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Who Is Aodhan?

Fitment Industries Author | | October 3rd, 2018 |

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    - What's going on guys, Alex from Fitment Industries and I'm gonna go ahead and stop right there because I can literally see the look on your faces right now. You're going, "who the heck is this guy and why is he claiming he's Alex from Fitment Industries?" Well, actually the answer is pretty simple. My name is Alex and I work at Fitment Industries, it's just I'm usually on the other side of the camera. But today that's not the case, I am here to bring you some information on none other than AodHan Wheels. AodHan, most of you guys probably know them, some of you guys probably not so much, and that doesn't come as much of a surprise because they're technically known as one of those new kids on the block as as far as it comes to part of the wheel game. And if you wanna find out more information about them and you hop on the internet, good luck. Ask us how we know.

    There's literally nothing out there for information, we had to pry it from AodHan themselves. So like I said, we went on a little mission and saved you guys the time and headache and contacted them directly and this is what they sent us and this is what we have to teach you and tell you about AodHan Wheels. So like most wheel companies on the face of the earth, they started in California, Hayward California. As far as the name goes, AodHan Wheels. AodHan literally translates to born of fire. Is that correct? Born of fire? And if you ask me, that sounds like a pretty intense name for a wheel company. And as far as the pronunciation of it, half of you are probably looking at me like "Why is this guy saying a-ohd-han wheels as odd-han?" It's because that's what they told us the name of it is. The name is pronounced odd-han. Odd-han.

    - (off screen) why was that the perfect voice?

    - So know that we know when and where Aodhan was founded, the question comes up as to why they were founded. And according to Aodhan, their mission is to produce affordable wheels without sacrificing quality. So cue in their first line of wheels, the AH series. Now they developed this series to get a good foundation for their company. They designed it more for the JDM scene. What that means is that this line offered a lot of different sizes and finishes, ranging anywhere from 15 inch to 19 inch for wheel diameter and a variety of different color finishes for the wheels. Including Tiffany blue, which we know was and is, a pretty trendy color. AodHan also prides themselves in actually listening to their customers and the feedback that they give the company. By doing this, this allows AodHan to give their customers exactly what they're looking for in a wheel including custom powder coating and PCD drilling. So after building a strong foundation in the JDM community with their AH line, people started to know AodHan as a brand in the wheel game. So the name started to get out there and people are like, "hey, your wheels are cool and everything but I have a 2013 FRS and I have a version two rocket bunny kid on it, and none of your wheels will fit the massive fender gap on my car. What can you do about that?"

    So enter in the DS line, also know as their stance line. And this line offers a lot more wider and aggressive wheels for the people that are looking for that. The people that are running the wide body cars, the people that are looking to run wider wheels, even on their stock bodies with a lot of camber. So with the DS line, you're looking at wheels with 18 to 19 inch diameter and up to 10 and a half and 11 inch width. And obviously deep lips came along with that, and the DS line offers three to four inch lips as well. So what's cool about the DS line is that AodHan basically made this line specifically for the people that want to run a more stance set, the people that wanna get that fender to lip look on their cars. The customers wrote into AodHan and said, "Hey, we want wheels for our cars, we want wider wheels, we want a deeper lip, we want a more aggressive offset to get that fender to lip look." And they answered. They answered with the DS line. And that's pretty cool because like I said, they listen to their customers and they built a whole line for people that wanna run that stance look. So now that they had their basic JDM line and their stance line down, AodHan ran into a little bit of an issue. With new cars coming off the line with more and more horsepower, that means that they're coming off the line with bigger brakes as well. AodHan put their heads down and did some major R and D to figure out a solution to this problem. And their solution to that was the LS series. So what they did is they took a classic styling approach that would enhance the curves of European vehicles, rather than take attention away from them. And aim for a series that was supposed to feel luxurious. And catered to the Euro US DM market. The LS series brought in wheel designs and styles that were able to clear the big brakes of the newer cars and also handle the stress from the higher horsepower that they were putting down.

    Then finally we're gonna talk about their newest line, is the AFF series. And this series is flow forged, which actually cuts down a lot of the weight of the wheel and creates a stronger wheel. As we know, flow forging is huge in the wheel industry right now. Everybody's jumping on it, everybody's trying to get a series that's flow forged, it's what's big, it's what's selling, it's what people want. It's what people are looking for when they go buy a new set of wheels. And it only makes sense that AodHan would join in on that. And because of how revolutionary the process of flow forging is, AodHan actually said that that's what they wanna do for their future of their company. They wanna stick with the flow forging. They wanna do more of that. And because of that, they're putting a lot more time into R and D for the flor forging, to improve their products overall and have a stronger presence. I would say as a whole, Aodhan is trying to put a wheel out there that is good quality but is also affordable, that caters to any type of enthusiast. Which is really a tough thing to do considering how much time and money goes into developing a quality wheel. Now you're looking at the cost of the material, you're looking at the time spent in R and D, and that's usually what is taken into consideration when you buy a quality wheel. And AodHan is open to any comments, good or bad. Like I said, they take a lot of the feedback that they get from their customers and from the community, and put that into their product so they can make a better wheel, which I think is totally awesome. Because that means they're constantly trying to evolve and grow as a company. And also cater to what their customers want, which is pretty cool in itself because there are a lot of companies out there that are really just in it for the money.

    And it's nice to see a company really cater to what their customers want and what they're looking for and if they want something a little special in a wheel, that they can do that. That they're working to provide that for their customers. So like I said, AodHan is really willing to engage with their customers and get that feedback, whether it be good or bad. So there you have it, that's all the information that we have on AodHan Wheels. Once again, I'm Alex from Fitment Industries, really I am, I swear. Don't forget to subscribe. If you have a set of AodHan Wheels and like to show them off, feel free to add to our gallery at fitmentindustries.com/add. And if you don't have any AodHan Wheels or well, any wheels for that matter, and you're looking for a set, head on over to fitmentindustries.com we can really help you out. Look through our gallery if you're not sure what kind of wheels and tires fit your car, we have tons of vehicles on there to show you exactly what setup fits your car. Once again, I'm Alex from Fitment Industries, and we'll see you later. Peace.