What is a Staggered Wheel & Tire Setup?

Primarily found on a rear-wheel drive vehicle, staggered wheels are when a car's wheels and tires are different sizes on the front axle than they are on the rear axle.

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Why do People Run Staggered Setups?

Staggered Wheel Performance

Having a wider setup in the rear allows for more tire contact with the road, increasing grip and acceleration. This is why you tend to see the high-power street cars running a thick rear wheel and tire setup. They need the extra width to be able to put all of that power to the ground.

The Look

There are a few reasons people run a staggered setup. First, it looks killer! Having a staggered setup creates a far more aggressive stance on a lot of vehicles. It's not uncommon to see this style run on cars like the Mustang, E55 AMG, and Supra. A lot of these cars have wide rear hips that require a wider wheel to get proper fitment.

Top down car vehicle fitment guide

Running a different sized setup on the front and rear of a vehicle, particularly rear wheel drive cars, not only improves the performance of your car but looks awesome. Staggered fitment adds the much needed meat to the back of a lot of builds.

Interested in a staggered wheel and tire package? We can help with that! Go find a wheel that you love and select the option for a staggered setup.

Have an all wheel drive vehicle? Learn more about running staggered wheels and tires on an AWD Vehicle

When purchasing staggered wheels and tires for an all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle, it is the customer's responsibility to verify that the sizes are appropriate for the vehicle. Every AWD system is different, but the front and rear tires must be within a certain tolderance. If you have any questions about this, feel free to call our fitment experts at 920-363-6060.

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