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The Truth About Konig Wheels

December 26, 2019

Konig is one of the original domestic aftermarket wheels manufacturers. They are a German manufacturer that has been around since 1983 and they have been cranking out respectable wheels throughout the years. You probably know them, especially if you got into aftermarket car parts after watching Fast & Furious. Today we will be sharing a brief history of Konig wheels and why they are some of the best wheels you can buy for the money today. Shop Konig Wheels Here!


Konig wheels from the gallery


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Konig1 2004 350z Nissan Enthusiast Bc Racing Lowering Springs Konig Hypergram Gunmetal


Early Days


In the early ’80s was hot with the muscle car scene, people love to tinker around and so there was a demand for aftermarket wheels in the US. So, in 1983 Konig and Pan-Mar Corp were put into the light. Their goal was to create more affordable wheels so that more people could get into the aftermarket wheels scene. Konig has been all about affordable, respectable wheels since the beginning, their designs hit the spot for people and they were doing very well for themselves.


The Buyout


In 2005 YHI International acquired Konig, sometimes buyouts can be a bad thing but for Konig, things started to get very nice; the quality of the wheels ended up being better after the acquisition.

YHI International is a pretty big deal; just a little list here to show how big of a deal they are:

  • 30% of O.Z’s shares are owned by YHI International.
  • They were the exclusive proprietary dealer for Enkei in the early ’70s
  • YHI International owns Advanti racing.


Konig Today


Konig’s wheels are some of the best in terms of quality/price ratio. Their mainline wheels are decent, they have a wide selection to choose from and so you are likely to find one that catches your eye. Their designs can be considered a little dated but they do come up with some of their own designs that differentiate from wheels from other companies.


Konig Flow Form Wheels


The real killer lineup is their flow-forming wheels; this is the reason why we highly regard Konig around here. As of late, wheels like the Rennform, Ampliform, and Dekagram have gotten people really talking but overall, Konig’s flow form wheels are some of the best bang for buck wheels in the industry. 

  1. Shop Konig Rennform Wheels

  2. Shop Konig Ampliform Wheels

  3. Shop Konig Dekagram Wheels

The reason why Konig’s flow-forming wheels are so great is that they use rotary forging. A simple explanation of rotary forging involves the rim of the wheel being forged at high pressure while the wheel is spun at high speed. This process results in a sturdier, lighter wheel overall. 


Konig's Value


As for why Kong’s wheels are a good value; being able to buy a set of rotary forged 18-inch wheels for under $1000 is really cool. There are cheaper wheels for sure, but you are paying for really high-quality wheels that will take a beating and save you some weight. But, whether you are getting Konig’s mainline or Flow Forming wheels, you are getting good wheels for their price-point overall. Accessible wheels are always a good thing and it allows for more people to jump into the hobby. 


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