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Why you Should Lower Your Car

Fitment Industries Author | | October 9th, 2018 |

  • - Hey Alex, I need help.
    I want to get 18 by 12 and a halfs and I have like 400 dollars and I want to keep it on my stock body. Stop, stop with that. That's not how it works at all. I thought we've been making videos teaching you guys that you can't do that unless you want to do everything. And you just keep asking if you can put 18 by's, you can't! You can't put 18 by 12's on a 2004 Subaru WRX. You just can't do it unless you decide you want to cut up your entire fenders and do an over fender. It's just we get a lot of emails with that thing. So, I'm gonna move on to what we're actually here to talk about, is why you should slam the hell out of your car. And why that should be the first modification you should do out of everything else, because that's just the way the cookie crumbles, and I'm gonna convince you why. Hopefully in the next five minutes. And if I don't convince you, I'm sure you'll let me know in the comments below. But don't forget to subscribe. And check out fitmentindustries.com if you're looking to get suspension and lowering springs and coil overs and air lifts and all that sort of good stuff because that allows us to keep making cool videos like this. So, let's just first get into it. So when you look at like lowering springs and suspension components, and looking to do your first modification, I think we've all been there. We were all 16 once, I hope, or we're still 16, if you're out there. And you're like I wanna do the thing that gets me the most attention, the thing that's gonna make my car look the best, and I really don't have a ton of money, but I want to do it like now.

    And so a lot of people, the first thing that they automatically go to are under glow, window tint, and wheels. And no, no! What you wanna do is you wanna lower your car. Now, let me explain just a little bit as to why I'm saying this. So, when you look at a car and you get after market wheels that is super cool. In the modern day there's a lot of sport cars that actually come with after market suspension components that make the car lower. So, in the current day in age, it's not as much of a big of a deal to have a lowering, or a suspension system, aftermarket suspension system in a new car. However, when you are 16, I know for a fact, I know for a fact that unless you're some guy over in a popular state with your daddy and mom making a whole ton of money, that you're probably not gonna get a 2008 you know SCI or something like that. You're probably gonna get like an entry level vehicle. And the wheel gap on entry level vehicles is like the size of my noggin. It's absolutely massive. But what ends up happening is people wanna put the window tint, the under glow, and the wheels on the car because those are the flashiest things that you can do. It's the sharpest that you can do for your car. What ends up happening is that they put on these aftermarket wheels on stock suspension and it looks like silly because what happens is with a lot of after market wheels, especially for cars is that they're almost meant to be on a car that's already lowered because wheels are more aggressive than the car, period. There's not a lot of wheels out there right now that are less aggressive than the car that they're getting put on.

    A lot of wheel designs and things like that are five spoke, double five spoke, infinity spoke, things like that, heavy concave. And it's just an overall really sharp wheel. So, what happens is when you have this super sharp wheel with a million inches of suspension travel and a million inches of wheel gap, what ultimately happens is your car looks weird because you have this soft body on these super sharp wheels and things just don't line up. And what I'm trying to get to is that when you lower your car first, when you get into the aftermarket suspension components and the lowering springs and the coil overs, what you're doing is you're just making the car look the way that you would want it to. So, it's not just about the aesthetic because I know that there's people out there that are already like dude, suspension is for performance parts, but it's not for aesthetics, stop telling people that it's for looks. Listen, there are very few parts in the automotive scene that do both. That do both function and form, very few. And there are some out there, but you're usually paying an arm or a leg for a suspension or for any part out there that has both form and function. You know it, I know it, a lot of the things that are out there right now aren't for function, they're for form. AKA looks versus actual drivability. Suspension components and lowering springs and all that sort of junk, I'm just gonna call it coil overs. Coil overs are essentially the easiest, most affordable, best way to get the biggest function and form part for your car. Because when you do get aftermarket coil overs you are lowering your center of gravity. You are increasing the rad quality, you're increasing just how it feels around pretty much everywhere. It looks a million times better. You have less body roll. You're actually making the car just feel healthier as a whole, and you increase your driver's experience. I mean, everybody that's lowered their car you know what I'm talking about unless you've chopped your springs, in which case, don't do that. But with aftermarket coil overs you essentially get all of that. And if you get really into it, you can start dialing in your suspension components into like a perfect fit for your car. But not only that, you also get the fact that you have something that makes your car look better. There really is something in my nose and I can't. I was sick the last couple of days.

    That's why you saw Alex, the other Alex. His actual name is Gels. We're actually changing his name. We are sending him to the DMV to get that changed in around 20 minutes, it's gonna be awesome. And yeah, you'll see him again in another episode in like a week. His name is Gels, call him Gels. But even if you go straight to a looks point of view, wheel gap is probably the most horrendous thing in the scene right now. Absolutely nobody wants wheel gap. It doesn't matter if you have mismatched body panels, a wide body that clearly doesn't fit on your car, a chassis mount wing that isn't actually straight, or random bits and pieces that are probably gonna fly off the car at 50 miles, if you have fitment, you're good. You'll pretty much get into any show you could possibly want to, and you're car's gonna look really, really good when you're taking pictures. Just don't drive it around ever and you'll be perfectly fine. Trust me, I know that life. But when you go into the suspension components you're getting both the form and the function. And at the same time you guys might be out there saying I want aftermarket wheels before I get suspension.

    Or I want aftermarket wheels while I get my suspension, and I'm not saying that you can't. But what also ends up happening is when you end up with aftermarket coil overs or something like that, you actually change what you're ultimately gonna be able to fit on your car. Because what happens is that when the car gets lower, you're getting closer to the fender. You might have to look at about rolling or pulling your fenders, things like that. And then what may have fit when you were jacked up to the sky because you had stock suspension will no longer fit because you realize that you're rubbing all over the place and you're gonna blow a tire. Suspension being a first modification is super cool because there are so many cars that we've seen out there that are on OAM wheels, but that have aftermarket suspension, whether it's coil overs or air suspension or anything like that, and it still looks pretty killer. It looks absolutely baller when you see a 370Z Nismo on OAM wheels, which if you guys didn't know is probably one of the best looking OAM wheels out there. We'll probably actually do a video on that. That are probably one of the best looking wheels out there, and when they put it on air, when they put it on coils, I mean it just makes the car look modified. Like a 2012 Nismo looks modified just with aftermarket suspension because of all the other air that they put on the car at the same time. You have certain cars that just look good like that.

    And when you compare it to something in regards to it having aftermarket wheels with stock suspension versus aftermarket suspension with stock wheels, you're almost always gonna get a better look by doing suspension first because that's just what the scene is going towards. And it's not a bad thing, because it's one of the fitment things that we do that truly is both form and function. Both with lowering springs, coil overs and air suspension. So in regards on if you want to get coil overs or suspension before wheels, drop a comment below and say which one you guys did first when you bought your first car. And of course if you're interested in getting some suspension whether its Tein, Eibach, ST, KW, all that stuff, we have everything from like 400, 200 dollars, to like the big boy stuff. Head on over to fitmentindustries.com, you can take a look at everything that we have out there. And of course before we get out of here, don't forget to subscribe. We're trying to get to 100,000 before we go to SEMA, which we'll make a video on that as well. But I'm Alex for Fitment Industries. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and we'll see you later. Peace.