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Car Performance Parts And Accessories Available At Fitment Industries

Did you know that your car has a ton of added performance capabilities just hiding away? Most car manufacturers are prioritizing efficiency over performance these days, but we've got everything you need to squeeze some more horsepower out of your vehicle, with some great new performance parts and accessories available now.

Whether you're looking for a brand new air intake and an exhaust system to optimize airflow through your engine, or installing a tuner to improve horsepower and torque, you can find any performance part you need at Fitment Industries. Financing and FREE shipping are available on everything we've got!

Cold Air Intakes

Cold air intakes work to cool the air that's flowing into your engine, which allows it to run much more efficiently and gain more power than from the factory. Intakes can help your car juice up with increases in horsepower, torque output, and fuel economy, all at once.


You can have the strongest, most optimized car possible, but that doesn't mean a whole lot if it can't come to a stop quickly and safely. We have a huge selection of brake kits, rotors, and pads, all of which are highly responsive and able to slow you down much quicker than a stock setup.


A good exhaust kit does way more than make your car sound louder - with more air able to exit your engine, you'll see significant increases in power and efficiency, as well as that sweet, sweet tone.


To give your car the performance capabilities it deserves, a good tuner can work wonders. Tuners work to optimize your engine's performance settings, including air-to-fuel ratios, gear shifting, etc. Tuners can help you achieve huge gains in power and performance, making them a must for any aftermarket build.

Intercoolers & Piping

If you have a turbo car in your driveway, an intercooler is a must. Intercoolers cool the air that flows from the turbo to your engine. Since cold air is more dense, an intercooler can give you more boost, and better efficiency, because your car won't need to work as hard to get more air.

Shop Available Car Performance Parts at Fitment Industries

On this page you're able to select the specific performance part you're looking for, or enter your vehicle's information - from there, we'll show you the best parts and accessories that are compatible with your car. Or, check out the best parts from all the top performance brands we carry, including our partners at MAPerformance, as well as industry leaders like K&N, MagnaFlow, SCT, and more. Go grab the best performance parts in the business - your car will thank you.

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