody knows this wheel. I mean, you see it on just about anything. If you can't find an RPF1 for your car, I don't know what kind of car you have, 'cause I mean, you can literally see them on freakin' anything.
    - I remember when we were doing some research before the video, we were looking and there was, like, so many different sizes that were available. So, I mean, this is a universal wheel and I mean, we can probably find this wheel for anyone, really honestly, but--
    - [Gels] Honestly, it's kind of timeless.
    I think you'll continue to see people running these wheels for a long time.
    - [Erik] Yeah, and I'm willing to bet too, you'll see a lot of newer companies or a lot more new companies that are coming out that probably have the same size like, kinda bolt or, not bolt style, but spoke pattern.
    - Spoke design, yeah.
    - Spoke design and all that stuff.
    I also do really like this little blue, what do they call it, hubcap?
    - Oh, yeah, your valve stem.
    - Oh, yeah, I like this blue valve stem! But, yeah, I think this really sets it off, though. I think overall, this is a pretty slick, iconic wheel. That's a good word, I like that. Alright, cool.
    - Yeah, don't have to say much about it.
    - Yeah, really, honestly.
    I love the step-lip here. Step-lip. Iconic! Alright, let's get the next wheel. I don't know what we got. We're gonna surprise ya.
    - Alright.
    - Alright.
    Surprised my one arm is holding up this much weight. If I'm lying, I'm flying. Alright.
    - Alright, so here it looks like we got the 3SDM 0.08. And like a lot of 3SDM wheels, they have what they call their silver-cut finish. You got the more, like, metallic face and you got your painted inlays, I guess you could call the inside of it.
    - [Erik] Yeah, inlays, I would say.
    Where the spoke kind of breaks away and you can see behind the actual wheel.
    - These only come in a 20 inch diameter, and you'll find these in a nine and 10 and a half inch widths. So, they're pretty limited on size but if you have something that you can fit a 20 by nine or a 20 by 10 and 1/2 on, I think they'll look pretty good, because these are pretty killer.
    - This wheel is definitely pretty clean, I won't lie. I love that, what did you call it, diamond--
    - Silver-cut.
    - [Erik] Silver-cut, I really like that term for it, but you can really tell when you look at the actual, like, center.
    - [Gels] Center hip?
    - Right in the center cap, it looks beautiful! No, but I love it. I'm a fan of the star design honestly. I like 3SDM wheels. Sadly I can't really run them on my car, so. But I think beautiful wheel, and I love all the wheels that get put out by 3SDM. Killed the second one, let's go on to the third wheel. Oh. (laughs) Alright! Look at how gold it is! We have the Cosmis Racing XT-206R. Comes in a variety of sizes, 15 to 19 inches in diameter. It does come in a variety of colors, to say the least. I can't say (bleep)load, but a (bleep)ton of colors.
    - (laughs) Like that's better!
    - Black, black machine, black chrome or yeah, black, black machine, black chrome, red, silver.
    - And then, copper.
    - Copper!
    - Bronze.
    - Gray, hyper gold, hyper red.
    I mean, dude, there are so many different ones that are different, like, different colors you could choose this for. So, I love, first off, just with that being said, I love the customization of this wheel. I love how you have so many different variety options as far as size, as far as colors. I really enjoy this wheel. I know that there's a lot of comments, I know that you guys really like this color. I don't know if it's the color or the spoke design. It's flashy, it's cool, and it's new.
    - It is a one-piece wheel, but you get this massive lip on it. And it's a deep wheel for a mono-block one piece wheel. And they're not necessarily going after that three piece, like, mimic style, you know?
    - [Erik] Sure.
    - [Gels] You don't have the fake rivets or anything like that. It's obviously a one piece wheel. But, you just get that depth to it, it's very concave, and then again, the colors. If I'm remembering right, I think it only comes in a five by 114.3.
    - Yup, I believe you're correct.
    - And that's just too bad.
    - The nice thing about this wheel, or Cosmis Racing in general, is they're not faking it. You can tell that this is all one and this is their design. We're not stealing from anybody else, you know, like some people would obviously be like, "Oh, this looks like our wheel." You know, obviously, they're doing their thing, and that's cool, they're original and that's what's gonna make them stand out.
    - For sure.
    (mumbles) That's what's gonna make them stand out.
    (babbles) That's what's gonna make them stand. That's what's gonna make them stand out years down the road.
    - There ya go.
    - Alright.
    (laughs) And now we're onto our fourth wheel, is that right?
    - I think so.
    - Fourth, I cannot count, four, four out of five, let's go.
    - Alright, let's get it.
    - And here we have our Heritage Hokkaido wheel. Now, with this wheel, it is a customizable three-piece wheel that comes in available sizes of 17 all the way through 20 inch in diameter. Bolt pattern is pretty much. There's such a variety that you can choose from. So, when actually building your wheels, which is really nice. Also comes in a couple different colors, obviously here we have the chrome color way with the gold rivets as you can see, and they are actual, real hardware, okay?
    - The actual three-piece.
    - This is actual, this is the real deal, alright? This is a real thing. With these wheels too, what's cool about them is that we actual just got Heritage wheels on our website. So, if you wanna check them out go to www...
    (babbles) www.fitmentindustries.com/wheelsandtires.
    - Forward slash.
    - Forward slash wheels, fuck.
    Just go to fitmentindustries.com.
    (laughs) Just go to fitmentindustries.com, go into the Heritage wheels selection or Heritage wheel category. Because you can pick your different category, right? Or brand, pick Heritage and you'll see all the different ones we got available. We got a bunch, okay? Now, these wheels, they are a little bit more expensive. Keep in mind, we're talking about three-piece wheels, customizable.
    - But they're not bad, though.
    - Absolutely not!
    - For a three-piece wheel, you can get a new set of these for around 3,500 bucks.
    - [Erik] Which is really nice.
    And we're talking like their nicer designs too, I believe, because I mean, they have different models and stuff like that.
    - Right, they have the Hokkaido like this, they also have a directional one too, where it's more of a twist, and you get a true directional wheel with that. But we also do carry a whole line of Heritage wheels.
    - If I remember correctly, we have all their most popular wheels. Sick!
    - Wheel.
    - Wheel.
    - And.
    - Done!
    (laughs) Anyways, alright, that was enough. Let's go to the fifth wheel we have which is quite the oddball we got. So, let's take a look.
    - I mean, I dig Sponge Bob, I just don't understand. I don't know where it's going.
    - Tiny ass wheel.
    Fu fu fu fu fu fu fu, fu fu fu fu.
    - Fu fu-fu fu.
    So, here we have the ESM FF1, and if you remember a couple of weeks back, we actually just got these in and we did an un-boxing video on them. I kind of talked a little bit about them, but I thought we would just throw it in here just to talk about it a little more, because it is unique coming from ESM. This is actually their first flow-forged wheel that they have in their new line that they're coming out with, and they were nice enough to send us a couple to look at. So we have this one and we also have the other color which is that bronze, that matte bronze color.
    - Yeah, that matte bronze I think is what it was.
    - [Gels] It's a pretty unique design.
    It's a multi-spoke, multi-split spoke design. You got, kind of like a flat lip going on here. Yup, available in an 18 inch diameter.
    - [Erik] Cool.
    - [Gels] I think there is a couple different widths on it.
    - Yeah, it looks like, two if I remember correctly as well, that the colors were only available in a silver and bronze, so, kind of limited on the colors, not a big deal. Honestly, if you know a guy that powder coats, you can have all the colors that you could want. So, whateva. I really dig it. You know, honestly, you see like this little Y thingy here? Right here? Like that spoke design reminds me a lot of the ESR. Like the SR12 or 09, I can't remember off the top of my head.
    - Gotcha.
    I think I know which one you're talking about.
    - But it reminds me a lot of it.
    - There's not a lot out there.
    I think it's a