BC Racing BR Series Coilovers (F10)

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers (F10)

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The BC Racing BR Series offers the most affordable entry into coilover suspension without sacrificing performance, comfort, build quality, vehicle height, or handling. This is done by extensively testing each vehicle then refining the coilover characteristics as many times as needed to ensure the most well-balanced and affordable aftermarket suspension conceivable. BC Racing takes great pride in choosing spring rates for our off-the-shelf kits that strike the perfect balance between comfort and performance so you're never stuck with an oversprung suspension like many other brands sell. BC Racing offers one of the widest ranges of damping adjustment with 30-clicks of compression/rebound adjusted simultaneously on the BR Series. With meticulously chosen spring rates, damper valving, and one of the widest adjustment ranges in the industry, you can't go wrong with the BC Racing BR Series Coilover System.

  • Highly Customizable
  • Mono-Tube Shock Design
  • Linear Piston And Damping Curve
  • Height Adjustment Independent Of Spring Compression
  • 30-Clicks Of Simultaneous Compression/Rebound Adjustment
  • Front Camber Plates Standard On Applicable Kits
  • Rear Camber Plates Available For Applicable Kits
  • Custom Spring Rates And Swift Springs Available
  • Custom Valving Or Valving Paired For Custom Spring Rates
  • 1-Year Warranty Against Manufacturers Defect
  • Fully Rebuildable
**Please note that not all vehicles use camber plates in the front and/or rear. Some vehicles reuse OEM upper mounts.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Swift Springs and/or Extreme Low Variant are custom made and carry a 3-4 week lead time.

What's Included

(4) - Coilovers


  • 2016 BMW 528i Base RWD
  • 2015 BMW 528i Base RWD
  • 2014 BMW 528i Base RWD
  • 2013 BMW 528i Base RWD
  • 2012 BMW 528i Base RWD
  • 2011 BMW 528i Base RWD
  • 2022 BMW 530e Base RWD
  • 2021 BMW 530e Base RWD
  • 2020 BMW 530e Base RWD
  • 2019 BMW 530e Base RWD
  • 2018 BMW 530e Base RWD
  • 2022 BMW 530i Base RWD
  • 2021 BMW 530i Base RWD
  • 2020 BMW 530i Base RWD
  • 2019 BMW 530i Base RWD
  • 2018 BMW 530i Base RWD
  • 2017 BMW 530i Base RWD
  • 2016 BMW 535d Base RWD
  • 2015 BMW 535d Base RWD
  • 2014 BMW 535d Base RWD
  • 2016 BMW 535i Base RWD
  • 2015 BMW 535i Base RWD
  • 2014 BMW 535i Base RWD
  • 2013 BMW 535i Base RWD
  • 2012 BMW 535i Base RWD
  • 2011 BMW 535i Base RWD
  • 2017 BMW 535i GT Base RWD
  • 2016 BMW 535i GT Base RWD
  • 2015 BMW 535i GT Base RWD
  • 2014 BMW 535i GT Base RWD
  • 2013 BMW 535i GT Base RWD
  • 2012 BMW 535i GT Base RWD
  • 2011 BMW 535i GT Base RWD
  • 2022 BMW 540i Base RWD
  • 2021 BMW 540i Base RWD
  • 2020 BMW 540i Base RWD
  • 2019 BMW 540i Base RWD
  • 2018 BMW 540i Base RWD
  • 2017 BMW 540i Base RWD
  • 2016 BMW 550i Base RWD
  • 2015 BMW 550i Base RWD
  • 2014 BMW 550i Base RWD
  • 2013 BMW 550i Base RWD
  • 2012 BMW 550i Base RWD
  • 2011 BMW 550i Base RWD
  • 2015 BMW 550i GT Base RWD
  • 2014 BMW 550i GT Base RWD
  • 2013 BMW 550i GT Base RWD
  • 2012 BMW 550i GT Base RWD
  • 2011 BMW 550i GT Base RWD
  • 2013 BMW 650i Gran Coupe Base RWD

**This part fits a ton of vehicles, so let’s check to see if it fits yours. Don’t see it on the list above? No worries, type your vehicle in the search bar above to see the full list of compatible vehicles.**

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